Monday, August 3, 2009

Who's ready for Fall? ~ Dior Fall 09

I know I am! I know most people love the Summer, but I don't. Where I live in California it gets up to 109, 110 degrees! I'm over it! So this is why I look forward to Fall. I love the Fall. Everything about it is beautiful, the weather, the trees, the colors, the clothes, and of course the makeup collections.

I love bold lips and eyes together. It's easier to get away with this look during the Fall.

This brings me to the Dior Fall 2009 Jazz Club collection.

I love this collection so much. I picked up the 5-colour eyeshadow palette in Night Butterfly #173. It is so beautiful. It has a purple, light pink, smokey grey, deep plum, and a sparkly black color in the center.

You can easily create a soft look or a dark smokey look with this palette.

My Macys counter has this collection out already so I had a chance to check it all out. They have some really beautiful berry color lipsticks and glosses in this collection as well as another eye palette, duo eyeshadow, single shadow, and nail lacquers. I'm going to go back for the lip stuff maybe this week if I have time.

You can find this collection at and doesn't have it up yet but it is in stores already. So check it out.
This palette retails for $56

Here are some swatches of the 5-colour eyeshadow palette, with no base.

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Beautygirl24 said...

ok, I am in love with that eye pallete!I just did a purple look today, but these shadows look so pigmented compared to the ones I have. i think that's going on my wishlist!

Anonymous said...

I have my eye on a few of the Dior eye palettes and that one you have looks stunning! I love teaming purple eyes with berry/plum lipsticks so Dior seem to have this spot on for fall.

UrbanOwl said...

Thanks for following me, I really appreciate it!
I love the color on the bottom left of that palette, its gorgeous :)

Resham said...

this is soo gorgeous!!!

Yi said...

Hi daling

I just popped in to your blog...really like your reveiws..and they makes me wnana get a whole branch things..ahhIoI

feel free to come by mine if u wish to :)

The Style Of Neighborhood

Resham said...

this quad....everytym i chk ur teases me!!! i want one...
Btw, i have tagged ya...:)

Christina said...

OOh I love that dior palette, I have one in cant remember the name, but the colours are grey. They apply well too :)
I love your blog btw, your reviews are great :) x