Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday, Sales, Coupon Codes

Black Friday is almost among us! The sales are pouring in. My inbox is full of advertisements on sales that are taking place this November 27. What is it about these sales that make people temporary lose there minds! :P

I myself have never truly taken place in the standing in line at 3am festivities but I do go shopping every year on that day. We usually go after the madness has died down, around 10 or 11am.

Last year we drove by Target and Best Buy on the night of Thanksgiving at around 10pm and there were already loads of people in line. There were tents set up, chairs, blankets, kids playing football in the road. It was crazy!

I can't believe people will wait all night for a TV! Then again who am I to judge! If I was told MAC or Sephora is selling $500 worth of makeup for only $200, you know I would be out there! HAHA!

I do think some of the deals are great but I wouldn't wait in line all night. I wouldn't want to deal with all the pushing and shoving and rudeness that comes out of people on that day.

Many stores this year are doing Black Friday online! I think this is great because you can save money and get some great deals without all the madness that is Black Friday.

Here are some sales and coupons

40% off with code Bonanza at checkout!

Get SIX FREE nail polishes with any purchase of $20 or more use code GREENFRIDAY at checkout.

At Bath and Body works online and in store
VIP Bag includes 10 products, only $15 with any $40 purchase.

At Victoria Secret in stores and online
Free Runway bag with any $60 purchase, includes 3 Beauty Items!

20% off now through the 30th! Code ~ HOLIDAYJOY2


20% off, use code FAMILY at checkout. Now through the 30th.

Also I called my Sephora and asked if they were going to be having any sales or deals on that day and she said she couldn't say but possibly through out the day they would! So I'll be hitting Sephora up that day to see what's going on! Call and check with your local Sephora and see if they'll be more descriptive as to what the deals/sales are going to be. Or if you know anything already about what Sephora might be doing on Black Friday let me know!

Will you be doing any shopping on Black Friday??? If you are, have fun and wear comfy shoes! :D

That photo of the line is for the Sephora Grand Opening in my city! Yes I am in the line! Yes I will wait in line for makeup like I said! It was only an hour wait! Haha! Plus I got a FREE $75 gift card that day! :D lol

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Anonymous said...

I was so excited to get Young Punk, now I have it, yay! it me or is this one glitterier than the other MES?
I wish Sephora would come down south, that would be amazing. Amazing. Absolutely! LOL What are you planning on getting with the gift card?

Beautygirl24 said...

I am so pathetic, I couldn't even wait til friday! I went shopping today! I am really tempted to go on Friday, but I hate dealing with I probably won't do any shopping that day. Maybe online though!

Cristina. said...

i wanna be one of those phycho lames in line for black friday but i freaking work that day so ima have to deal with all the xrazy people :( ugh FML lol

Christina said...

Hey, Happy thanks giving over there (we don't have it here).
I'd love to have sales before christmas, but we have to wait until after. There are sales around here now, but they're not very good ones.
I've never waited outside a shop on a sale morning, I'm too lazy hehe.
I've worked in shops when there are sales, and it was way too crazy for me.
I hope you get some bargains :) x

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this post! I can't wait for black friday- especially Zoya! Those green colors are GORGEOUS!

Maui (Suushh) said...

I want to go crazy on black friday but im on the other side of the world, too bad and jealouuus!! haha

Unknown said...

Just another comment-, which sells NYX and other brands like that, is also having a 20& off sale! Go check it out!