Thursday, January 22, 2015

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter Review

As you know from my previous posts I am expecting my third baby, due in a few months. Being pregnant is such an amazing time, but it's not always the most comfortable experience.

As your baby grows and your stomach and skin stretch (tmi?), it can become very uncomfortable and it gets very itchy. You can also get stretch marks. I honestly don't care if I get stretch marks or not. My main concern is dealing with the itchiness. 

I picked up the Mama Bee Belly Butter to try and combat the itchiness while on a recent trip at Target for around $13.

It's a thick cream created to apply all over your stomach to help soothe your skin. 

It's fragrance free, paraben free, phthalate free, and contains no petrochemicals. 

It contains shea, cocoa, and jajoba butters, as well as vitamin e.

First off I love that this is fragrance free. I am not a fan of that strong straight cocoa butter scent but I don't smell that or any other ingredients from this belly butter. That's a plus in my book, because some scents can make you feel nauseous during pregnancy! Currently can't stand the smell of coffee! 

When applying it quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. 

I can definitely feel a relief from itching after using this belly butter! I can't really say if it will help prevent stretch marks since I'm only 26 weeks along but it did relieve my itchy skin. If you're currently pregnant and suffering from intense stomach itch definitely give this a try! It's a must have!

You can find this at your local Target or drugstore for around $14.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rimmel Provocalips - Little Minx Review and Swatches

Rimmel recently came out with some new long wearing matte lipsticks that I had to try asap! I love a good matte liquid lipstick/stain. 
The color I picked up is #310 in Little Minx. The lipstick print is super cute! 

Here it is first swatched before it's dried. 

This is after it has set and dries matte.

So this liquid lipstick features a two step process. The right is the matte opaque color and the left is step two which is a shiny top coat. Step two is just a clear gloss to add shine. I prefer it matte. Both wands have a doe foot applicator. 

Rimmel claims that this is a 16 hour wear lipstick. I wore this all day for about 8 hours and it lasted through eating and drinking without transferring. I had a bit that had faded on my inner lip by the end of the day. 

The lipstick side doesn't have much of a scent, but the clear gloss has a bit of a fruity sweet scent. It's not very strong though. 

As for the formula this is where I had an issue with this product. If you plan on wearing this as a matte lipstick only without the clear gloss, the matte color side tends to feel sticky. If you press your lips together they stick to each other and feel as though they slowly peel apart. It's kind of an annoying feeling. 

Also after about five to six hours the color can get a little peely and flaky around the edges, especially if your not wearing a lip liner. I definitely recommend wearing this with a long wearing lip liner like Urban Decays 24/7 lip pencils. 

If your looking for a less expensive long wearing matte lipstick then this might be worth checking out. If you can splurge a bit more but still on the less expensive side I would recommend the Sephora cream lip stains over these for $13. The Rinmel Provocalips are around $7 depending on where you purchase it. 

The color itself is nice. They come in a few other shades as well, including some lighter nude tones.

If I had to rate this I would give it a two out of five stars. It's just ok for me. I think I'm just used to a little higher quality matte lipstick/stain.

Have you tried Rimmels Provocalips? What are your thoughts? 

Purchased myself

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cover Girl Lip Lava Review and Swatches ~ Look It's Lava!

There are so many new lip products in the drug stores right now. I came across the new Lip Lava from Cover Girl in Walgreens a week ago and had to pick one up! 

The color I chose is #850 in Look It's Lava!, which is a bright fuchsia pink with violet shimmer. 

Natural light
Blurry flash shot to pick up the violet sparkle!! 

First off the packaging is cute and just a general lip gloss tube. I do love the red cap as opposed to a basic black or silver cap. 

It does have a brush tip applicator, which I like. It pulls out more product than a doe foot applicator. 

It has a light scent which I can't honestly tell what it is as I'm currently sick with a cold and a sinus infection! Not fun btw! 

