Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inglot eyeshadows Review and Swatches

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about my Inglot eye shadows! I guess I'm just a lagger there lol but here it is, finally! 

I first learned of inglot at IMATS several years ago. Unfortunately I was unable to get anything because I was way to impatient to wait in the huge line to check out their products! Shortly after I saw a ton of swatch photos and was regretting not getting anything! 

Last June I attended PhamExpo which is another makeup show similar to IMATS and I made sure to stop by the inglot booth! 

I knew I wanted to get an eyeshadow palette with a good mix of colors, and finishes so that's exactly what I did!

L to R 
Top row - 07, 153,357,327, 64
Bottom row - 305, 320, 332, 58, 504

Natural light 
All of these were swatched with no primer and you can see how opaque they are! 

I never have a problem with them fading or creasing when I use a good primer such as UDPP. They blend easily as well. 

Another thing I love is you get a ton of product at 2.3 grams for $7 whereas compared to a MAC eyeshadow you get 1.5 grams for $15. There are even drugstore shadows that cost more than these, yet the inglot freedom system eyeshadows are far superior. 

I think the only negative thing I can say is that these eyeshadows don't have names, they are all just numbered. I feel like it'd be easier to remember shades by names rather than numbers. I have a list in my phone to keep track of what I have so I don't accidentally repurchase one. I could see that happening to many people since Inglot has a ton of eyeshaows to choose from!

These shadows are from Inglots Freedom system which allow you to create your own palette of eye shadows. Inglot does make palettes to use with these, like the one they are in, in the photo above, but you can also use a zpalette. 

When I purchased these I bought the Inglot palette as well but I honestly prefer them in my zpalette. I have around 12 more inglot shadows (that I will blog about later) in a zpalette. I just think it's easier to remove them from a zpalette. In the inglot palette you have no space to pop them out and its very hard. I have seen people say to use the magnet from the corn of the lid to life them up, the magnet on mine is not strong enough to lift it. I used a stronger magnet and it nicked one of my shadows, so just be careful when removing them.

Overall I can't say enough good about Inglot eyeshadows. I plan to get several more at PHAMExpo this June! 

You can purchase Inglot single eyeshadows on for $7 each.

Have you used Inglot eyeshadows? What are some of your favorites?

Click on images to enlarge!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Potion #9 and Blue Moon Review and Swatches

I have more lip products today. Any surprise there?! Lol
Pretty Zombie Cosmetics recently released two new liquid lipsticks in Potion #9 and Blue Moon.

Top is natural light and bottom is with flash

Potion #9 is a pastel violet that looks as though it's glowing! It seems like it's the more wearable shade but because of the brightness it definitely grabs attention! 

Blue Moon is a bright sky blue. It's not your everyday lip color but if you want something fun and trendy then try this out! 

They have a light vanilla cupcake scent. It's not overpowering in any way and you only really smell it when you first open up the tube.

They both apply smooth and creamy but dry down to a matte finish. Over time they can become drying but a little lip balm can rehydrate your lips if needed.

The overall wear time is about six hours. They do transfer but will leave a stain all day.

Here's a pic of me wearing Potion #9! It's definitely not an easy color to wear, so if you wear it, you gotta own it!! ;)

These are so perfect for Spring. Although they aren't for the timid or faint of heart, they are fun colors! 

A couple other things to note is Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are vegan and cruelty free! 

You can find them online at for $11 each.

Edited to add
Oh by the way, check out this awesome post on the huffington post about indie lipsticks! 
Check out the slide show at the end and you might recognize yours truly! Pretty cool! 
Thanks for the little feature Wendy!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

OCC Liptar in Rollergirl Review and Swatches

OCC Makeup recently released a new collection, Plastic Passion which includes six all new lip tars. You already know I love my liptars, so I had to get something!

I had planned on purchasing the entire collection, but decided to get just one because I will be attending PhamExpo in June and I will be able to buy them all there at a discount! :)

So the color I ordered is the shade Rollergirl. I just had to have this purple! It seemed like it might be similar to Belladonna which is discontinued, but sadly I don't own it to compare! 

