Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prescriptives Closing!?!

So I just heard that Prescriptives is closing! OMG! I have used a few of there products and love what I have. This is a bit shocking to me. I have never tried there custom blend foundation but have always wanted to. Since there are some other things I have wanted to try and some things I wanted to repurchase I am going to have to get on it because it seems as though they are closing.

This is directly from the Prescriptives website:
You may have recently heard that Prescriptives has made the difficult decision to close its retail counters globally, effective January 31, 2010. You can continue to purchase your favorite Prescriptives products here at for US shipping while inventory lasts. For your convenience, Prescriptives has established a toll free number—1-877-819-2968—and we invite you to call us with any question or concern.
Here is a link to that as well

So I guess we'll be able to order from the site till everything sells out.
This kinda sucks!
I'm sure we'll still be able to get our hands on there stuff for awhile since it's sold at so many different counters and websites but it still sucks that they won't be around anymore. I really loved there seasonal warm and cool blushes that they would release with collections.

I called my counter and she didn't know anything about it. She said she was the regional manager and that she hadn't heard anything about it. :-/

I wonder if we'll be seeing any sales because of this?

Well what do you think about them closing? Have you tried any of there products? Have any favorites? Anything you didn't care for? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Vanessa said...

Thanks for this info! :)

Christina said...

Wow, thats shocking. Sad too. I've always eyed prescriptives but never bought anything :( Looks like the recession hit them hard or something.
Thanks for the info. x

Beautygirl24 said...

crystal! I just read about this literally 5 MINUTES AGO on Temptalia!! I was gonna do a post, but I see great minds think alike ;) I'm so sad, I love my site unseen brightening concealer from them that I have been using for a long time. I am def going to buy more stuff I have always wanted to try out.
PS...yes, i do speak some spanish. I can understand it very well though! And I'm so happy your an animal person too.

potionprincess said...

I was really bugged when I read this this morning-everything I ever tried from them was the absolute best-I love their magic potion-great for mixing with foundation-in fact want their whole magic collection and wasn't the custom blend lipgloss the coolest,their skincare actually works and I havent got round to trying it yey-but their mascara is supposed to be the best-I dont think they were ever publicised enough by the company and they were a lot better than some of the brands that sell like crazy-I guess cause the other brands were put out there a lot more.

Rai said...

It always suck when a brand closes. At least there will be a sale, though. =D

I'll be glad when Max Factor's makeup starts being marked down.

jackieg02 said...

Prescriptives was my HG for face, concealer, and setting powder. I will have to stock up or use it for "going out" makeup.

Prescriptives was the only line that had foundation light enough for my skintone...I guess I'll have to be on the lookout for something else. :(

Sara (The Makeup said...

Crazy especially since its part of such a huge company! I useto wear the foundation and powder which i loved it was just too expensive compared to other lines!

Beautygirl24 said...

I know, so many great colors! I have yet to try the matte shades. I'm unsure if I will like them, because I like my nail polish really glossy looking. But I've seen them on other people and they look cool so I might give the matte trend a try ;) I want: Ms. Cant be wrong, a true romantic, Because I said so, and screen test. Do you have any of those? What polishes are on your list?

Tiff said...

I've never tried Prescriptives, but it's sad to hear about such a huge brand closing. I've heard nothing but great things about their foundation.

Juicygirl... said...

wow thats sooo sad thanks for the update I guess were behind the times in not soo sunny Ireland, I'll have to spread the news :)

Cristina. said...

nooooooo i wanna try it too!!