Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rozge Cosmeceutical Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

I received these lip glosses a few weeks ago and finally wore all three shades. I honestly hadn't worn much makeup recently so I hadn't had the opportunity to test them all out till now.

First off the packaging is nice and sturdy. On the top of the lid there is a button to turn on the light which is inside the cap. 

On the side there is a nice little mirror for application. No need to carry a compact with you! 

Natural light
L to R - Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Paris.


Amsterdam is a very shimmery fuchsia pink. It is the least opaque. It's pretty sheer and needs to be built up for more color payoff but it makes a great topper for lipsticks to just add a touch of shine and sparkle. 

Las Vegas is a cool pink. This one doesn't really have shimmer in it. It has a bit more color payoff than Amsterdam.

Paris is a beautiful red/maroon with a slight shimmer. It is perfect for the Fall and holiday season! This one was the most opaque. It gave full color payoff with one swipe. 

All three of them have a hint of a peppermint scent. They do not sting your lips at all though. 

I found them all to be very hydrating and comfortable on my lips. They are not sticky at all, which is great. 

For a lip gloss they are fairly long lasting. I got a good four hours of wear from these.

Another plus is they are all natural and contain beneficial ingredients such as dragons blood, jojoba oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and more. They are also cruelty free. 

They come in 22 different shades. You're sure to find a shade perfect for you. 

They are $25 each, which is a little pricey but I have a coupon code for you! You can use code - lipglossgossip to get 25% off your entire purchase!

They have many other products such as skin, hair, and body care. I haven't tried any of that, but if you place an order for anything make sure you use my coupon code to save some $$! :)

I really enjoyed these lip glosses and definitely recommend checking them out.

Special thanks to Rozge for giving my readers a discount!

Here is a pic of me wearing Paris lip gloss. I'm so ready for Fall! If only the weather here in California would cooperate! It's still way too hot!

Products provided for review

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dinair Pucker Up Smooth & Long Lasting Lip Stain Review and Swatches

Finally catching up on my blog posts! I'm back with some great new lip stains from Dinair. 

Dinar is well known for their airbrush makeup, but they recently launched their new Pucker Up long lasting lip stains.

Their are five shades in total but only three are available at the moment. 

I love the box packaging! The little heart cutout is adorable. 

Not only is the outside cute but so is the inside of the box. I thought the heart shaped lips printed inside was so sweet! 

I received the three current shades available in Vixen, Fire Starter, and Dollhouse.

Natural light 
L to R - Vixen, Fire Starter, and Dollhouse

Vixen is your classic pin up red. It's such a gorgeous color! This has been my current go to for a long lasting matte red lip! 

Fire Starter is my favorite of the bunch! Probably because I don't have any other orange matte lip stain. I am so excited for this. The color is absolutely gorgeous! It's such a great color for the Fall season. 

Dollhouse is a bright neon like pink. Pink is my favorite color so of course I love this one. Something about pink just makes me happy, so I gravitate towards anything pink! 

I forgot to include a pic of the applicator but it's a standard doe-foot applicator. 

Now on to how well these perform. I have had these for a few weeks already and have worn all three shades. All of them are extremely long lasting. I have worn these for eight plus hours and they lasted throughout the day with eating and drinking with very minor fading by the end of the day. You will need a good makeup wipe to remove them. 

Upon first application they apply smoothly and dry down to a matte finish. I never found them to feel uncomfortable on my lips but I'm accustomed to wearing a matte lip often. If it becomes to0 drying for you, you can always dab on a bit of lip balm. 

After they set they didn't transfer or smudge. 

They have a bit of a vanilla scent, that I enjoy. You only really smell it when opening the tube and at first application. 

Vixen lip swatch

Here I am wearing Fire Starter. How gorgeous is this color?! 

I definitely think these are worth checking out if you're looking for a super long lasting lip stain. I can't wait for the other colors to be released, which include a peachy nude and a purple shade! 

These are $20 each and can be purchased at .

Received from P.R. for review. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Luscious Cosmetics Review and Swatches

About a month ago I was contacted from Luscious Cosmetics to see if I wanted to try their products. I had never heard of the company so I was intrigued. They are a company that was created with South Asian and middle eastern women skin tones in mind. The thing that grabbed my interest is that they are cruelty free. They don't test on animals nor do they use any animal derived ingredients. 

I had no idea what they were going to send, so I was pleasantly surprised that they sent quite a few different products for me to try out.