Natural Light

This color is gorgeous! I can easily say it's one of my favorite liptars that I own! 

It's a vibrant purple/violet that just seems to glow! 

I have seen many people complain about lip tars being difficult to use, or are afraid of them. Don't be a afraid of liptars! I know they can be intimidating since they are so opaque and you don't want it to look bad, but they are very easy to use! 

~First thing is you MUST apply with a lip brush! A good lip brush! 

~I recommend the Royal & Langnickel C600 or even the MAC 231. Yes the MAC 231 is technically an eye brush but don't be afraid of using your brushes for other uses. It makes a fab lip brush!! ;)

~Line your lips with a lipliner in a cordinating shade. It doesn't have to match perfectly because you can blend it in later. This will help keep the color on your lips and from feathering out.

~Put a small dot of liptar on the back of your hand or a palette and apply it to your lips a little at a time with the lip brush. This will ensure you don't apply up too much product at once.

~If you do apply too much, grab a tissue and blot any excess product off and you're good to go!

As I've said before liptars can be a little drying over time but apply some lip balm to rehydrate your lips if it's a problem. It's not extremely drying by any means though. It's just not as creamy as when you first applied it.

When I wear my liptars I get about six hours of wear out of them and that's with eating and drinking, so they are fairly long lasting. 

Like with all lip tars, this has a minty scent which I enjoy. 

I can't recommend lip tars enough! I've blogged about them for years and will continue to post new shades as I get them! :)

The Plastic Passion collection is available on and now. The lip tars are $18 each.

Definitely check them out at Sephora if you can!

Monday, March 10, 2014

itCosmetics TSV on QVC today!!

Just wanted to quickly share, ITCosmetics is having a TSV (Today's Special Value) on QVC today! 

You get four products, which includes

  • 2.53-fl oz Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50+ in Fair, Light, Medium,Tan, or Rich
  • 0.118-oz Tightline Waterproof Mascara
  • 0.11-oz CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss in Love, a naturally pretty sheer rose
  • Heavenly Luxe(TM) Plush Paddle Foundation Brush
This set is $59.98 plus S&H, even better it's on 3 easy pays of around $20! You can find it here or search item #A253534.

These are all full size products. The CC Cream is a large jumbo size at 2.53oz! 

I placed an order because I have yet to use any sort of "CC Creams", so I thought it would be good to start here. 

If you'd like to see a review on this set or any of these products let me know and I'll post my thoughts after I get it and test it out. :) 

Did you order the TSV today? 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color Review and Swatches

Milani Cosmetics recently released new lip products, one of which is the New Lip Intense Liquid Color. 

Satisfy your craving for shockingly intense, super-shiny,full lip color with Lip Intense Liquid Color. Lip Intense applies like a highshine gloss, but has the longevity and wear of a lipstick.  The sponge-tip applicator allows for a fast,easy, and precise application. Paraben-free.

A lip product with full color?! Well you know I was all over these! :D

I initially just bought the three which you see above, but then thought what the hell I need the full collection so I bought Fiery Coral, below!

The full collection consists of only the four shades in (L to R) Red Extreme, Pink Rave, Fiery Coral, and Violet Addict. 
Natural light 

First off the packaging is a little misleading. When I saw photos of these I assumed the color of the packaging was the color of the product shown through clear packaging, when in fact the packaging color is just representative of the shade. I kinda thought it was packaged in like a Lancome Juicy Tube or MAC lip gellee type of soft clear plastic. It is not in a clear soft tube is basically what I'm saying lol. I have no issues with it though. 

It has a sponge/doefoot applicator, which I know some people have a preference for brush tip, but I don't mind either way. 

They do have a light sweet vanilla cupcake like scent. I love it! 

Ok as you can see the color payoff is amazing! Although on my lips Pink Rave and Violet Extreme don't come across as bright as they do when swatched on my hand, which is a bit disappointing but they are still beautiful nonetheless. 