As you can see the color is gorgeous! It is very opaque. This shade is by no means a sheer gloss. You can wear this on it's own without lipstick because it has full color payoff! The shimmer in this is amazing as well! If you like sparkly glosses you need this!! 

The formula is very smooth and hydrating. It's not very sticky. 

It's not extremely long lasting. It will last a good three to four hours. If you eat or drink you will get some fading and it will transfer. 

This Lip Lava reminds me of MAC's dazzleglass but much more opaque, less sticky, and less expensive. 

There are quite a few colors to choose from. If you like nude colors there are some gorgeous lighter shades in this line as well, but you know I like my bright pinks! :)

I definitely am loving this Lip Lava and recommend you check them out! I plan on picking up a couple more shades myself. 

You can find them at your nearest drugstore or Ulta for around $6 to $8. 

Have you tried Cover Girl's new Lip Lava? 

Purchased this myself. 
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!! Big News!!

Well since my last post so much has happened! I got some very exciting news to share with everyone!

I guess I'll start with sharing the gift we gave to my family a week before Christmas! 

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have already seen this, but I am expecting my third baby this year. This is how we shared the news with my family. I gave them this ornament and the expression on my moms face was priceless! Everyone is so happy and excited!

We also just found out last week that we are having a little girl! We are so thrilled with the news of a little girl, as we already have two boys so it is very exciting! My original due date was May 5, but it has since changed to April 27, so sometime mid Spring.

We have so much planning to do, with her nursery and what not but I can't wait to get started.

Since I had Nicholas three years ago I wanted to post mommy blog type of things, but I was not sure if I wanted to start a whole new blog or post on here. I could never really decide so I just never took the plunge.

I have decided with this pregnancy/baby I will post mommy blogs occasionally on here. I won't be overloading you with all things baby, but I think it will be fun to share things like that occasionally. I will still post beauty related things as well.

I hope you all had a great Christmas/Holidays/New Years! We had a great Christmas with family. For New Years we stay home. We like to stay in with the kids and watch the ball drop on TV. :)

I have a couple of new drugstore lip product reviews to come so keep a look out for those!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Lips - Sephora Cream Lip Stains Review - Endless Purple and Dark Berry

I apologize for the lack of posts again. After my recent health issues I've found it difficult to get back into my love of makeup. I haven't worn much makeup over the last few months, nor have I felt very inspired. I think it's just going to take some time to get back into it, so please bare with me as I slowly make my way back into experimenting with makeup and blogging.

So with that said I have a little review for you all on the Sephora Cream lip stains that I picked up quite some time ago. 

I first blogged about Sephora Cream lip stains maybe two or three years ago. I fell in love with Strawberry Kissed. It is still one of my favorites to this day. For some odd reason I didn't really buy any more. I guess I was just on to the next new product...(beauty junkie) lol. 

Endless Purple and Dark Berry

About three months ago I decided I needed some Fall lip colors (I was eagerly ready for Fall) so I headed to Sephora  and came across these two gorgeous colors in Endless Purple and Dark Berry.

Endless Purple and Dark Berry

Endless Purple is a beautiful mauve-y purple. It's much more wearable than Dark Berry. 

Dark Berry is a very deep plum. It is has a beautiful soft shimmer metallic finish, although it does dry matte. I've never seen a lip stain like this one. 

They both apply smooth and creamy but set quickly to a long wearing matte finish. They never feel excessively drying on my lips. If you have that problem with lip stains you can apply a bit of lip balm to help re-hydrate and smooth your lips out.

I can get a good six hours or more of wear out of these, even with eating and drinking. 

They both have a slight vanilla cupcake scent. 

I think the price point for these is really good at $13 each. 

They're definitely worth the money and checking out if you're looking for a good long lasting lip stain. I think they are just as good as many of the other higher priced stains on the market. I would know because I have them all lol. 

