Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Makeup

So I bought some lipsticks from Vicorias Secret. All the Very Sexy makeup is 75% off right now. Thats crazy cheap. So I had to try it.
When I went to my Victoria Secret it was very unorganized. They had moved all the makeup to these little round counters. It was dificult trying to find the colors you wanted, but I managed to find some lipsticks that I thought looked good.

Now I've never tried any of there makeup before, but I figured why not because they were only $3 each.

I am so glad I purchased these. They are very nice lipsticks. I'm loving them all!
They are soo creamy, moisturizing, and very pigmented. I would really reccomend these.

The packaging is cute. It says Very on one side and Sexy on another.

If you have a Victoria Secret near you check these lipsticks out. For $3 you can't beat that! :-)

Here are some pictures and swatches



From left to Right the colors are
Melt, Sweet Release, Reveal Me, Stiletto, Beg Me, Shh..., Sweet Nothing, and Don't Stop.

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