Monday, March 15, 2010

Nails of the Week! Glitter!

Last week I wore Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Grass Slipper. I had heard that these chipped a lot. I didn't have high expectations from this nail polish but I was very happy with it. I had some fading at the tips at the end of the week along with a chip on my right thumb but it wasn't so bad. I thought it held out great. I even picked up a couple other colors!

I have been wearing nothing but creams for what seems like forever now! I needed some GLITTER in my life! So this week I did just that. I am wearing one coat of Orly Charged Up and two coats of Sephora by OPI in Too Good For him.

Bottle shown ~ Orly Charged up

Bottle shown ~ Sephora by OPI in Too Good For Him

Too Good For Him is such a pretty glitter. It has a clear base with purple, blue, and silver glitters in it. I have had this color for awhile and have used it before and I LOVE it!

I did a coat of Orly Charged Up since the base of Too Good For Him is clear.

I think the two colors worked out great together.

On it's own, Two Good For Him would probably take about 4 coats to get it to look as it does in the bottle.

It would look really great over a blue or black nail polish as well!

So what do you think of this color combo? Do you wear glitter nail polishes?

I personally love glitters but they can be difficult to remove at times but it's worth it!

I just wanted to mention a few things. I said the other day that I was going to update my blog sale and I haven't got around to doing it. I went through my stuff but now I have to take the pictures and upload them. So I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Also I have had some comments on the blog sale and comments in general in the past, but if you don't have a blog set up or you don't leave me your email address I can't reply to you. If your blog is set on private I can't reply to you either. I just wanted to put that out there so you don't think I'm a bitch! Lol! I really love talking with all of you!

So yeah if you don't have a blog and want me to reply to your comment just leave me your email address so I have a way to reply. :D

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thestartsteam said...

loooooove this X 100! Thanks for sharing : )

emmakarolina said...

That is such pretty color combination!

It's been years since I've used glitter nail polish. I like the way it looks but it's so difficult to take off.

Have a wonderful day!:-)

giang said...

that looks gorggg with the opi glitter on top!

Witoxicity said...

That is very very pretty! I love the purple base for the glitters. :)

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

haha thats so cute! i just had those colours on my nails for the last week or so, thats funny :P

Jenny9119999 said...


Jannie said...

love these colors together. pretty and fun. i especially like sephora by OPI in too good for him. such a nice sparkly touch. :)

Michele said...

This combination is fab!!
I love the shape of your nails too!!!

Risya! said...

fab color~ fab nail shapes~ it looks so neat^^

sparkly nails are the cutest^^

tiffany said...

i realllllly like the too good for him nail polish!!

xo tiffany

Laura said...

Loves it :) x