Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flirt! Holiday 09 eyeshadow set.

I went to Kohl's this last weekend and ventured down to the beauty section of course. As I was looking around I saw this table they had set up with gift sets for the holidays. I went over and saw this big Flirt! eyeshadow palette/box with 40 eyeshadows in it! The price was marked $29.99 but it was on sale for $26.99. Plus I had a 20% off coupon. I new right away I had to have this!

I have never tried these eyeshadows before but I thought they looked nice and the price was great for that many shadows. I believe they did a set like this last year as well.


This is some random swatches from the palette. It has still been really cloudy so I haven't been able to take any decent quality natural light pictures. Also ever since the time change and the sun setting at 4ish and it getting dark at 5pm doesn't really leave me much time to try and get natural light photos. :-/

The packaging is cute. I love the pink bow. The inside where the shadows sit in is like a plastic carton type of thing. The shadows are the same size as MAC shadows so they can be depotted and put into palettes.

The quality is nice for the price. They are nicely pigmented some more so than others but they are all very nice. They blend easily and last all day. I used it today. I put my makeup on at 7am this morning and it's now 5:05pm and it hasn't faded.

This would make a really great gift for a makeup junkie, or someone just getting into makeup like a teenager. This gives someone the opportunity to experiment with lots of different colors.

Most of these are a satin finish. There are a few frost shades and a few matte shades.

Overall I'm really pleased with this set. Check it out at a Kohl's near you or at Kohl'

I love all the makeup sets that come out at this time of the year because it's a great time to score some really great deals! Have any of you found any great makeup deals? Let me know! I'll have some more reviews of different sets coming up soon! :-)

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Viva La Fashion said...

oh, i can just imagine how much fun i could have with that thing. :) i'm jealous. :) and the colors look really vibrant.

Beautygirl24 said...

The pigmentation looks really nice. I was actually just in Kohl's today too! But I didn't really look in the makeup section. But I did go to target like I told you I was going to and I bought the elf encylopedia palette! Plus two others as gifts. I cannot wait to use it

Witoxicity said...

This palette would indeed make a great gift! I love how it's got a wide range of colours, all of which are usable. Great find! Have loads of fun with it! :)

lorien kate said...

I love FLIRT! products!!! The palette looks really amazing!! FIngers crossed the palette comes to Australia!!!

Rai said...

Yea, this came out last year because I remember everyone raving about it. lol

Jannie said...

wow. that's a lot of pretty colors for such a generous price. :) among your swatches, i love the silver, teal, and bronze colors. :)

pretty nail polish color in the third pic, btw. :)

the ipod with a camera would've been nice. maybe someday. hehehe... i wanted to get the pink one like yours, but all they had was the 8 GB one.

take care and thanks for flirt shadows post. :)

Sara (The Makeup said...

Thanks for the review and swatches! This looks really great