Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm back!

Well what a week it's been!

First Ed, then Farrah, and then Michael, now Billy Mays so SAD!

My in-laws also came up to visit this week.

Also my sons pre-school graduation was on Friday, BUT we couldn't take him for his graduation. :-(

So Thursday evening my son got sick. He was vomiting A LOT. I called our Doctors office and they said they would have the Dr. call me. He calls and says give him Pedialite but if he continues you have to take him in. So of course he continues to get sick so we had to take him in to the E.R.

I'm sure you know how that goes.
Waiting a long time. Finally being called back and waiting even longer.
The Dr. checked him out and said it was a bug, stomach flu. He gave him something for nausea and that was about it. He said he would be fine.

We didn't get home till 4am. My sons graduation was at 12pm. So he was still weak and not feeling to great later on so that is why he could not go to his pre-school graduation.

My mom and brother came over that day and brought my son a bunch of toys to cheer him up.

Later that night (Friday night) my mother in-law gets it, then my husband. Saturday night I get it, as does my mom, then Sunday my brother gets it.

So I had a pretty crazy week. I'm glad my son is better though. We are all better too. It was only a 24 hour bug, thank god!

My in-laws left today. So now I'll have time to post everything.

I already uploaded all the pics so I'll be posting those tomorrow sometime.

Oh and I just wanted to thank TalluluhBella for my prize. I got it today! I LOVE the Barry M lipstick!!! It's beautiful!

IMATS pictures coming up tomorrow!

Crystal :-)

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