Here are a couple photos of me wearing Endless Purple. It looks much darker in these pics because it was such a cloudy day. It looks a bit more truer to color in the second pic.

These can be found at your nearest Sephora or for $13.

What are some of your current favorite Fall lip colors? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rozge Cosmeceutical Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

I received these lip glosses a few weeks ago and finally wore all three shades. I honestly hadn't worn much makeup recently so I hadn't had the opportunity to test them all out till now.

First off the packaging is nice and sturdy. On the top of the lid there is a button to turn on the light which is inside the cap. 

On the side there is a nice little mirror for application. No need to carry a compact with you! 

Natural light
L to R - Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Paris.


Amsterdam is a very shimmery fuchsia pink. It is the least opaque. It's pretty sheer and needs to be built up for more color payoff but it makes a great topper for lipsticks to just add a touch of shine and sparkle. 

Las Vegas is a cool pink. This one doesn't really have shimmer in it. It has a bit more color payoff than Amsterdam.

Paris is a beautiful red/maroon with a slight shimmer. It is perfect for the Fall and holiday season! This one was the most opaque. It gave full color payoff with one swipe. 

All three of them have a hint of a peppermint scent. They do not sting your lips at all though. 

I found them all to be very hydrating and comfortable on my lips. They are not sticky at all, which is great. 

For a lip gloss they are fairly long lasting. I got a good four hours of wear from these.

Another plus is they are all natural and contain beneficial ingredients such as dragons blood, jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and more. They are also cruelty free. 

They come in 22 different shades. You're sure to find a shade perfect for you. 

They are $25 each, which is a little pricey but I have a coupon code for you! You can use code - lipglossgossip to get 25% off your entire purchase!

They have many other products such as skin, hair, and body care. I haven't tried any of that, but if you place an order for anything make sure you use my coupon code to save some $$! :)

I really enjoyed these lip glosses and definitely recommend checking them out.

Special thanks to Rozge for giving my readers a discount!

Here is a pic of me wearing Paris lip gloss. I'm so ready for Fall! If only the weather here in California would cooperate! It's still way too hot!

Products provided for review

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dinair Pucker Up Smooth & Long Lasting Lip Stain Review and Swatches

Finally catching up on my blog posts! I'm back with some great new lip stains from Dinair. 

Dinar is well known for their airbrush makeup, but they recently launched their new Pucker Up long lasting lip stains.

Their are five shades in total but only three are available at the moment. 

I love the box packaging! The little heart cutout is adorable. 

Not only is the outside cute but so is the inside of the box. I thought the heart shaped lips printed inside was so sweet! 

I received the three current shades available in Vixen, Fire Starter, and Dollhouse.

Natural light 
L to R - Vixen, Fire Starter, and Dollhouse

Vixen is your classic pin up red. It's such a gorgeous color! This has been my current go to for a long lasting matte red lip! 

Fire Starter is my favorite of the bunch! Probably because I don't have any other orange matte lip stain. I am so excited for this. The color is absolutely gorgeous! It's such a great color for the Fall season. 

Dollhouse is a bright neon like pink. Pink is my favorite color so of course I love this one. Something about pink just makes me happy, so I gravitate towards anything pink! 

I forgot to include a pic of the applicator but it's a standard doe-foot applicator. 

Now on to how well these perform. I have had these for a few weeks already and have worn all three shades. All of them are extremely long lasting. I have worn these for eight plus hours and they lasted throughout the day with eating and drinking with very minor fading by the end of the day. You will need a good makeup wipe to remove them. 

Upon first application they apply smoothly and dry down to a matte finish. I never found them to feel uncomfortable on my lips but I'm accustomed to wearing a matte lip often. If it becomes to0 drying for you, you can always dab on a bit of lip balm. 

After they set they didn't transfer or smudge. 

They have a bit of a vanilla scent, that I enjoy. You only really smell it when opening the tube and at first application. 