The wear time on these is phenomenal. I have been wearing these all week and all of them last all day, maybe six + hours. They do transfer, but lasted through eating and drinking. They will fade by the end of the day but they fade evenly, at least on me. They wear more like a lipstick than a gloss. 

I honestly love these and definitely recommend that you pick a couple up! I hope they bring out more colors. A juicy orange/peachy shade for summer would be awesome! I'm so happy to see drugstore makeup improve over the years. I wish it would have been this good back when I was in high school! Lol! 

These are $6.49 each which is affordable for everyone. Currently they are buy one get one half off at CVS. 

You can find them at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, or wherever Milani is sold near you. You can also get them from .

The Milani Lip Intense colors are very new and many people are having a hard time finding them currently, so I wanted to do something sweet for all of you! I am giving away all four shades brand new on my Instagram! 

Look up my instagram @LipGlossGossip and find this photo below to get all the details and enter! 

Have you tried the New Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colors? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Palette ~ The True Romantic, Review and Swatches

I thought I'd change it up a bit and post an eyeshadow review for you. Don't worry I have more lip product reviews coming up. Lol

Anyways, I purchased a new eyeshadow quad/palette from bare minerals a couple weeks ago and wanted to share my thoughts. 

I first tried the bare minerals ready line last year and fell in love with it. I purchased a kit from QVC a few months ago and it just reaffirmed my love, so when I saw a new collection at Ulta I just had to check it out. I ended up picking up the True Romantic eye shadow quad.

The packaging is very beautiful in a rose gold colored case. It's very shiny though, so fingerprints on it are inevitable! 

Top - L to R 
Love It, Woo Is Me
Bottom - Louder, and Head over Heels.

L to R 
Love it, Woo is me, Louder, and Head over heels. 

Love It is a white/minty green color. It has a bit of shimmer but it's not glittery. 

Woo is me is such a pretty color! This one is like a light gold with pink duo chrome finish. You can see in the photos above the first photo it just looks gold but in the second picture you can see the pink finish. 

Louder is a warm gold. It's very pretty. I love this color all over the lid. 

Head Over Heels is a dark taupe-y brown. This is great to darken the outer corner, use to create a smokey eye, or even use as an eye liner. 

All of these are highly pigmented and blend easily. They can be a bit powdery but regardless they are easy to use, just tap off any excess product on your brush. 

I have no problems with fading or creasing when used with a good eye shadow primer. I love urban decay primer potion in Eden. 

The True Romantic is a great everyday color palette that can be worn to school, office, or even the grocery store. You can definitely get glam and smoke it up with the darker color though, so it's a very versatile palette. 

You can find this at your nearest Ulta or for $30. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté

Browsing Sephora like I often do, I came across these new Gloss Volupté lipglosses from YSL. 

I love the Rouge Volupté Radiant lipsticks and shine lipsticks so I was in instant awe over these! 

The packaging looks gorgeous! Being the lip product lover that I am, I was so tempted to place an order, but at $32 each I'm going to wait till these are in my Sephora before I purchase. I want to make sure I love it before I buy it. 

What do you all think? Have you seen these in store yet? 

Viva Glam Rihanna Review and Swatches!

MAC has released another Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass featuring Rihanna. 

I for one was a little tired of Rihanna as the face of MAC. Don't get me wrong I love her, but I feel as though they need to change it up a bit. 

I have to say though I am completely loving this lipstick and lipglass combo! It does not disappoint. 

This is a frost finish lipstick. It applies smooth, even, and opaque. As with all MAC lipsticks, it has that soft vanilla scent that we all love.

The lipglass is a gorgeous shimmery red. It really is the perfect companion to the lipstick. You need both! 

Both the lipstick and lipglass feature a special red packaging, which I love. 

Of course I can't fail to mention that this is Viva Glam so every penny made goes to the MAC Aids Fund to support children, men, and women living with HIV and Aids. 

