Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Young Punk, Nordstrom Customer Service

So in my last post I was like desperately looking for a MAC Young Punk Mineralize eyeshadow but was having lots of trouble finding one. BUT I remembered that Nordstrom will check all their stores on their computer to see if anything you are looking for is in-stock. I don't know why I hadn't remembered to do this earlier!

So I go on and do a live chat and the lady tells me it's in-stock at one place and gives me the number. I asked her if I could have a list of places because their computers are not always up to date as to what's in stock.

So I start calling all these Nordstroms and each one says they are sold out. I get to the last one on the list not expecting them to have it and when I ask she says oh yeah we have it. I then ask her how many she has, she's like oh let me check. She comes back and tells me there is ONE LEFT. So of course I told her I'll take it! This girl was SUPER SWEET! She even gave me free shipping! So I was really happy about that! I have to say though I have always had great customer service from Nordstrom! They are always nice and helpful! Great customer service makes your shopping experience just that much better!

So in case you didn't know if ever you are looking for something that is sold out, you can always call Nordstrom customer service or do a live chat and they can check their computers and try and help you locate the item you are looking for.

So I should have my Young Punk (haha) in a few days! Yay! Thank you Nordstrom Customer Service for helping me locate one and Dianna at the MAC counter for hooking me up with free shipping! :D

Just wanted to remind you if your going out or dressing up for Halloween this weekend don't forget to take some pictures and enter my contest!

Thanks for following, reading, and commenting! :-)


xcharleym0ox said...

Glad to hear you got your hands on one :) x

Mz. More said...

Glad you were able to finally find Young Punk and two thumbs up to Nordies for GREAT customer service :)

Beautygirl24 said...

awww good, i'm glad you found it! Nordstrom is the best when it comes to customer service, returns, anything! Gotta love it...

Angela said...

thanks for the info. I have been looking for Young Punk for a long time, but they are sold out everywhere I look. I will give Nordstrom a call tomorrow. THanks

And Im a new follower and love your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for you! Let's see waht you come up with as soon as that baby is in your hands ;)
We haven't received the collection yet, but I'll be sure to check Young Punk out!

B said...

I co-sign on the Nordie's Customer Service. Be it online or in person, I ALWAYS have great experiences with them. And check your local one next week. They are having a Mascara Mania sale. Buy 2 mascara, get 1 free...any brand. Loves it!