Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nails Of The Week X2

I've been lagging in my nails of the week posts. I never posted last weeks and I'm barely posting this weeks!

So I guess we'll start with last weeks. I wore two OPI colors, That's Berry Daring and And This Little Piggy layered on top.

And This Little Piggy is a very clear shade. It's really pretty but extremely sheer. It's basically a shimmery top coat. That's Berry Daring is an opaque bright pink creme that is beautiful.

The application and consistency of these were great.

I didn't get any photos on the first day. I took these on the 7th day I had this on. As you can see there is a chip and some wear at the tips. It chipped about five days into me wearing it. Not too bad for a full 7 days of wear.

This week I'm wearing Orly Calypso Breeze and OPI Absolutely Alice on top.

I only wore Calypso Blue so I could make Absolutely Alice really pop! I think the colors worked out great together!

Absolutely Alice is from the OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection. It is such a beautiful color! It is a clear base with blue and yellow/gold GLITTER!

You can see the yellow glitter in these shots! :-)

I did these nails on Sunday so we are now on day three of wearing them and I already have a chip and some wear at the tips.

Orly Calypso Breeze was pretty thick so maybe that's why I'm having some chipping already.

I still love the color combo though!

I am going to try and post my nails of the week on time again!

So do you like any of these shades? Have you tried any of the OPI Alice In Wonderland shades? Let me know in the comments. :-)

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Disclaimer ~ All products purchased by me. This is my honest and personal opinion.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smashbox Teal Jet Set Review

Last week I placed an order with I got the Jet Set eyeliner in Teal, a New color.

I was really looking forward to getting it. I placed the order on Thursday and it came Saturday.

When I opened it my first thought was to make sure they sent the right color. I did check, it was the right color, but where was the beautiful color I saw online?

This just looked blue to me. Still pretty but not the color I was expecting.

Online at it looks like it has more green in it.

I decided to google the color Teal. I found out that Teal is suppose to have more blue in it than green. I always thought it was the other way around.

Still I was expecting it to look as it does online with a bit more green to it.

I am going to keep it anyways because it is a pretty color either way.

The consistency of this is really dry. I have the purple Jet Set and that one is really dry too. I always thought that I had just gotten a bad one, but this Teal color is the same. It is dry and almost hard to work with. I got some on my MAC 266 brush and was applying to my upper lash line and mid way through the product on the brush was completely dry.

So it's dry to begin with and even dryer when u start working with it. I was not too happy about that.

Smashbox claims This innovative gel-based waterproof liner stays blendable for 60 seconds then dries to a smudge-proof, budge-proof finish that lasts all day.

I wore it yesterday and I had no problems with it smudging or fading all day. So even though the consistency is iffy it does last all day.

Since it was my Birthday and I'm signed up for their rewards program I got this free gift in the tin.

The Free Birthday Gift included:
Bionic Mascara
Pout Lipgloss
And a Shadow and liner trio

The other two samples they offer with every order. I chose a tinted moisturizer and like I mentioned since I'm signed up for their rewards program I got an extra sample which was the Lash DNA Mascara.

I have been wanting to try both of these mascaras so this is great! I might do reviews on them soon. What do you think, should I review them?

If you haven't signed up for their rewards program you should! You can do so by clicking here

Overall the eyeliner is ok. I think the consistency needs some improvement. There are gel liners that are just as long lasting but are still creamy and smooth. If you read my blog you know Stila Smudge Pots are my FAVORITE gel liners but they don't have a teal Smudge Pot, therefore I ordered the Jet Set.

Stila can you Pretty Please make a teal Smudge Pot. :D

If I was going to rate this on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would give it a 7.

I'll keep this one and make it work.

Have you tried Jet Set? Do you like it? Was it as drying for you as it was for me? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer ~ Jet Set purchased by me. Free Gift and Samples were only given because of Smashbox Rewards Program that ANYONE can sign up for and receive as well. This review is my honest and personal opinion.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Update, Birthday, Wii Just Dance, Giveaway Update!

It's been awhile since my last post. Last week was my birthday so I was busy most of the week. :D

I didn't really get any makeup like I had planned. I got clothes mostly. My husband bought me Just Dance for my Wii! I LOVE this game! If you have a Wii you must buy this game! It's so fun! Me, my hubby, and my baby all play together. We must look so funny, but we have so much fun! Do you have any game recs. for the Wii?

So I wanted to update you all on the giveaway. Well when I first decided to have this giveaway and was thinking of how to do it I had decided to make it just for my readers obviously and just comments.

Then me and my husband were talking about it and he said to give an extra entry for re-posting or tweeting like other bloggers do, so that's what I did.

I later felt kinda iffy about it because I don't want people to follow me just for free stuff.