Vixen lip swatch

Here I am wearing Fire Starter. How gorgeous is this color?! 

I definitely think these are worth checking out if you're looking for a super long lasting lip stain. I can't wait for the other colors to be released, which include a peachy nude and a purple shade! 

These are $20 each and can be purchased at .

Received from P.R. for review. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Luscious Cosmetics Review and Swatches

About a month ago I was contacted from Luscious Cosmetics to see if I wanted to try their products. I had never heard of the company so I was intrigued. They are a company that was created with South Asian and middle eastern women skin tones in mind. The thing that grabbed my interest is that they are cruelty free. They don't test on animals nor do they use any animal derived ingredients. 

I had no idea what they were going to send, so I was pleasantly surprised that they sent quite a few different products for me to try out.

Rebel Lipstick $6.40
Signature lipstick in shade #3 Buff Pink $7.69
Lip Pencil in #04 Tangerine $3.12
Natural Light
L to R - Lip Pencil in Tangerine, lipstick in Rebel, and Signature lipstick in 03
Lip Swatches
Top - Signature lipstick in #3
Bottom - Rebel

The first thing I went for was the lip products, obviously! 

I was very excited when I opened up Rebel lipstick. From the looks of it in the tube it was a very bright coral. When I applied it I realized it was extremely creamy. It felt very buttery smooth, which made it more on the sheer side. It could be layered for more color payoff though. The weird thing though is despite it being so creamy it somehow clung to dry patches on my lips and settled in my lip lines. Also because of the buttery finish this lipstick faded quickly. It lasted about two hours on me. 

The signature lipstick in shade #3 is a natural cool pink. I loved the formula of this one. It had more of a opaque satin finish. It was much longer lasting than the other lipstick. It lasted a good five hours. I love this one! It's a great every day color.

I also got the lip pencil in Tangerine and I really love it. It's very creamy and glides on smoothly. It doesn't tug on the lips at all. I definitely would pick up more of these. I love a good lip pencil and this one is really nice.

Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder $10.41

Next I received a Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder in shade 1. It is infused with vitamins and minerals and claims to control shine, minimize pores and even out skin tone. I have been using this a lot. I really think it's a great setting powder. It is very fine and provides a nice soft focused airbrushed look. I have been using it to set my liquid foundation and love it. The only problem is the color is a tad too light for my skin tone. I think shade 2 would match me better, although as the cold weather nears shade 1 might work for me in the winter. I definitely recommend this powder.

Sparkling Face Shimmer $7.19
Next I got a Sparkling Face Shimmer in Gilded Peach.
This is absolutely gorgeous! It's a beautiful golden peach highlighter. It blends nicely. It gives a very beautiful glow in the skin. You can use it to highlight your cheeks and I even used it on my lids as a shadow. It's beautiful! Definite must have! 
Natural light

Powder Blush in Coral Glow $6.69
Natural light
Natural light
Left is a finger swatch and right is blended in
Lastly I got the powder blush in the shade Coral Glow. I was excited to see this shade. I love coral blushes. I think they suit my skin tone very well. This blush is so pigmented, more so than I assumed it would be. When I first used it, I was a little too heavy handed with it lol, but luckily it blends in nicely. I didn't have any problems with it fading. It lasted all day. As you can see in the flash swatch photo above it has a glowy finish. It's not glittery or sparkly it just gives a soft glow to the cheeks. I love it! I would definitely pick up more of these blushes. 

This is a pic of me wearing everything above. I have the sparkling face powder to highlight and as my lid color on my eyes. On my lips I'm wearing the tangerine lip pencil and Rebel lipstick.

I thoroughly enjoyed these products with the exception of Rebel lipstick as it wasn't as long wearing as I would have liked. 

Overall I would definitely recommend checking out Luscious Cosmetics at . They do ship internationally but I was also told that they would be stocking their products in the U.S. soon! If I get more details on that, I'll update this post with that info.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Products received for review.