Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clairol Pro Jazzing Hair Color Review ~ Giveaway

I used to color my hair ALL the time in high school. I ended up damaging it pretty bad. My hair had become really dry and always seemed to have split ends. I finally got sick of it so I decided I would quit coloring my hair. It took a couple years for all the color treated hair to be all chopped off, (I have always had long hair) because I wasn't about to cut my hair extremely short just to get rid of all the dryness.

Well my hair became really healthy again which I loved but still always longed for pretty highlighted hair.

I was recently contacted to try out a temporary/semi-permanent hair color. I thought this would be perfect for me so I decided to give it a try.

The hair color I sampled is Clairol Professional Jazzing hair color.

From Clairol:
* Contains No ammonia and No peroxide
* Use immediately after relaxer service
* Enhance, refresh, brighten, shine and condition
* For natural, colored, permed, relaxed hair
* Pre-lighten hair first for vivid shade
* Comes in 18 shades!

I went to Sally Beauty Supply and bought some foils because I was going to apply it as highlights. I didn't want it bright so I did not bleach my hair before.

There is no mixing of anything required for this hair color. You just put it on and go! I really like that.

A couple cons with this hair color are that it doesn't come with a conditioner or gloves. I have conditioner on hand because I always condition my hair and I had a box of gloves from when I went to Beauty School. So it wasn't necessarily a con for me but I could see how it would be for someone else so just make sure you have some gloves and a good conditioner.

It says if you want temporary color to leave it in for 5-10 minutes and for semi-permanent apply heat and leave in for 30 minutes. If applied without heat it should last 1-2 shampoos and applied with heat it should last 4-8 shampoos.

I used the color Black Cherry.

(Photo above is not my hair, just a color swatch of the color I used)
I had some time last week on Friday morning and colored it. I left it in for about 20 minutes and applied some heat.

After applying it and letting it sit, I rinsed and conditioned it. I then let my hair air dry and flat ironed it to get a look at the color. My hair naturally is dark brown so it's hard to see the color indoors. In the sunlight you can see a little dimension in my hair, which is nice because I wanted it to look subtle and natural and it does.

I have washed it 3 times since Friday and it's faded quite a bit which I don't mind because I can change it up again if I wanted to. The color in my hair looked more like an auburn brown/red, then what the swatch looks like. Since applying it my hair never felt dry. It looked really shiny, afterward. I actually ended up really liking this. I plan on trying one of the other colors. I really like the idea of it lasting a few shampoos then you can try another color!

I don't plan on coloring my hair all the time now but I'm glad I have found something that I can use for fun, then it will be gone after a few washes. I really never liked dealing with the up-keep of having highlights and having to re-do roots every few weeks so this hair color is great for that.
I tried to take some pictures but I wasn't able to get any good shots to see the color because it's been nothing but clouds for weeks now!

You can find Jazzing Hair Color at Sally Beauty Supply. It runs around $6 or $7 per bottle. If you have a Sally's card then you get a discount on it. Right now online it is on sale for $5!

Also check out there Facebook Fan Page where you can enter there Fierce Fridays Sweepstakes to win prizes! You can also follow on twitter @FierceFridays.

So on to the best part of this post if you would like to try this hair color out you can enter here! I have 2 colors to give away. I have a Black Cherry and a Spiced Cognac.

Swatch of Spiced Cognac

What do you have to do to enter you ask? Well just leave me a comment telling me which color you would like to try, the Black Cherry or Spiced Cognac. Two winners will randomly be chosen out of a can by my baby, one winner for each color. It's that easy! If you would like an extra entry you can blog and link my giveaway.

Of course hair color is a very personal choice but if you think you would like to try one of the shades I have available, go ahead and enter! :-)

Giveaway will end February 3! Last day to enter is February 2!

I Forgot to add the giveaway is open to ALL followers, US and International! I would never leave my International followers out as long as I'm shipping the product! :-)

Have you ever used Jazzing or any temporary hair colors? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer ~ This review contains a sample that was sent by a PR Company. They are not paying me for this review.



Anonymous said...

Ive never tried the Jazzing hair color but Ive used the Granier hair color.. I think thats temporary. I dont know. lol.

I would like to try Spiced Cognac.

Thanks for the contest!

Beautygirl24 said...

This product sounds really good! I'll have to tell my friend about it because she loves coloring her own hair at home. I wish I were brave enough to do mine myself! I just don't trust myself yet ;)

I V Y said...

nice blog!

Gayle said...

It's too late for me to enter the contest, but I wanted to comment anyway. Years ago at the high-end salon I traveled 3 hrs 1-way to for cut & colors used Jazzing in Clear. Their service was a "Gloss" and charged $35 to apply this very product. I used this at home a lot & LOVE LOVE LOVE the clear for gloss & shine, though it does fade quick.

I tried a colored version once on my faded blonde, and didn't like it. I just didn't like the color I chose...product itself was good.