Even then though I didn't think anyone would re-post or tweet but TONS of you did and it spread like a wild fire! Lol! Now here I am with over 500 followers! It's a bit overwhelming and scary maybe! Ha!

But my point is that I hope you followed because you checked out my blog and genuinely enjoy it. :-)

Another thing is the rules. Like I said this is for my readers only, being my followers only. I have gotten many comments from people who are not followers. I'm sorry but rules are rules and it's not fair to those who do read and follow.

Also following anonymously or just following me on Twitter doesn't count either. If your following anonymously then I don't see you. If your following on Twitter only I'm sorry but the giveaway is for my blog not Twitter. Maybe I'll do a Twitter giveaway at some point but not right now.

So anyways I just wanted to put all that out there.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway!

I really need to catch up on all of your blogs! I'm about to go do that now!

I have a review of Smashbox Jet Set liner in Teal coming up!

I hope you are all having a fantastic day!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cleaning your makeup brushes with a Vacuum?!?! Another bad idea!

OK so I have to post this. I was browsing, on their page where they list makeup brushes I read this
Quick Tip: Cleaning Brushes
Use the vacuum, yes the vacuum to clean your brushes! Hold them tight (so you don't vacuum them up!) and close to the open end of the vacuum hose, then let it clean and fluff your brushes! Works great!

Here's the link

Now I do love e.l.f., they are a great company, have some great products, with great customer service. I'm not trying to bash them in any way but REALLY? A Vacuum?

I don't know why someone would do this. I personally would not. I don't know about you all but my vacuum is gross. I have pets, a son, and I have a lot of really thick hair so I lose hairs from my head all the time, that get vacuumed up!

Vacuums pick up all the dust, trash, and just gross stuff off your floor so why would someone put their makeup brush to a vacuum and then their face.

Seems like a disaster in all areas. Your brush might get sucked up, or dirty, and if you were to touch your brush to your face you might break out from a dirty brush.

I don't know. Maybe this works for someone. Maybe I'm the only one with a gross vacuum and everyone has a vacuum that is sanitary. :-/

And I know they say to use a hose but still I use that to get in corners, and the couch.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this is crazy.

E.L.F. I do love you but not your quick tip! :D I hope they change this quick tip! Like where they recommend using a daily brush cleaner and a tissue to quickly clean your brush! They can even recommend to use THEIR daily brush cleaner. But please no vacuums! :D

I'm sure some of you read one of my last posts about Glamour mag. recommending you wash your makeup brushes in the dishwasher, so what's with all these crazy tips?

Are we all that lazy about washing our brushes? I don't like to do it either, especially when you have a lot of brushes. It can become tiring. But lets not try to get around it by using these strange methods. :-)

Tell me what do you think? Have you done this? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments.

If you would like to see how I do my quick cleaning, and a deep cleaning for my brushes click here

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Edited to add ~ has now changed their Quick Tip to:
Clean it!
Keep brushes clean and bacteria free by washing at least once every week. Snip away at frayed ends to give that flawless application. Wash with your favorite face wash or makeup remover for best results.

I'm glad they changed it! I'm not sure about snipping off ends...but it's better than before! I wonder why they changed it? Was the person in charge of the website pulling a fast one??? :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Organizer ~ Michael's

A week ago I went to Michael's because we had to get some stuff for my son, for a project.

While I was there browsing around I saw this organizer and thought it would be great for my makeup, brushes, and such.

I took a closer look and when I picked it up I KNEW it had to be mine! But it was $50. I might spend a lot of money on makeup, bags, and clothes without even thinking twice about it but when it comes to other things not so much, lol! I didn't get it though.

Later that night I went to Michael' and apparently they don't have an online store but I read that if you signed up for an emailing list you will receive a coupon that you can print and use in store for 40% off one regular priced item!

I printed it and went and bought it the very next day since it was such a good deal! Grand total $32.50.

I thought this would be a better way for me to organize the stuff on my desk and try to keep it clean!

I try to keep my desk clean but at the end of the week it looks like this! Not pretty! Before


From the top of the organizer

I have the stuff I use most in it, brushes, hand sanitizer, face stuff, eye liners, and lip pencils.

It even has 3 pull out compartments. I filled two of them. One with Q-tips and cotton pads.

The other with Urban Decay eye pencils and hair clips.

OK so the coolest part about this organizer is that it SPINS! That's why at the beginning I said I had to have it as soon as I touched it. I realized it did that when I picked it up! So I can just spin it to get to what I want, which I think is awesome!

The only con I have but it's not really a big deal for me is that the sections are pretty deep. So deep, that if u have shorter eye or lip pencils you wouldn't be able to see them. Even the brushes sank in. BUT you can fix that, like I did with adding a filler in the compartments so everything is raised up.

