Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! Enter My Giveaway! Benefit, E.L.F., & Sally Hansen!


Last week I hit 200+ followers! So to celebrate I am having a giveaway and I have a really great prize package, at least I think so! :D

The winner of my giveaway will win a Brand New Benefit Legally Bronze kit!

This set contains:
~ Hoola
~ High Beam
~ Gilded
~ BADgal Brown Mascara

ALL products are FULL SIZE!

This Limited Edition set came out at Sephora a month or so ago and has been sold out! I was lucky enough to snatch up a couple when they came back in-stock, one for myself and one to giveaway!

I love mine and I'm sure you'll love yours too! I hope so at least. :D

You will also win a BRAND NEW E.L.F. The Beauty Encyclopedia palette for eyes. Photo shown is mine. I have a extra one, brand new and sealed that you will receive. :-)

And lastly you will also win a Brand New Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in your choice of color.
Choose from White, Black, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, Red, Silver, or Gold
I'm wearing Hot Pink in the photo. You can find my review on these here

So what do you have to do to win, you'll have a few ways to enter!

You must be a follower, I will check.

If you are under 18 get your parents permission because I will need your address to ship your prize to you!

For One entry ~ Leave me a comment on this post telling me to enter you.

INCREASE your chances of WINNING

For a second entry Blog about my giveaway with a link back to this post or add it to the side of your blog page with a link back and you will get another entry! If you blog or add the giveaway to your page make sure and let me know in the comments so I can give you the extra entry. :-)

Want a thrid entry? Follow me on Twitter and re-tweet my tweet to the giveaway.

Winners will be chosen the old school way and names will be pulled from a jar! My baby will do the honors! :-)

So however many times you enter that's how many times your name will go in the jar!

This giveaway will run until the end of the month! It will end March 30 at 11:59 pm.

So I hope you all enter and are excited as I am! Lol!

Thanks for supporting my blog!

Thanks for following, reading, and commenting!
Follow me on Twitter @LipGLossGossip

Disclaimer All products purchased with my money! I am not being compensated in any way!

Forgot to mention this giveaway is open worldwide!


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Nuria said...

Great giveaway!!
Enter me please!

I'm a spanish follower

Ana said...

enter me!!!!


Unknown said...

Wow, this is such a generous giveaway! Please enter me :) i'm a new follower and my email is:
I linked to your giveaway here:
thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Enter me please! I follow you on twitter and I tweeted it! (:


Love your blog! (:
Try to stop by mine, please(:

Ida said...

Enter me please. :)

I'm a new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

emmakarolina said...

Enter me! Cool prizes :-)

priyanka said...


im a recent follower.. but pls enter me for the giveaway..

email id:

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower locate in Austria, Europe +^~^`!

Enter me please!

Anonymous said...

I added your giveaway at the top of my sidebar for another entry:

Anonymous said...

I am now following you on Twitter (robolegojupiter) and tweeted your giveaway:

Eudora said...

Greetings from Malaysia!
Awesome giveaway! :)
I followed your blog,
Blog about your giveaway,
And followed you in Twitter as well!

Patrícia Silva said...

Enter me, please.



Stephanie said...

Enter me, please!

I posted a link to your giveaway on my blog:

Rechie said...

This is an awesome giveaway...
please enter me...i am a new follower

Rechie said...

i blogged about this giveaway. the link to the blog post is here:

I also place a link of your giveaway to my site's sidebar:

Rechie said...

i am following you on twitter

and tweeted about your giveaway

Beka said...

Enter me please! This is a great giveaway!

Unknown said...


I am a follower, please enter me!
I also blog about your giveaway:

have a great day!

galactictides said...

I'd love to be entered, all the products are top notch.
toksweah at gmail dot com

Kim L. said...

I follow and want to be entered! xoxo


Unknown said...

Great giveaway. Enter me please!

Proud marine wife as well :)

Jenny said...

enter me please =)!

Unknown said...

Ohh email:

Unknown said...

enter me please

i'm a follower :) x

Kate Gene said...

Amazing giveaway! Thank you!

Please enter me. :)

Ezzy said...

wow girl ur having one amazing giveaway !!

plz enter me


Ezzy said...

wow ur having one amazing giveaway !!

plz enter me


Alexandra Alfons said...

Adorable giveaway! Enter me please. Hehe :D

twitter: @alxalexa


Marisa said...

New follower here, enter me please :)
I posted about the giveaway here:

C. said...

I'm a new follower!

