Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prescriptives Closing!?!

So I just heard that Prescriptives is closing! OMG! I have used a few of there products and love what I have. This is a bit shocking to me. I have never tried there custom blend foundation but have always wanted to. Since there are some other things I have wanted to try and some things I wanted to repurchase I am going to have to get on it because it seems as though they are closing.

This is directly from the Prescriptives website:
You may have recently heard that Prescriptives has made the difficult decision to close its retail counters globally, effective January 31, 2010. You can continue to purchase your favorite Prescriptives products here at for US shipping while inventory lasts. For your convenience, Prescriptives has established a toll free number—1-877-819-2968—and we invite you to call us with any question or concern.
Here is a link to that as well

So I guess we'll be able to order from the site till everything sells out.
This kinda sucks!
I'm sure we'll still be able to get our hands on there stuff for awhile since it's sold at so many different counters and websites but it still sucks that they won't be around anymore. I really loved there seasonal warm and cool blushes that they would release with collections.

I called my counter and she didn't know anything about it. She said she was the regional manager and that she hadn't heard anything about it. :-/

I wonder if we'll be seeing any sales because of this?

Well what do you think about them closing? Have you tried any of there products? Have any favorites? Anything you didn't care for? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tag Award ~ I think you are an awesome girl!

I was given this tag/award by Thanks girly!

Rules are: Ten facts about myself and tag ten blogs.

1. My husband is a Marine. He has been to Iraq twice and many other places as well.

2. He was in Iraq when I had our son. That was really hard, him not being there for our sons birth but I got through it and he came home safe.

3. I was in choir in high school.

4. I LOVE reading Perez Hilton! I read it everyday like ten times a day. It's my guilty pleasure! :-)

5. I love cold, rainy, cloudy weather! It gets really hot where I live so I appreciate the rain when we get it!

6. I have never flown on a plain.

7. I want to travel the world. I really want to go to Greece and Egypt.

8. I was really into the rave seen years ago when I was a teenager. Haha! I've never done drugs though so don't think that. I just really loved the music and dancing so I would go to the raves. :-)

9. I'm EXTREMELY claustrophobic. Like even if I'm hugged too long or too tight or someone is hovering over me (my husband when I'm on the computer) I start to feel like I can't breathe and I'm trapped and I start to freak out. No elevators either! I got stuck in a closet as a child and it was very tramatic for me, so I think that's where my problem comes from. :-/

10. And lastly I love spending time with my husband and son. I love watching movies with them, talking with them and hearing the crazy/funny things my five year old says. Those are the best times! I love my guys! :-)

So I'll pass this to
The Makeup Snob
*Lipstick Fever*
Voodoo Dolly
Just Jen

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here is my fotd using some of my new stuff.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow cream in Pink Blush on lid
Christian Siriano for VS eye shadow in Sandstorm on lid
Estee Lauder Metallic eye shadow in Amethyst on outer corner
MAC Omega eye shadow in crease
MAC Spring Up eye shadow to highlight
MAC Nightfish fluidline
Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara

MAC Sculpt powder
MAC Peaceful Beauty Powder as blush

Lancome Coquette lipstick
Chanel #93 Paillettes Glossimer

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Christian Siriano for VS and a few random things!

I went to Victoria Secret a couple weeks ago to check out the Collection by Christian Siriano. I was really impressed with everything. I only picked up two things. I got the makeup bag, it was the last one so it was meant to be! I also picked up one eyeshadow in Sandstorm.

The bag is really nice. It's a beautiful dark brown color. It's very well made. I love the design of it. It's so different. The zipper goes all the way around the bag so it's doubled. I thought that was kinda cool. It's so pretty too with the ruffles. It also has a beautiful blue lining. I love it! I have used it everyday since I got it.

The double zipper

Inside blue lining

I loved all the shadows. They are all so pigmented and smooth. I only got Sandstorm because I felt like I have colors similar to the others. The packaging is cute. It looks like a pyramid. The collection was inspired by Egypt.

I really loved everything in his collection. Check your local VS or

A fotd with this will be coming up soon. :-)

Did anyone watch the VMAs??? I can't believe Kanye! That was so messed up! Poor Taylor! I'm really glad Beyonce let Taylor have her moment in the end!

