Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Better way to wash your makeup brushes! No dishwasher needed! :-)

I got great comments from everyone on my last post about Glamour Mag. recommending we wash our brushes in the dishwasher. We all agreed that that's a big NO!

I had a reader (lisarene2u) request the proper way to wash makeup brushes.

So to follow up from the last post, here is a better way to wash your brushes. This is just how I do it.

First lets get what we'll need.
This is for a deep cleaning. I'll show how I keep them clean between washes after this.

You'll need a cleanser of some sort, a towel, and your brushes of course.

I use generic baby wash from Target. I have used more expensive ones specifically for brushes but I find this works just as good if not better, plus it's cheaper!

Next you'll run your brush under some warm water, holding the brush downward as to not let any water run back into the brush. If the water drips into the brush it can loosen the brush hairs, causing shedding, or falling apart and we don't want that!

Take a small amount of your cleanser in the palm of your hand and run your brush back and forth.

Once you start to work in the cleanser the makeup will start to run from the brush like so.

Rinse to make sure you have all the makeup and cleanser out.

Squeeze out excess water.

Lay brush on your towel to dry. Viola! Your done! No dishwasher needed! Haha!

In between deep washing I still like to keep my brushes clean. This is how I do it. All you need is a cleanser that can be used daily in a spray bottle, your brushes, and a paper towel.
I use the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner. I like this one because it's anti-bacterial.

Spray some cleaner on the paper towel.

Run your brush across it back and forth and your done!

It's really good to keep your brushes clean because if you don't and you find you have been breaking out it could possibly be because you have been using dirty brushes! Trust me, I know! I used to not keep my brushes as clean as I should have been and I realized it was making me break out because when they were clean my FACE was clean! Haha! I keep my brushes very clean now and I don't break out like I used to!

So I hope that was helpful to you lisarene2u or anyone else! :-)

I have some great posts coming up in the next few weeks on various things, nails of the week, an organizer, skin care, another giveaway too!

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I hope you all are having a great weekend! Today we're working with my son on his Leprechaun trap project for school. Fun stuff! :D

Oh I wanted to Thank my wonderful husband for taking the pictures for me when I was washing my brush, so thanks honey! Even if you didn't want to do it I would have made you! Hahaha! :D

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giang said...

loveee this! and love baby shampoo :)

paige said...

great post! ive heard so many different opinions of brush cleaning but this sounds great. ill definitely be doing this very soon. thank you! xox

Mz. More said...

Great Post!

Amanda Allison said...

I'm running low on my Clinique brush cleaner so I'm going to try out Sephora's now that you've recommended it. I like that is has a spray tip just like Clinique's. Those are so much easier to use!

Bintan Sholihat said...

thanks for the tips.. finally.. no dishwasher.. lol!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Thanks for sharing this1 I was looking for a quick way and effective way to wash my brushes, and your way looks great, I'll definitely try it next time (=

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

haha :) yeah the dishwasher was a sketchy idea from the beginning lol

emmakarolina said...

What a great post! Your technique is super easy but, very effective.

Immediately after having read the post I went and got some of my son's baby shampoo and deep cleaned my brushes.

Have a wonderful day!

Patricia B said...

love this =D so helpful!

cant wait for your next giveaway


Lara said...

Thanks!! I just learned that I wasn't using the daily brush cleanser right. Oops!

BTW, the sales attendant at my Sephora recommended the MUFE cleanser instead of their own brand. He said it's better and, here in Spain, the Sephora is 6,75€ for 60 ml. and the MUFE 11,30€ for 150 ml. (I think). So it's less that double the prize for more than double the size!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, lisarene here. Thank you so much for the good info. I was so happy to see that someone actually read my post and then answered with a post, very cool. I will be starting my blog next friday, still tweaking it. Would like to list you on my roll if that's ok.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip!!! I wouldn't have even thought to just get Target brand baby shampoo. Duh! I'm such a slacker on cleaning my brushes!!

Unknown said...

lovely blog. I'll try this though I sometimes am too lazy to wash my brushes x)

Risya! said...

ohh thanks for the tips!
I only spot clean my make up brushes because I was afraid that the brush hair would fall of if I deep clean them.
I guess I should try your tips now & it should be fine~~

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the tips.
I clean my brushes everyday with the ELF cleanser and once a week with baby shampoo.