Enter me please!


SuFerreira said...

Great giveawaw ! enter me pleaaaseee !!

Roxelanne said...

please enter me here is the post

and there is a side bar in my blog

zeynep78 said...

I am follewer
enter me please;

zeynep efe


ece said...

Enter me please!
ece kalaycıoğlu

dilan said...

heyy enter me please=)

Anonymous said...

I am a follower.

Enter me please =)

Emma Jayne said...

Just as a very LONG SHOT! I love your blog, and just stumbled over this, so please enter me if poss! :) also, follow me at

DG said...

enter me please :)


DG said...



DG said...

I follow you on twitter and tweeted


Neşe Kılavuz said...


Neşe kılavuz - Turkey

Minder said...

please enter me:)

NURŞEN said...


buket said...

enter me please i am following you
I retweeted your tweet too

thanks so much

capricorn said...

Hi! Wow, what a great giveaway! Please enter me ;)

my mail

Jenni said...

Hi, enter me please, I'm a follower :)

I followed you on twitter: barbiepinknails

I tweeted:

I can't find your original tweet on your profile page but I tweeted it anyway :) so there you go my link.

I blogged about your giveaway here:

tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dott) com

Anna R said...


I am a follower :D.
reciclandovamos (at) gmail (dot) com

Ozlem Karakus ♥ said...

hi :)

I'm follower! Enter me please!


Unknown said...

Please enter me. I also retweeted your tweet

Anonymous said...

Enter me please...

404. follewer:))))

mihrace said...

hi! great prizes :D

enter me pleaseee:)

Kimber said...

i am a follower! enter me please:)

Anonymous said...

I loves me some free stuff. Will blog you on

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Enter me please, I'm a follower :-)

My post:

Miss Soler said...

Please enter me!

Great giveaway!!
Enter me please!

I'm a spanish follower

I also posted this on my sidebar on my blog

Lotus said...

Please enter me! :)

Sónia said...

Enter me please!

moonRabbit said...

Please enter me! My email is moonyyw at hotmail dot com.

Ashley said...

Enter me, please!
I've never owned anything Benefit but I love ELF :D

Val said...

Enter Me! (xNrsxVx)

Sam said...

Enter me please :)

Isela said...

This is a great giveaway.
Enter me.

Grace Wong said...

enter me please, I'm a follower!




Anonymous said...

I follow you on twitter, my twitter name is purplecrownprin

Anonymous said...

I blogged about your giveaway in my sidear here,

Anonymous said...

Enter Me Please!

Unknown said...




Unknown said...

enter me please :)!

such a great giveaway.


Laura said...

AMAZING giveaway love

Enter me please


miriam said...

enter me please ^_^

I show your giveaway in my blog:

Penny Lane said...

Enter me please? :)

Make up Nyna said...

It's very great giveaway! Please enter me!

I've showed your giveaway in my blog:

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Please enter me! I'm a follower.

I blogged about this giveaway:

makeupinrose@ yahoo . es

Thanks :)

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I've got my fingers crossed!!


I'm following you:

I mentioned your giveaway here:

Hidefae said...

Enter me, please! I´m from Spain. My e-mail: hidefae(at)hotmail(dot)com
I have to say that this is one of the best giveaways that I´ve seen! Wow! Thanks!

Anahita said...

great giveaway enter me please :)
i m following you on twitter as well username:diya7687
email add:

Sweet_ApplePie said...

Hi!! I´m a new follower :D I post your giveway:

San said...

please enter me!! thanks for the chance!!

i'm a follower!!

♥ Rose ♥ said...

awesome!!! enter me please! I'm already a follower and I've posted about it on my blog's sidebar!! (
thanks!! ^^

veronica said...

Enter me please!
I'm a new follower

I blogged about your Giveaway:

Marian said...

congrats ;)

enter me plz!

MOLI said...

Enter me please! I´m follower.
I added your giveaway link to the sidebar on my blog!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Wow!! Amazing prices!! Enter me please!

I've published your giveaway in the side of my blog:

Also I retwitted your giveaway:

And that's all!! Thank you very much for this oportunity!!


SWEETPittussia said...

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I´m spanish follover, my blog is:
A kiss and thank very so much.

Maatkare* said...

¡¡Enter me please!!
You're in my blog!


I'm too a spanish follower (L)

Lary said...

Great prizes¡¡ Please enter me¡¡

vyrgi said...

i love the prices!!!

please please enter me xDD
i´m a new follower

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Unknown said...