Rebel Lipstick $6.40
Signature lipstick in shade #3 Buff Pink $7.69
Lip Pencil in #04 Tangerine $3.12
Natural Light
L to R - Lip Pencil in Tangerine, lipstick in Rebel, and Signature lipstick in 03
Lip Swatches
Top - Signature lipstick in #3
Bottom - Rebel

The first thing I went for was the lip products, obviously! 

I was very excited when I opened up Rebel lipstick. From the looks of it in the tube it was a very bright coral. When I applied it I realized it was extremely creamy. It felt very buttery smooth, which made it more on the sheer side. It could be layered for more color payoff though. The weird thing though is despite it being so creamy it somehow clung to dry patches on my lips and settled in my lip lines. Also because of the buttery finish this lipstick faded quickly. It lasted about two hours on me. 

The signature lipstick in shade #3 is a natural cool pink. I loved the formula of this one. It had more of a opaque satin finish. It was much longer lasting than the other lipstick. It lasted a good five hours. I love this one! It's a great every day color.

I also got the lip pencil in Tangerine and I really love it. It's very creamy and glides on smoothly. It doesn't tug on the lips at all. I definitely would pick up more of these. I love a good lip pencil and this one is really nice.

Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder $10.41

Next I received a Velvet Matte Oil Control Powder in shade 1. It is infused with vitamins and minerals and claims to control shine, minimize pores and even out skin tone. I have been using this a lot. I really think it's a great setting powder. It is very fine and provides a nice soft focused airbrushed look. I have been using it to set my liquid foundation and love it. The only problem is the color is a tad too light for my skin tone. I think shade 2 would match me better, although as the cold weather nears shade 1 might work for me in the winter. I definitely recommend this powder.

Sparkling Face Shimmer $7.19
Next I got a Sparkling Face Shimmer in Gilded Peach.
This is absolutely gorgeous! It's a beautiful golden peach highlighter. It blends nicely. It gives a very beautiful glow in the skin. You can use it to highlight your cheeks and I even used it on my lids as a shadow. It's beautiful! Definite must have! 
Natural light

Powder Blush in Coral Glow $6.69
Natural light
Natural light
Left is a finger swatch and right is blended in
Lastly I got the powder blush in the shade Coral Glow. I was excited to see this shade. I love coral blushes. I think they suit my skin tone very well. This blush is so pigmented, more so than I assumed it would be. When I first used it, I was a little too heavy handed with it lol, but luckily it blends in nicely. I didn't have any problems with it fading. It lasted all day. As you can see in the flash swatch photo above it has a glowy finish. It's not glittery or sparkly it just gives a soft glow to the cheeks. I love it! I would definitely pick up more of these blushes. 

This is a pic of me wearing everything above. I have the sparkling face powder to highlight and as my lid color on my eyes. On my lips I'm wearing the tangerine lip pencil and Rebel lipstick.

I thoroughly enjoyed these products with the exception of Rebel lipstick as it wasn't as long wearing as I would have liked. 

Overall I would definitely recommend checking out Luscious Cosmetics at . They do ship internationally but I was also told that they would be stocking their products in the U.S. soon! If I get more details on that, I'll update this post with that info.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Products received for review.

Back to Blogging! Update!

I've been away from my blog for a bit. It's actually been about a month, but I had to take a bit of a break for health reasons.

To basically cut to the chase I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety. I few months ago I started getting some sharp pains in my head. They would come every so often. Initially I just ignored it, but then I started to get them more frequently and they were more intense. I decided to go see my Dr.. She decided I should get a CT scan, so I went along and did that and the results were fine. 

I still continued to get these pains though. I was getting them every day. I started to really worry a lot! I was just wondering what it could possibly be. I started to google my symptoms which is a terrible idea but I did it anyways. It just caused me even more anxiety reading everything I was looking up. 

About 4 weeks ago I got a pain which then caused me to get a severe panic attack. Everything was just really taking it's toll on me. I ended up in the ER. All of the ER tests came back fine. The ER Dr. suggested I get an MRI of my head to really make sure nothing was in there. 

After getting out of the hospital I was pretty much a mess with anxiety every day. I was actually very depressed. I was crying every day. The thought of something serious being wrong was very scary to me. A big reason why I felt so depressed about everything was because last year my uncle passed away from cancer. He had a brain tumor. The fact that I was going to be tested for the same thing my uncle passed away from was terrifying. Not only that my my grandpa had it as well. 

Thankfully I had my parents and brother to help me through all of this while my husband was at work everyday. 

