Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tag / Award

So I was tagged/awarded by Resham from DAZZLE-n-SPARKLE,

For the Freakin' Fabulous Blog award. Thanks for the tag!

The rules with this award are:
1. List five current obsessions
2. Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs
3. On your post of receiving this award, link back to the person that awarded you
4. Link your five winners, and let them know that they've been awarded

Current Obsessions
1. My first obsession has to be blogging! I love it! I'm so glad I started to blog because I have learned about so many new makeup lines and have come across so many nice people! I love reading everyone elses blogs and reading your comments you leave for me! I Love it!

2. My next obsession has to be Barry M cosmetics. Ever since my swap with TalluluhBella, I am just in love with everything. Now I want more! I wish it was sold here in the U.S.

3. My Coach Poppy bag! It's my new love! I have used it everyday since I got it! Although I didn't take it to the fair, I wasn't going to risk it getting damaged by some drunk person there! :-P

4. My Ipod. I was keeping it old school and still using CDs until like 3 months ago. My husband and brother would laugh at me about it because they both have ipods. I never cared to get one until all the colorful ones came out. Well about 3 months ago me and my husband were at the mall. I went in to Sephora and he told me he would be right back, after I was done we went home. I sat at my desk and he started to ask me what I bought he wanted to see my new stuff from Sephora, then I turn to my desk and there it was standing there. My PINK IPOD! I had no idea he bought it! I was so happy I cried...haha. He's so great! I love him! So yeah I've been downloading lots of music lately and I heart it so much! :-)

5. So my last but definitely not least obsession has to be Vampires! I am OBSESSED with the Twilight Saga and now I'm hooked on True Blood! Oh how I love Edward! :-)

So the people I tag/award are
1. Cristina ~
2. Noelle ~
3. Yi ~
4. Christina ~
5. Louise ~

Thanks for following, reading, and commenting! :-)


Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

So great to learn more about you!

As for #5, I have just about finished reading all the True Blood books except for the hard cover :-)

and only a few more months till New Moon comes out.

Yi said...

Thanks for tagging me and giving me the award,darlin :)


Lush19 said...

Thanks for tagging me hun, will do this later on! xx

Beautygirl24 said...

Thank you sooooo much for tagging me~! I really appreciate it, especially since I am so brand new at this! I will do the tag later this afternoon ;) And thank you for being so sweet with your comments.