Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sigma Brush Set Review

We have all seen the raving reviews and videos of these brushes on YouTube. When I first heard of these they sounded good. I was really tempted to get them but I thought I would hold off until there were more reviews on them. I had my doubts that they may not be as good as they were hyped up to be.

About a month ago I decided I would go for it and order them.

Now I sit here doing my own review on the full set of 12 brushes. I didn't get the brush roll because I had one for them.

I LOVE them!

This is the full set of brushes in the Stila brush roll. They fit perfectly in this brush roll.



I don't have the full size MAC counterparts of these three brushes. I have the MAC SE versions of them, but these are really great. I love the SS194 for concealer under my eyes. I love the SS209 but I've been using it for lips which works great! The SS275 I don't seem to use much. When I do use it, I use it for highlighting.

MAC 266 vs Sigma SS266
The reason I haven't been using the SS109 for liner is because I have been using the SS266 for lining. It's my new HG brush for lining with fluidline. The MAC 266 is great but I like the SS266 more because it's a bit firmer which makes it easier for me to get a perfect line with. Love it!

MAC 219 vs Sigma SS219
Now with these you can tell that the Sigma brush head is a little bit longer. It's also not as dense. These are both great brushes for different uses. The MAC 219 is great for smoking out the lower and upper lash line because its dense. I don't like using the MAC 219 in the crease though because it feels a bit scratchy on my lid. Since the Sigma version is not as dense and softer I love it for the crease.

MAC 252 vs Sigma SS252
There's a pretty big difference in size with these. Again I love both of these for different reasons. I have been using the SS252 for cream shadows and paint pots. I prefer using the MAC 252 for pressed and loose shadows.

MAC 224 vs Sigma SS224
These look very similar but the SS224 is a bit denser. The MAC 224 is fluffier and a bit softer. I love them both. They are both great for blending and crease work.

MAC 239 vs Sigma SS239
The first obvious difference is that they are different colors. They are made of natural hairs but don't specify what kind. Both are dense and do a great job with packing on color to the lid.

MAC 190 vs Sigma SS190
I have used both for foundation but this kind of brush is not my brush of choice for that. I prefer other brushes for foundation. These are both great brushes for primer or cream blushes though.

MAC 168 vs Sigma SS168
I love these both. They are both great for contouring and applying powders and blushes to the face. The MAC 168 is a bit fluffier but they are equally as soft.

MAC 187 vs Sigma SS187
I don't think there is much of a difference in these. They both apply foundation and powder easily. They are both very soft and equally as dense.

MAC 134 vs Sigma 150
Now I don't have the MAC 150 brush but I do have the MAC 134 brush and I think it is very comparable to the Sigma SS150. This is my favorite brush out of the set. It is SO soft and full. It applies powder beautifully. I LOVE this brush! The MAC 134 brush is just as soft and full. It might not seem like a fair comparison since I don't have the MAC 150 but I have heard that the MAC 150 is scratchy so this is why I never picked it up. The MAC 134 has great reviews so I think it's fair to compare the SS150 to a similar MAC powder brush.

Overall I love these brushes! I have been using them everyday since I got them. They didn't bleed any dye. They don't smell. They didn't shed much. The only one that shed a few hairs was the SS150 when I washed it. I am really happy with this brush set. I would purchase another set for myself. I'm going to get a set for my mom. I would recommend these to anyone! It's a great deal for a full set of brushes of this quality.

This brush set (with brushes only) is $79 and can be found at

Forgot to mention they do ship worldwide. :-)

As always Thanks for following, reading, and commenting! :-)


CHARRY said...

wow! love the brushes! :)

twinsouls888 said...

wow I like this post, very informative ^_^

Naomi said...

Thank you for the lovely review. I picked up the ss224, ss219 and ss109 a while back and I have really enjoyed using them. I need to get a few more brush sets and I've debating on whether to get the full set. The one thing that's stopping me is the exchange rate.

Lush19 said...

Great review.

I love these brushes sooo much! I love how they are comparable to Mac yet so much cheaper!


Lolita Riot said...

very good review! thank you :) makes me want the brushes more!

Anonymous said...

Really want a set of these!! :-) thanks for the review, x

jackieg02 said...

good review. i'm thinking of ordering a few of the single brushes they offer, but i'm still on the fence about it.

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

great review! i've been curious about these and may have to cave in soon and get a set.

i just caught up on some of your older posts -- you do the most beautiful FOTDs!

Beautygirl24 said...

Thanks for the nail polish comment crystal! It really is a very pretty shade, and unique in my opinion. Great sigma review btw ;)

Sara (The Makeup said...

amazing review! They look fabulous!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Nice review! Want to get a set they look awesome :)

Caby said...

Great review, i want a 12pc brush set too. Been lemming on it for a long time now haha