Also I just wanted to mention that I now have a twitter because it's what all the cool kids are doing! Haha! So please add me or follow me, whatever it's called. I just made it so I have no friends there but I would love to chat with all of you girls there! I posted a link to it on the side -------->

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Estee Lauder Metallic Must Have!

I was at the Estee Lauder counter about a week ago picking up some more moisturizer. While I was there I was browsing around. I walked around the other side of the counter where the makeup is and there was this big display of new eye shadows. There were twenty new Pure Color EyeShadows, ten matte colors and ten metallic colors.

I'm a huge sucker for shimmer and sparkles. When I see something shimmer under those bright lights in department stores I'm hypnotized by it's beauty and before you know it I'm at the register whipping out my debit card. So of course the metallic colors were screaming at me. All of the shades though were so beautiful and really pigmented.

Also they are having a GWP and were taking pre-orders at the time. Yes, I'm a big sucker for a free gift with purchase too! So of course I could not say no. I picked out two Metallic eye shadows and two Double Wear Stay in place ShadowCremes. I picked up my stuff yesterday and I love everything.

One of the Metallic shadows I got is #97 Emerald. OMG! This color is BEAUTIFUL! When I swatched it last week I knew right away I had to have it! I can't tell you how much I LOVE this color. It's a beautiful emerald/hunter green color with blue and copper/gold shimmer...OMG! It is so pigmented and blendable. This is such a unique color. I think everyone should have it!

Oh yeah all the colors are Limited Edition of course! :-/

Double Wear Shadow Cream in Pink Blush, #96 Metallic e/s in Amethyst, #97 Metallic e/s in Emerald, Double Wear Shadow Cream in Blue Velvet.

Emerald, Amethyst
Pink Blush, Blue Velvet

Natural light~ You can see the blue shimmer in it here.

Flash~ This one washes out the color of the shadow but it picked up all the copper/gold shimmer in it.

You can kinda see both colors of shimmer in this one.

I'm really happy with everything. I love the shadow cremes. I did a review on them when I first started my blog, so check that out if you would like. I really love Blue Velvet. It can be used as a liner as well as a shadow/base. I have it on today as a liner and it's so pretty. Check out the Emerald Metallic shadow if you have a counter near you. You will love it! :D

You can find all of this at your nearest Estee Lauder counter or at

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sigma Brush Set Review

We have all seen the raving reviews and videos of these brushes on YouTube. When I first heard of these they sounded good. I was really tempted to get them but I thought I would hold off until there were more reviews on them. I had my doubts that they may not be as good as they were hyped up to be.

About a month ago I decided I would go for it and order them.

Now I sit here doing my own review on the full set of 12 brushes. I didn't get the brush roll because I had one for them.

I LOVE them!

This is the full set of brushes in the Stila brush roll. They fit perfectly in this brush roll.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flirt! Glamourazzi

A few weeks ago I was at Kohls. I don't go there that often but we were looking for some new shoes for my son because the Foot Locker at the mall is being moved to a different spot in the mall so it's closed right now, anyways I of course was checking out the beauty products.

I didn't find any makeup that I liked but I saw this and it caught my eye because of the sparkly bottle. I picked up the body lotion and rubbed some in my hands. It smelled AMAZING! I wasn't going to buy it though because we were there for my sons shoes plus I found some shoes that I really wanted. The whole walk to the check out line and the ride home I kept sniffing my hands. It just smelled so good and I was just really drawn to it. My husband made a joke that it was my catnip because I just literally could not stop smelling my hands.

When we went to pay they said they were having a deal for every $50 you spent you get $10 gift card. We spent a little over $100 so we got a $20 gift card. The only thing was you had to use it within a window of time, which was fine. The window period started like three days later. So of course I took my $20 and went back and bought the Body Lotion and Perfume Spray.

I love it! I have been using it everyday. It smells kinda spicy, kinda floraly.
The only thing is if I wear the spray alone it doesn't last very long but layered over the body lotion it lasts all day. The lotion seems stronger than the spray so I think that's why. Also the sparkly look on the bottle is just a sticker.
I love perfume and nice pretty bottles but I don't mind that this packaging is cheap because it smells so good and I don't have anything that smells like it.

The body lotion is 5 oz. and $18.50 and the perfume spray is 1.7 oz. and $35.00. They can be found in Kohls stores and

Overall I love it and I'm glad I got it!