Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries

I was recently contacted to test out Bare Skin, the new scent by Leslie Blodgett.
My first initial thought on this was that it was really strong. I could smell it when I opened the envelope. Although I don't mind strong scents because I know it will last all day. Also I thought it smelled a little old lady-ish but I decided to hold my judgment until I could actually wear it.

So I sprayed some on and went about my day. It was strong in the beginning and I didn't like it so much at first, but once it settled it wasn't so strong.

This did last all day. I had it on since about 8am and could still smell it at the end of the day.

This is a really warm, spicy, musky scent. I think it's a really nice Fall scent. If you like these kind of fragrances you might want to check this out.

If you are not one for strong or spicy/musky scents this might not be for you. I tend to like more floral/fruity scents myself so I don't love this scent but I was glad I was able to test it out.

Hopefully we'll see some more fragrances to come from Leslie Blodgett because I do love her! Do you all watch her on QVC? I love watching her there. She is so funny and seems so REAL and sweet! :-)

A 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray is $55.

This can be found at Sephora and

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Beautygirl24 said...

I am right there with you on the fruity/flirty scents girl! But yes, I do love watching some of the makeup artists on QVC and Leslie seems very sweet. I have a ton of Bare Escentuals loose e/s and I still love them!