Wow! it´s amazing!!
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Unknown said...

Hi, plz enter me

Mrs. Ditty said...

please enter me, I'm already following your blog


fundagg said...

I fell in love with your gifts. ı want them very much. ı hope ı will win. ı'm your follower. xoxo

fundagg said...

and enter me please:)

Inspiration, Love, Life said...

enter me

Aoife said...

wowza! Sounds fab!

enter me!!

:) x

Unknown said...

enter me plz :)

Nós said...

I blogged about your giveaway and
You are on my blogroll.


Nós said...

I'm a new follower. = )
Please enter me.


reeskie ♥ said...

Enter me please, I added your giveaway to my side bar :)

ghgf said...

enter me please (:

Resham said...

Congratulations girl..I have this kit. Its beautiful...I am sure the winner would rejoice...:)

San said...

enter me please!!!!

thanks!!! (^_^)

Unknown said...

wow, I've just discovered your blog and already following you!!

great prizes, I want to enter too!

I have also published your giveaway in my blog:


Ashura said...

I follow you via google. Please enter me!


Jessica said...

I follow through twitter and tweeted
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway! I love Benefit cosmetics! I follow through google friend connect. Please enter me!
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Roci Marso said...

enter me!!! thanks

monique_morenita said...

hello, I'd love to join your drawing! And as I announced on my blog, would retain a double. Thanks, good luck and congratulations on many visits.


Anna R said...

enter me please!!
this giveaway is awesome!

nathy said...

Enter me please.
I am a follower.



xtracutekitty said...

Enter me!!


Panda ♥ said...

Enter me please :) I am following you!

I linked you on my blog ^^

Jules said...

Enter me please! I follow via Google Friend connect! :D

Sweet Audrey said...

What a great giveaway!!! I'm a new follower from Spain. Enter me, please:



cris said...

Enter me please!!I´m a spanish follower

It`s fantastic!!!

Juicygirl... said...

Enter me :0)

Lady Fashionista said...

Enter me please!!!

I'm a follwer

I have a link of your giveaway on my blog

I follow you on twitter and I have tweeted about your giveaway

mi email:

Thank you

marie Vanille said...

wow!! this is an amazing contest!!!

please enter me!


Huguette En said...

I'm a new follower, thanks for the chance!

nathy said...

I am a follower =)

Enter Me

tweet here:

twitter ID: @nathyta21


Anonymous said...

Enter Me!!


I have posted a link in the giveaways section on my blog

Not sure how to include pictures yet sorry but i am trying :)

Anonymous said...

Enter me :)

Ashley said...

Please enter me!

I posted a blog about it at:

Great blog! :)

Sarbeauty said...

great giveaway

Enter me please :)



Booni said...

Hi!! I didn't know about your blog, and I think it's great! You have now one more follower and I left a gadget with your entry in my blog :)
U can check it in


suzie said...

Enter me please!

I posted the giveaway to my blog:

zsuzsmuzs (at)


Annika said...

Enter me pretty please!!!

Kajal Couture said...

Please enter me!!!

kajalcouture (at)

tiffany said...

ummmm best giveaway ever! i'm a follower, i'm eighteen and i wanna be entered in to win!! ^_^

xo tiffany

Jessica said...

Enter me, please!

Mybeautyarea said...

¡Wooo! Great blog and great giveaway =)

¡Enter me please!

I´m a follower.

I've added your giveaway to the side of my blog page with the link back.

I also follow you on twitter and I´ve re-tweet the giveaway ^^

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Unknown said...

You have a great blog!

Enter me please,i'm a follower!

Huguette En said...
I'm a new follower ~ @henglish

pinkcamellia said...

enter me please...what an awesome prize!

renee said...

Please enter me, i am a follower
reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

renee said...

reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

xxkatiexx4650 said...

Hi! I would love to be entered!
I blogged and retweeted!




Thank you!

Hayley said...

Please enter me! (:

The legally bronze palette looks amazing--I might have to pick one of those up!

Hayley said...

#2 ; I blogged about your super awesome giveaway!

#3 ; Following you on twitter and retweeted the contest info!

My email ;

missjade said...

enter me please!!
I'm adding in my blog (in the right side)


Mariana said...

Enter me please! I retweeted your tweet!

Bibi HI said...

I love Benefit :)
my e-mail is: bibihurt (@)
my blog is:
I´m from Spain.

intaNadia said...

