Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nails Of The Week X2

I've been lagging in my nails of the week posts. I never posted last weeks and I'm barely posting this weeks!

So I guess we'll start with last weeks. I wore two OPI colors, That's Berry Daring and And This Little Piggy layered on top.

And This Little Piggy is a very clear shade. It's really pretty but extremely sheer. It's basically a shimmery top coat. That's Berry Daring is an opaque bright pink creme that is beautiful.

The application and consistency of these were great.

I didn't get any photos on the first day. I took these on the 7th day I had this on. As you can see there is a chip and some wear at the tips. It chipped about five days into me wearing it. Not too bad for a full 7 days of wear.

This week I'm wearing Orly Calypso Breeze and OPI Absolutely Alice on top.

I only wore Calypso Blue so I could make Absolutely Alice really pop! I think the colors worked out great together!

Absolutely Alice is from the OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection. It is such a beautiful color! It is a clear base with blue and yellow/gold GLITTER!

You can see the yellow glitter in these shots! :-)

I did these nails on Sunday so we are now on day three of wearing them and I already have a chip and some wear at the tips.

Orly Calypso Breeze was pretty thick so maybe that's why I'm having some chipping already.

I still love the color combo though!

I am going to try and post my nails of the week on time again!

So do you like any of these shades? Have you tried any of the OPI Alice In Wonderland shades? Let me know in the comments. :-)

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paige said...

the blue nails look gorgeous! i havent used opi but i want to. everyone raves about it. youre nails look awesome


Sandra said...

Ooh, I love This Little Piggy! I find myself going after the pinks when it comes to nail polish. :)

I haven't tried any of the Alice in Wonderland shades, but they look so nice!!


nicolacc2008 said...

both beautiful! I have been wanting the Alice one for ages as blue is my fav colour. Unfortunatly OPI isn't available in any stores near me :-( I'm going on a shopping trip over easter though so maybe I'll find some :-)

Can I ask a question? Do you use any nail care type products? Your nails look great.

I find if I'm wearing polish my nails get very dry underneath. I'm currently on a polish break!


Beautygirl24 said...

You have such nice nails! That always helps polish look all the more beautiful.