Thursday, August 6, 2009

MAC, Studio Sculpt, and Hello Kitty

So I know I am a bit late here with this but I picked up Cheeky Bronze Mineralize Skinfinish at MAC as well as Ruby Woo lipstick. I also got a sample of Studio Sculpt foundation.

I love Cheeky Bronze. It's a peachy bronzy color. It's just so pretty.
And well who doesn't love red lips, Ruby Woo is an intense bright bold red. It's beautiful!

I picked this stuff up a week ago. They gave me a FULL sample of Studio Sculpt. I have used it this past week and I just don't like it. I'm glad I just got a sample otherwise I would have had to return it. It just didn't work for me. I felt like it didn't give me the coverage that I wanted and it just made me look shiny right away. I also didn't think it blended in well. It looked like makeup you know, just really cakey...blah...not for me....I'll stick to my Estee Lauder foundation for now.

Stopped at Target as well and I found this cute pencil bag but you know I'm using it as a makeup bag. Fun fact for you all, besides collecting makeup I also like to collect makeup bags (I have tons of them) and Hello Kitty stuff. I love Hello Kitty! She is so cute! I have tons of Hello Kitty stuff too. So of course when I saw this I had to have it! :-)

So do you have any other obsessions besides makeup?

I'm about to head out to the Fair in a few hours. Taking my son to see Dora and Diego! :-)

Thanks for following, reading, and commenting!!!


Beautygirl24 said...

what a cute makeup bag! Gotta love target!

Yi said...

i llike the Hello Kitty bag ...I wish Target was in Spain..haha :D

Yi xoxo

Sara (The Makeup said...

Ruby Woo is amazing! Its such the perfect color! I am just about to review studio sculpt. I finally finished my tube today which I had to mix daily with face and body or tinted moisterizer to thin it out. It worked that way. but I definitly wont re purchase...


jackieg02 said...

I love Cheeky Bronze!

My other obessions besides makeup is The Little Mermaid.

Resham said...

cheeky bronze looks pretty...i saw them at store, but the counter was soo messed up wth shimmers...i didn't know which blushes and MSFs were shimmery...n which wer not!!!

Cristina. said...

i got Cheeky Bronze too! i love it :) my other obbsessions are;; hello kitty and the lil fafi sluts lol

Viva La Fashion said...

pillow is to die for. jk. :D but it really is cute..