Sunday, August 2, 2009

Commenting back?

So I've been wondering this for awhile. When someone leaves you a comment and you want to respond back which way do you think is the best way. Leave a comment on your own post where they left the comment or go to there blog and respond back to them there on there lastest post so they see it?

If you answer on your own post they might not see it unless they come back and check it.

I've seen people do it both ways. So I was curious as to what you girls think is best?

Let me know. :-)


Lauren said...

I'm never sure either! I have been replying on my own posts but recently i've tried replying on their posts to make sure they see them. I guess everyone has their own preference. x

Vanessa said...

I always comment back on their page, just to make sure they get it!

Rai said...

Comment back on my post or go to their blog.
If they have a CBOX, leave a reply there.

Cristina. said...

i prefer to leave a comment back on a post of there own so they can see it for sure :)

Sugar said...

I usually comment back in my blog, but then the person has a new blog post I comment in their blog :)

sheri amor said...

I always reply to them in my post.. since I want to know whether their checking my posts too :)