You gotta love supporting a good cause, especially when you get a gorgeous lip color out of it! 

Here is a quick car shot of me wearing Viva Glam Rihanna lipstick and lipglass.

I definitely recommend checking these out at your nearest MAC counter or store. You can also purchase on .
Lipstick $16
Lipglass $15

This would be a great gift for Valentines Day right around the corner too! 

What do you think of Viva Glam Rihanna? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Senna Cosmetics Winter Do You Dare Collection Review

I have had this collection for maybe two months but I have been testing out the Lasting Illusion Satin Matte Foundation, so I wanted to give it a good go before I posted.

Silver Lining eyeshadow $18
First off the eye shadow in Silver Lining is perfection! I always have the problem with grey or silver eyeshadows turning blue on me, this one stayed true to color the whole time I wore it! Very pleased with that! It has great pigmentation and blends beautifully. 

Pin Point eye liner $20
Next is the Pinpoint Micro Tip Liquid Eyeliner. I was super excited to get this! Over the past year I have become quite fond of these felt tip liquid liner pens. I'm always trying new ones out and can easily say this is one of my faves, out of the 7/8 of them I have lol. It glides on easily. Doesn't tug or skip. It dries down to a dark matte black. You can easily get a nice thin line or go thicker. Love love love it. 

Ooook you all know I love some red lips!!! This is by far my top pic of this collection!! Venetian Red lipstick and Maraschino Lip Lacquer are everything!! This is a perfect red lip for any occasion! Venetian Red is more of a warmer red but I love it. Pair it with the lip lacquer and it's a show stopper!! In the lip swatch above I'm wearing Crimson lip liner with Venetian Red lipstick on the top right, and bottom left it's topped off with Maraschino lip lacquer.

Crimson lip liner $18

Venetian Red lipstick $20

Maraschino lip lacquer $20
Top is natural light, bottom is with flash.
L to R 
Silver Lining, Pinpoint eyeliner, crimson lip liner, Venetian red lipstick, and Maraschino lip lacquer.

Last but not least is the Lasting Illusion Satin Matte Foundation. $48 each.

This luxurious, long lasting fluid foundation gives skin perfecting and 16 hour flawless coverage with a whisper smooth feel. The modern satin matte finish captures and reflects light from fine lines and wrinkles for an exceptionally youthful appearance. It erases imperfections, won’t settle into lines, and looks seamless on the skin. Works beautifully for all ages and skin types.

First of all I love the sleek packaging. It comes in a pretty glass bottle. I love that it has a pump as well. It makes it much easier and sanitary to use. 

I got this in two shades, buff and sand. I was really unsure about which shade to choose so I was happy I got two along with a few samples to further find a suitable color match. Buff is a hair too light but sand is just the right match. 

I've worn this many times already and have grown to like it. The first time I wore it, it seemed a bit cakey. It is a matte finish foundation and is a much thicker consistency then say compared to Estée Lauder's double matte foundation. It requires more work to blend in evenly. After trying it with different primers and moisturizers I have found what works for me and I do like it. It does give the skin a matte finish that lasts for quite a long time. I think the longest I was able to wear it was 8 hours. I did have to blot some shiny areas about 4 hours in, but it still looked great at the end of the day. Currently my skin has been a bit on the dry side because of winter, probably the reason for it looking cakey when I first used it. I'm curious to see how this will fare in 100+ degree weather come summertime. 

I would say this has great coverage, around medium to buildable. 

It comes in seven shades, so you're sure to find a color match.

Sand and Buff

Here I am wearing the full collection, including the Lasting Illusion Foundation. As you can see you can achieve a really nice classic look with a soft smokey eye, winged liner, and red lips. 

I definitely recommend you check out this collection! It's so gorgeous. I really love it all. 

If you live in the Southern California area you can find these products at the Senna Makeup and Brow studios. You can check here for locations. If not you can shop online at . Also be sure to sign up for their emails so you can be notified of any coupons! They occasionally send out coupon codes. You do get Free Shipping on orders of $50 or  more as well! 