Overall I have really been enjoying my new organizer! It has been helping me keep my desk neater. I'm not sure if it's sold at every Michael's but check it out. Don't forget if you would like to save $20, sign up for the email list to get your coupon. You can always opt out of the emails afterward ;-)

So what do u think of the organizer? Have you seen it at your Michael's? Would it be useful for your organization?

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Disclaimer ~ All products purchased with my own money.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nails of the Week! Glitter!

Last week I wore Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Grass Slipper. I had heard that these chipped a lot. I didn't have high expectations from this nail polish but I was very happy with it. I had some fading at the tips at the end of the week along with a chip on my right thumb but it wasn't so bad. I thought it held out great. I even picked up a couple other colors!

I have been wearing nothing but creams for what seems like forever now! I needed some GLITTER in my life! So this week I did just that. I am wearing one coat of Orly Charged Up and two coats of Sephora by OPI in Too Good For him.

Bottle shown ~ Orly Charged up

Bottle shown ~ Sephora by OPI in Too Good For Him

Too Good For Him is such a pretty glitter. It has a clear base with purple, blue, and silver glitters in it. I have had this color for awhile and have used it before and I LOVE it!

I did a coat of Orly Charged Up since the base of Too Good For Him is clear.

I think the two colors worked out great together.

On it's own, Two Good For Him would probably take about 4 coats to get it to look as it does in the bottle.

It would look really great over a blue or black nail polish as well!

So what do you think of this color combo? Do you wear glitter nail polishes?

I personally love glitters but they can be difficult to remove at times but it's worth it!

I just wanted to mention a few things. I said the other day that I was going to update my blog sale and I haven't got around to doing it. I went through my stuff but now I have to take the pictures and upload them. So I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Also I have had some comments on the blog sale and comments in general in the past, but if you don't have a blog set up or you don't leave me your email address I can't reply to you. If your blog is set on private I can't reply to you either. I just wanted to put that out there so you don't think I'm a bitch! Lol! I really love talking with all of you!

So yeah if you don't have a blog and want me to reply to your comment just leave me your email address so I have a way to reply. :D

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Better way to wash your makeup brushes! No dishwasher needed! :-)

I got great comments from everyone on my last post about Glamour Mag. recommending we wash our brushes in the dishwasher. We all agreed that that's a big NO!

I had a reader (lisarene2u) request the proper way to wash makeup brushes.

So to follow up from the last post, here is a better way to wash your brushes. This is just how I do it.

First lets get what we'll need.
This is for a deep cleaning. I'll show how I keep them clean between washes after this.

You'll need a cleanser of some sort, a towel, and your brushes of course.

I use generic baby wash from Target. I have used more expensive ones specifically for brushes but I find this works just as good if not better, plus it's cheaper!

Next you'll run your brush under some warm water, holding the brush downward as to not let any water run back into the brush. If the water drips into the brush it can loosen the brush hairs, causing shedding, or falling apart and we don't want that!

Take a small amount of your cleanser in the palm of your hand and run your brush back and forth.

Once you start to work in the cleanser the makeup will start to run from the brush like so.

Rinse to make sure you have all the makeup and cleanser out.

Squeeze out excess water.

Lay brush on your towel to dry. Viola! Your done! No dishwasher needed! Haha!

In between deep washing I still like to keep my brushes clean. This is how I do it. All you need is a cleanser that can be used daily in a spray bottle, your brushes, and a paper towel.
I use the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner. I like this one because it's anti-bacterial.

Spray some cleaner on the paper towel.

Run your brush across it back and forth and your done!

It's really good to keep your brushes clean because if you don't and you find you have been breaking out it could possibly be because you have been using dirty brushes! Trust me, I know! I used to not keep my brushes as clean as I should have been and I realized it was making me break out because when they were clean my FACE was clean! Haha! I keep my brushes very clean now and I don't break out like I used to!

So I hope that was helpful to you lisarene2u or anyone else! :-)

I have some great posts coming up in the next few weeks on various things, nails of the week, an organizer, skin care, another giveaway too!

I'll be updating my blog sale today as well. If you haven't checked it out click the blog sale tab up top or click the link to the side of the page!

I hope you all are having a great weekend! Today we're working with my son on his Leprechaun trap project for school. Fun stuff! :D

Oh I wanted to Thank my wonderful husband for taking the pictures for me when I was washing my brush, so thanks honey! Even if you didn't want to do it I would have made you! Hahaha! :D

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glamour Mag.~ Makeup Brushes In The Dishwasher???

I got my new issue of Glamour today. I was skimming through it and I read something interesting to say the least.