The last couple weeks my pains have calmed down. I don't get them every day nor are they as severe as they had been months ago. 

I finally had my MRI last Wednesday and I just got my results and I am extremely happy to say I have no tumors. Everything with the MRI came out fine. Thank god! 

I still need to follow up with the neurologist so we can figure out what was causing me these pains. It could possible be my jaw causing me pain. Years ago after I had my wisdom teeth removed my jaw basically stayed locked every day. I never followed up with that so that could be the issue. I'm not going to over think things or google anything anymore. I'm leaving it all up to my doctors! Lol! I have an appointment with the neurologist at the beginning of next year. January 7th to be exact. I will talk with him about my jaw and all my symptoms so we can get to the bottom of these issues. 

From now on I'm gonna just try not to worry. Since I got my good MRI results I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

I plan on getting back to blogging right away since I'm currently feeling much better. 

I have a lot of great stuff to blog about, so be on the look out for new posts asap! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAC Cosmetics A Novel Romance Lipsticks - Review and Swatches

L to R
Yield to Love, Good Kisser, Hearts Aflame, and Lingering Kiss

I don't usually keep up with the latest MAC collections these days, so I tend to miss out on LE items a lot, but I guess I was ahead of the game when this collection hit their website last week because I was able to order some lipsticks before they sold out! 

I picked up four out of the six lipsticks in the collection. 

Yield to Love is a Cremesheen formula. I was back and fourth whether I wanted to order this or not because I've never been a big fan of the Cremesheens. This formula is not as long lasting. Maybe three hours tops, but if you're going to be eating or drinking it can fade even sooner. Although it's very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips so it has it's benefits. The color is gorgeous as well. It's a mid-tone pink that's great for everyday wear. This one was also a online exclusive. 

The rest of the lipsticks I ordered are all a matte finish and much longer lasting on the lips. The formula isn't very drying upon first application but overtime they can feel a bit dry. These last a good 6-7+ hours. They still transfer but the color never fully fades away even after eating. 

Good Kisser is a bright beautiful warm pink. I was most excited about this one. It's definitely my kind of color. It's not as bright as something like Impassioned. It's much more wearable for most people. I love it! 

Hearts Aflame is a deep brick red. This is perfect for Fall. I've recently picked up quite a few deeper lipsticks in preparation for Fall! It's my favorite season! Getting sidetracked here lol, but I love this shade. If you're looking for a darker red this is a great choice. It would look gorgeous with neutral eye and contoured cheeks! 

Lastly I got Lingering Kiss. This is the darkest of the bunch. It's a gorgeous deep plum. This would look great on darker skin tones. For us with pale or lighter complexions this one definitely feels very goth glam! I can't wait to wear this more into the Fall season! 

Natural light 
L to R - Yield to Love, Good Kisser, Hearts Aflame, and Lingering Kiss
Colors are more true to color in the natural light photo.

Top L to R - Yield to Love and Good Kisser
Bottom L to R - Hearts Aflame and Lingering Kiss

As with all MAC lipsticks these have a light vanilla scent. 

They are $16 each. By the way when did that happen?! I remember when MAC lipstick were $12 each! Lol! 

You can still find these on and possibly your local MAC location, with the exception of Yield to Love since it was a MAC online exclusive. 

Did you purchase anything from the A Novel Romance collection?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too Faced Melted Berry and Melted Peony Review and Swatches

Not that long ago I reviewed the new Too Faced Melted lipsticks in Fuchsia and Violet. I have been wanting to purchase more and I recently acquired two more in Melted Berry and Melted Peony. I actually got the mini Peony shade in my Allure Sample Society box, which I just subscribed to!

How cute is the mini size?! I wish Too Faced would sell this size! 

Just like the full size Melted Lipsticks the mini has the same exact packaging and felt squeeze tipped applicator.

Melted Berry and Melted Peony

As with the last Melted Lipsticks I reviewed these are just as amazing as those. 

I've already worn Melted Berry several times and love it! The color is gorgeous and perfect for the upcoming Fall season! This color just makes me want to slip on some boots and a warm cozy sweater!  It's a perfect berry/wine shade! :D

Melted Peony is a pretty soft petal pink. It's a great everyday shade that you can throw on without thinking. It's very fresh and girly.

Neither of these are sticky or uncomfortable to wear. They apply smoothly and opaque. They have a creamy satin finish.

The wear time on these is very long. I wore Melted Berry for 6/7 hours and had minor fading. They will transfer with eating, drinking, or kissing though. 

