Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAC ~ Makeup Art Cosmetics

I picked up some things from this collection when it came out on Thursday. I was really excited to check it out. Everything was so beautiful but most of it looked like stuff I already have so I didn't really get much. If I didn't have so much makeup or was just starting out I would buy more because it is a beautiful collection. I did get Mairas's Mood and Haunting eye shadows. I also got the four colored Technakohl liners in Full of Fuchsia, Obviously Orange, Colour Matters, and Artistic License.

These shadows don't have the best color payoff. I had to really pack it on for the color to show up as it does in the pan, but they are pretty.

Swatches top to bottom
Artistic License
Colour Matters
Obviously Orange
Full of Fuchsia

I really like these liners. I have been wanting a bright pink eyeliner for some time. I would have preferred these in Powerpoint form because Powerpoints are smoother and just glide on but I'm still enjoying these either way. They are really fun colors.

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Lolita Riot said...

nice haul! Ive been eyeing those liners too!

Tiff said...

Those liners are such gorgeous colors! I especially love Artistic License.

cocobella21 said...

Great haul! I love the liners :)

jackieg02 said...

Nice haul. All I picked up were Maira's Mood and the green quad. I might Back2MAC for the orange eyeshadow, but I really don't think I'll ever use orange eyeshadow. I had to hold off on the liners, I want them too!

Cristina. said...

twin! we bought the same e/s colors lol

Anonymous said...

ironic, those are the two other shadows I'm debating on whether or not to purchase.


Shopaholicgirl said...

great haul i love the eyeshadows and liners! the colors are so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Great haul! I'm thinking of getting some shadows and maybe a lip product when the collection comes out here :)

Jannie said...

the colour matters would look great with the funky limelight polish. hehe... :) anyway, awesome haul here. i'm happy MAC came out with this collection. i got a couple shadows myself. now i kick myself for not getting the eyeliners because the colors are so vibrant and pretty. the local nordstrom was out of most of the liners though.

the fuschia liner swatch looks really nice as well as artistic license. :)

Jannie said...

your post inspired me to get two more things from makeup art. i ended up getting haunting and colour matters. i initially returned colour matters on tues, but decided to repurchase because i have no wild eyeliners like that. too bad the other eyeliners are gone. i would've loved the fuschia one. the orange one would've been nice too.

oh, to answer your question on what websites to get essie polishes, try or i heard ulta carries them too, so you might want to check your local ulta out as well. :)