On page 70 under beauty DOs it says to wash your makeup brushes in the dishwasher.

I personally would never do this! Have you ever heard of anyone doing this?

I know it says a light cycle but still I could just not do this. One reason being fear that it would damage my brushes that I have spent too much money on and another being that I think it's just kinda gross! Lol!

I don't know, I just wouldn't do it.

Tell me have you heard of this? Have you done it? How did it turn out? Would you do it?

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Edited to add
I'm glad to hear everyone agrees with me and thinks this is crazy! Lol! I don't know what Glamour Mag. was thinking! Surely the brushes would get ruined! I just hope no one actually tries this since they recommended it!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nails Of The Week ~ Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ~ Grass Slipper

I'm back with my nails of the week! Last week I wore OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender from there Hong Kong collection. It wore well and lasted the week with some fading at the tips at the end of the week but overall I had no chipping.

This week I thought I would change it up with the brand. I got a new nail polish from Sally Hansen so I decided to do my nails with this for the week. I picked up one of the new Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes.

I have used the Diamond Strength and Maximum Growth Sally Hansen nail polishes in the past and wasn't too pleased with them as I had lots of chipping so I was leery of this one but all the colors were so eye catching in the drugstore! Plus I figured since these are new they must have improved the formula, right?!

I decided to go with the color Grass Slipper. It's a bright pretty green. All photos are two coats.

So the formula was a bit thick but not too bad. The application was good. The first coat was almost opaque with a few streaks. A second coat evened it out.

I LOVE the brush on these! The brush is flat and rounded so as you lay it on the nail it curves right to the shape of your nail and one sweep down and the application is basically perfection. I'm sure we all hate when we do our nails and it gets on our skin, then we have to clean it up! Well with this you don't get that because of the shape of the brush! If you do it's REALLY minor! These photos are before any cleanup! :-)

I have received a TON of compliments on this color! I was getting some more moisturizer at Estee Lauder today and a girl next to me at the counter told me she loved my nails. I thought that was really nice of her. Then she tells me she's a manicurist! That compliment suddenly meant so much more! Not that it didn't mean anything before but it was just cool to me because I just polish them at home and I don't think they are nice even though I try! Haha! So it meant a lot! :-)

Overall I really love the color and application of this nail polish. I might get a few more. I'll report back on the wear next week.

You can find the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure at your nearest drugstore, Ulta, or Target.

Price ~ Around $8 but you can usually always find a BOGO sale.

Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer ~ This nail polish was purchased by me! I am not being compensated in any way! This is my own and personal opinion.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff, Lilac and Lilies Boutique

About a week and a half ago I was browsing online looking at handbags and wallets because that is my second love after makeup! :D

I came across this Sugar Daddy pouch by Rebecca Minkoff and thought it was so cute and funny and I had to have it!

Every website that had it was sold out! When I want something and it's sold out I want it even more, lol! Are any of you like that? Tell me I'm not alone, haha.

So I began searching for this specific pouch! I finally found one on a website but the site seemed kinda shady AND on top of that they wanted to charge me $20 for shipping! I thought that was crazy especially for how small this thing is!

I kept searching and finally found a website that sold it and had it in-stock. I found it on ~

Lilac and Lilies is an upscale boutique in Florida and they have an online store as well.

I placed my order and called them a few days later to ask if they had a tracking #. When I called the girl I spoke to (Kelly) was super sweet. We chatted a bit and she gave me the tracking #.

My pouch came this week and I love it! Like I said earlier it's made by Rebecca Minkoff. It is so nice and extremely well made! It's made of leather and it's so soft. The zipper hardware is also really nice and has a good weight to it.

It has a black and white striped lining and a attached key ring. I put my mail key on it.

I'll use this to keep my change in and when I don't want to carry my purse so I can just throw my card and ID in it and go.

So in my search to find this Sugar Daddy pouch I found that Rebecca Minkoff makes more of these with other words and/or phrases on them. Some of them include: Mine, Can't Buy Me Love, Trustfund, Allowance, and Benjamins. She also made one that said Boob Job Fund, which I think is hilarious! Love it!

They also come in several different colors like black, pink, teal, and purple.

I really love the quality of this pouch and I am now interested in one of Rebeccas bags. I might check them out while I'm in L.A. for IMATS in a few months.

You can order Sugar Daddy, Mine, Trustfund, and Benjamins from Lilac and Lilies by calling (954) 530-3109. You can order the Sugar Daddy pouch directly from there website. They do ship International.

You can also check
They currently only have Can't Buy Me Love in-stock.

They are $50.

Overall I think this little pouch (coin purse) is great! The quality is fantastic and I love the humor in it! :D

Do any of you have a Rebecca Minkoff handbag? I would love to hear what you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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