They do have a slight fruity scent which I like, but you only really smell it upon application. The scent fades away quickly.

Overall I definitely recommend these. I still would like to purchase a few more shades myself! They are just so fab!

You can purchase these at Sephora, Ulta, Beautylish, or for $21 each.

Have you ventured into Melted Lipsticks yet? What are your thoughts? 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Giveaway and Review!! 15 Year Anniversary Brush Set!

A few months ago I saw Sonia Kashuk post these on instagram and knew I had to have them! I purchased the magenta set she put out awhile ago and loved them so I knew these would compliment that set nicely! ;)

This is one of the largest brush sets I have seen Sonia Kashuk release and it's easily the most beautiful!

The brushes feature a gold ferrule and deep plum handle. The bristles are made of natural and synthetic hair and are a gorgeous violet purple shade.

First we have a large powder brush. I would say this brush gives a nice natural finish when applying powder as it's not overly dense. I had some minor shedding during the first wash but have had none during use at all. The bristles are soft and not scratchy. Love it!

Next we have a round blush brush. I haven't had any shedding with this. It applies blush evenly. This is a bit denser than the powder brush so it picks up more product, so if you have some very pigmented blushes use this with a light hand. Love this one too!

Here we have a buffing brush. 
This one is very compact and dense. If you want to apply foundation and get a heavier coverage this would be great. I find I don't reach for this brush much. I think it's a little bit scratchy. If I use it, it's mostly to blend out the edges of concealer on my face.

Next is a angled synthetic brush. 
Lets ignore my chipped nails! 
This is another dense brush, but because it's synthetic it's much softer than the buffing brush. I have used this one to apply my foundation and like it. The angle makes it easy to get around your nose or right up under your eyes.

This is probably one of the most talked about brushes in the kit. It is flat contour brush. This brush is very dense. This brush allows you to get a very defined contour. You can go full out drag queen with this brush. It makes it very easy to get a sharp line. Because it's so dense, I prefer to use another brush to blend out the contour because I find if I use this same brush to blend, it almost blends it away. It's great for placement though!

Next I have the synthetic foundation brush. I don't usually like these brushes for foundation but I have been loving it for my concealer! The synthetic bristles are very soft and the size makes blending in concealer a breeze!

This is the synthetic concealer brush. This is really good for concealing small areas. It's great for cleaning up around the eyes or lips.

The blending brush is a little bigger than I prefer but it does a good job at blending out edges. I mostly use this to apple brow highlight. This one is a little scratchy as well.

Next is a domed eyeshadow brush. This is another brush I don't reach for too often. If I do use it, it's to apply color to my outer corner.

Here we have another eyeshadow brush. It is similar to a MAC 217 brush.
Closer view
I love this brush! I've been using it everyday. I think it's a great multipurpose brush. I can use it to apply color to the lid, outer corners, or crease. It's just amazing!

Next is a large shadow brush. This is similar to a MAC 227 brush. It's great for applying color all over the lid, applying powder under the eyes, or even blending concealer. 

This is the pencil brush. I honestly don't use pencil brushes much. All of the ones that I had prior to this one I didn't love them. Well I finally found one I love! It's just so soft. It is so easy to apply color to the inner corners or under eye with this one. I love that I can really create some smoky looks with this brush!

Closer look at the pencil brush.

Next is the angled brow/liner brush. This is my new favorite brow brush. I didn't love it with liner, but it's perfect to use with cream and gel brow products. I love it with my Anastasia Dipbrow! 

Here is a small detail brush. This is another great brush to really smoke out your eyeshadow. If you like to do a cut crease, this is great for getting precise application. 

Lastly we have a brow spoolie. I'm not too picky with brow sppolies but this get's the job done.

I purchased these two weeks ago and have been using them every day since then. They are so beautiful!

I think this set is so amazing, especially for the price. I got mine for about $30 on sale at Target. Regularly they are $39.99, but I still think that's a great deal. They are definitely worth picking up, that is if you can find them. They are currently out of stock at and many Target locations are out of stock as well! BUT that's where I come in! I purchased an extra set from my Target store and I will be giving it away!! Yay!

I will be hosting the giveaway on my instagram. It's just much easier for me that way. I invite all of you to go and enter. I will be posting the giveaway right after this post goes up online. I will have full details on instagram on how to enter. It will be open Internationally as well!

Were you able to score the Limited Edition 15 Year Anniversary brush set from Sonia Kashuk? If you do find it don't hesitate to get it! If you can't find it, make sure you enter my giveaway on Instagram!

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