Thursday, January 7, 2010

Smashbox Rewards Program has a Free Rewards Program!

For every dollar you spend you'll receive 5 Pretty Points that will be added to your account. At every 500 points you’ll receive a $10 Rewards Certificate!

It also says you get a bonus deluxe sample with all your orders you place at plus an extra gift set during your birthday month!

Also every Tuesday and Thursday you get the Lets Do Lunch Free Gift on orders placed between 9am and 2pm pacific time.

Free Shipping on every order as well!

I don't know how Smashbox gives free shipping PLUS all these free gifts but it's awesome! Some places don't even give free shipping so this is great!

I just found out about this so I thought I would share this info in case you hadn't heard about it.

If you want to sign up go here

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Amanda Allison said...

I had no idea about this! I think I'm going to sign up. :D Thanks.

Cristina. said...

yay i love reward programs! but thats so confusing why cant they make $1 a point and just lower the 500 thing haha

Jannie said...

wow. that's a nice reward program smashbox is offering. lots of great perks too like gift sets and the points are generous. :)

haha... as far as the better spending habits resolution goes, i'm trying too. it's going to be a challenge, but it's worth it. :D