What do you think of the Winter Do You Dare Collection? 

*Products sent for review.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dose of Colors lipgloss Burning Love and Purple Fusion Review

I think you can pretty much count on me to be testing the current new lip products out at any given time since I'm back with another lip product review lol!

Burning Love on top & Purple Fusion below

Dose of Colors is another line I learned of through instagram. The bright bold color swatches caught my attention so I just had to try them for myself! 

I purchased these on sale, I believe it was Black Friday and I'm glad I didn't pay full price for them. 

Now this isn't exactly a negative review. I have a few things I love about them. 

First off the packaging is adorable. I love the big tubes. They are much larger than a standard size lip gloss tube. 

The colors are bright, intense, and opaque, which is exactly what I love in a lipgloss! 

They are extremely moisturizing and feel great on your lips.

Now here is the downside of them being so hydrating, they have a lot of slip to them. They move and transfer everywhere!! 

I applied them with a lipliner, on top of lipstick, outlined my mouth with concealer to try and keep it all in but no matter what happened it migrated everywhere. If my hair touched it then I had red streaks across my face. It's just not a good look when your lipcolor is all over the place. 

It was just such a hassle wearing these. I was constantly checking my face to make sure it wasn't a mess, and when it wasn't it looked great! 

I think I will use these mostly on top of lipsticks and in very sparingly amounts.

They are $15 each and can be found on . 

Have you tried Dose of Colors? What was your experience with them?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics 3 Witches Liquid Lipstick!

Well it sure has been awhile, but of course I'm back with another lip product! I recently shared with you all a review on my collection of Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. They just released a new shade called 3 Witches so of course I had to have it.

It's a beautiful true purple lip color. I'm in love!!! I love purple lips, but I could never find the perfect shade. Purple Poison had been the best purple I had found, also from PZC, but 3 Witches just takes the cake!!! 

It is exactly the kind of purple I've been searching for. It is what I wanted MAC Heroine to be but fell short of. 

The formulation on this lipstick leaves a completely matte finish. It applies on wet/liquid-y and dries down matte. 

It can be drying but like I always say lip balm can solve that easily. 

The great thing about these matte liquid lipsticks is they last all day through eating and drinking. 

These are vegan and cruelty free and who doesn't love that! 

You can find these at for $11 each or $59.99 for the full set of six. 

You can find my other review on the rest of the Liquid Lipsticks here .

Are you rockin purple lips?? Would you wear this? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pop Rox Cosmetics Lip Paints Review and Swatches

Well more lip products! Are you surprised by that?! Lol!

Left is the bright lip paint set and on the right is the primary set. 

Here is another line I learned of through instagram. Again the product images with the vibrant colors is what made me purchase. Also you all know I love my lip tars! I think they're the best lip product ever invented lol so I hoped to love these lip paints just as much, seeing as you could mix them to create new colors like you can with lip tars. 

Sadly these just don't come close to the quality of liptars. 

While the colors are vibrant and opaque, the formula is extremely drying! There is also a very heavy chemical scent. I just can't get passed the strong smell. On top of it all, they feel so drying on the lips you can almost feel it crack and settle into your lip lines. It seems as if I applied real paint to my lips lol. 

Shipping was very long. I ordered these on two separate occasions. I ordered the bright set and the primary set a week later. After not getting any info or tracking on my first ordered I had to contact their customer service and they were like oh ok we'll ship them together, as if they forgot about my order. They were nice though and I did get my order shortly after. 

I tried working with these by mixing in some lip balm to try to tone down the scent and make them feel less drying but they're still just ok. 

I really want to love these because the colors are so gorgeous, but I just don't. :(

I love this violet/lavender I was able to achieve but it was so uncomfortable to wear! :( 

These are just some of the many colors I mixed using the two lip paint sets. The colors you can achieve are endless, so that part is fun. I just wish the formula was better. 

Have any of you tried Pop Rox cosmetics? Did you have better experience with the lip paints?