Enter me please (^^,)

posted about your giveaway here

thanks for hosting awesome giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Enter me!

extra entries:

Posted in my sidebar:


I'm an international follower =D

Melissa said...

Enter me please :)

Helennn♥ said...

Please enter me! i have done a post here
and i have put it in my side bar :) x

Anonymous said...

lovely giveaway!enter me please:)

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No sin MyMakeUp said...

I´m Nosinmymakeup.
Mi email is:

I love the products of the draw.
Thanks. :)

Amber said...

Enter me please!!

Ev said...

Awesome giveaway!!
Please enter me.

How cool that you are doing the picking the oldstyle way.


Laura said...

Enter me please sweetie, email is

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too :)

I'm just off to RT your tweet :)


Ana said...


Enter me, please.


Lula said...

enter me!

lunii said...

i'm a follower from Spain. I lovee your blog! this contest is amazing!
my email:

lin said...

I'm now following you! linalia.lee at gmail dot com

paintedladyfingers said...

I am a follower through Google Friend Connect. Please enter me!

I added a giveaway picture plus a link in my blog sidebar.

My e-mail is berkana[at]fastmail[dot]fm

82firemoon said...

I discover your blog for the giveaway, and i love it!!!!

Great gift!!!

Enter me please

Lidia Moda y Maquillaje said...

Me apunto al sorteo!

Black Serenity said...

Enter Me please :)

Thank you

MELA said...

enter me please


Chicle de Fresa said...

I added your giveaway link to the sidebar on my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Enter me, please!
Prizes are awesome ^^

Gabriela said...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

Gabriela said...

Hi! Enter me please. I love the prizes :)


Gabriela said...

I also follow you on Twitter and tweeted:

Jade said...

I'm a new follower, please enter me!

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm impressed!
I am a new follower.
Great giveway!Please enter me!

Venus Loves Virgo said...

great items, thanks!
enter me

come enter my lip contest if you like :)

Sarbeauty said...

Great giveaway!!

enter me please

Have also put a post in my side bar

:) x

Laura said...

Amazing giveaway - enter me please :) xxx

Penny Lane said...

enter me please? :)

throuthehaze said...

enter me please!
I am a follower

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

vyrgi said...

sorry! can you delete my last comment?? i had forgotten that i wrote another comment before!!!

Claire's Blog said...

Enter me please, I'm a follower !

A said...

Please count me in :)

I'm a follower, and I posted your giveaway on my blog:

And I retweeted:

Thank you so much!!! Kisses

Patrícia Xará said...


Enter me!

I have a link to this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog.

I'm a follower on twitter (pnxara) and I've retwitted.

Thank you!

Swag Bag said...

Please enter me! I am a Google friend connect follower. Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

swaggbag at gmail dot com

Swag Bag said...

I'm following on Twitter


Lyudmila said...

I`m new follower

Enter me!


82firemoon said...

Enter me please!!

(I don´t remerber if I had said this before, sorry if i did)

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

Enter me please. Been wanting to try those products out. Thanks

Tweeted here too:

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

following as shiki.
Please do enter me. I have never tried these brands before.


shiki6210 at gmail dot com

Ellie M said...

OMG, this giveaway is amazing!!

-I'm a follower

-I follow you on twitter & I retweeted (@Glamourskittle)

-I linked your Giveaway in my blog sidebar (

Enter me please.

Thank you ♥
Goodluck everyone :)

april brooks said...

I blogged.

april brooks said...

I'm a follower. Please enter me.
Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

april brooks said...

I follow you on twitter. Tweet.

Thanks again for the great giveaway!

makeupmommy07 said...

Enter Me in your giveaway plzzz!!

Alicia said...

ohh andd i followed u on twitter and i tweeted itt((:

Alicia said...

enterr mee((:
thankss so much for having this
i loveee benefitt!

Virginia said...

I new follower!

annarawks said...

enter me please (:
great idea.

Jime Flowers said...

Please enterme sweety, This price is almos as cool as you are!!!

Jime Flowers said...

I forgot, I retweet your giveaway tweet, also posted somethig in my blog, hope u can see it.

makeupmommy07 said...

I tweeted about


olga said...

I am a new follower!
Enter me please!

Thank You!

paqui said...

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maria said...

Great giveaway! Enter me!

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Unknown said...


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marchik4 said...

Amazing giveaway:)
Pleaseeeee,enter me:)


Unknown said...

WOW!!! Fantastic, enter me to your giveaway, please!!!

My name is Laura and my e-mail address is


paquiferflo48 said...

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