Friday, January 22, 2010

Rethink What Matters

Bare Escentuals is launching a new campaign called Rethink What Matters.

They are encouraging you to rethink makeup and what it means. It's about enhancing your beauty and not covering imperfections. Every week they will pose a new topic with five questions. This week the topic is Rethink Going Bare in Public. You will also have the chance to win prizes every week for taking part in answering the questions!

They will be taking the campaign to the streets in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago and giving women make-unders and samples. You can visit to find out further information on dates and times.

So this leaves me with a question for you all, do you or would you go out in public completely bare with no makeup on at all?

Well I want to say I don't think I could but I have. I was sick last year and in the hospital. The whole time there I kept thinking in my head omg I don't have any makeup on how embarrassing but when I think back on it now that was really silly because who cares, I was sick! I used to only wear powder and lipstick but over the last 6 years that has grown to a full face of makeup. I guess we just have to remember that we are wearing makeup for ourselves and no one else.

Let me know your answers in the comments. Be sure to check out and enter the contests while you are there. I might have something for you to win as well in a few weeks! ;-)

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Fiona M said...

Despite the fact that I'm a beauty blogger, I regularly go out without make up on, or just mascara and lip balm. I love putting on a full face too, but I've always been very careful not to fall into the habit of "needing" it...

Unknown said...

Oh my, I wouldn't go without any makeup in public... to many blemishes!! I sometimes go only with concealer on my spots and scars, but at least I must wear concealer!!
Thanks so much for posting about Bare Escentuals new campaign!