Friday, April 30, 2010

April Favorites! My First Favorites Of The Month Post!

I really love when people post their favorites of the month. I always go and read those posts. I think they're great because you can see what someone has been using on a regular basis. I don't usually use the same things over and over (because I like to switch it up) but this past month I have.

First is not really makeup related but I have been LOVING GOLD, and gold and black together! Gold accessories, gold details on everything!

~Hot Pink wallet/clutch with gold detail by Jessica Simpson from Macy's.
~Long Gold Heart necklace from Forever 21.

~Black bag, with gold detailing, and fuchsia, satin like lining! LOVE IT! By Rampage from Macy's.
*My little baby Tommy on the right wanted to be in the picture! :D

Glitter Nail Polish!
Can't get enough of it! Blurry shots make the glitter show up better. :)

Shown in,
China Glaze Atlantis
Sally Hansen Shooting Star
Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink
Sephora by OPI in Too Good For Him
and OPI Mas As A Hatter.

Bright pink blush, Specifically MAC Tippy!
Adds a nice pop of color to the cheeks, perfect for Spring!

Benefit Hoola!
Perfect for contouring.

Neutral eyes with MAC Solar White on the lid, Cork in the crease, Poisen Pen on the outer corner, and Brule to highlight! I love this combo and have been wearing it all month!

Chanel Rouge Allure in #167 Super and YSL Rough Volupte #10 Provocative Pink!
Since I've been doing a neutral eye all month I have been wearing bright pink lips with it! I wear bright pink lips a lot but this past month I have been wearing them everyday! The beautiful Spring weather just makes me want to wear bright colors! :D

So that's everything I have been using and can't get enough of for the last month of April.

Tell me what some of your favorites for the month of April have been.

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Disclaimer ~ All products purchased by me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coupon Codes ~ Tarte, Philosophy, and Lancome

Just thought I would share some coupon codes. :-)

Tarte Cosmetics

Code ~ motherslove
Valid till April, 25

Free Shipping with ANY order now through April 25. No code necessary.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nails Of The Day

This is just a quick post on my notd. You might notice the title change to Nails of the Day instead of week, this is because I have been tired of wearing the same color for a full week. It has bored me so I will be posting Nails of The DAY now because I will be changing it up frequently. Hope that's cool with you! :) That just means more NOTD posts!

I picked up this bright blue bottle of nail polish from Milani. I have been looking for a brighter blue so I decided to give it a shot.

The color is Dude Blue and is from there New Neon range of colors. Even though it is a so called neon, it doesn't dry to a matte finish like most neons do. I don't even know if I would consider this to be neon, it's just a bright blue.

I had trouble capturing what the color really looks like. It is a bit deeper than what the picture shows.

The color applied very easily and was opaque in the first coat.

I added one more coat to even it out.

I have used Milani nail polish before and it seems very hit or miss. I have a few that I really love and some I hate.

I really loved this one! It's a very pretty color and easy to apply.

This color and more can be found at or your local drugstore. Price $3-$5.

Have you tried any Milani Nail Lacquers? Which ones do or don't you like?

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Disclaimer ~ Purchased by me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liners

I recently picked up four Pearlglide liners from the Art Supplies Collection. I didn't really think I was going to be into anything but when I swatched these I fell in love with them!

Top to bottom
Almost Noir
Designer Purple
Undercurrent &
Black Line

~ The glitter doesn't fallout all over your face!

~ Long lasting, smudge proof, budge proof! They don't claim these to be water proof but they didn't budge on me at all!

~ Very smooth and creamy, makes for easy application

~ They seem to run down quickly. I have only had these for a little over a week and there is a visible amount of usage. After only a couple of uses I have to sharpen them again.

Quick Tip ~ Don't just use these to line your eyes, use them as an eyeshadow base, OMG it's beautiful! Run a Pearlglide liner across your lid, blend, then use any shadow on top, you'll get a gorgeous, long-lasting, sparkly look! AMAZING! Like I said these run down quickly so using it across the whole lid will only make it run down faster, but it's too pretty! :D

Overall I really LOVE these! I can't get enough of them! I get no fallout from the glitter/shimmer at all and I love that! They are so pretty and fun! I'll probably pick up the other two colors! :D

Did you pick up any Pearlglide liners? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

You can find these at or a MAC Store or Counter for $14.50.

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Disclaimer ~ Products purchased by me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tokidoki for Sephora! And a quick FOTD.

How cute is this collection!?! :-)

I'm not what you would call a big Tokidoki fan. I don't really follow his work, I mean I've seen it obviously, but like I said I don't follow it. I do think the designs are cute though, but the only Tokidoki I have ever bought was a calender. :)

I went to Sephora last week to use my VIB 15% off coupon and planned on checking the collection out. They had just gotten in the Tokidoki line a few days prior and I was glad to find everything was still in-stock.

I got to really play and test everything out. I decided to pick up a few things.

The first thing I got was the Perfetta Cosmetic Pouch. $28
I LOVE this! It is SO CUTE! It's so fun and colorful. It's the perfect size for me. I like my makeup bags a bit on the larger size because I always feel like I have to carry around a lot with me, so it all needs to fit. The measurements on are accurate. Also, the quality is great! It feels very well made and the price isn't bad.

Inside lining

With lots of makeup in it and there is still plenty of room!

Next I got a Cromatico Eyeshadow. $15
I wasn't sure which color to get. I liked them all! BUT all of them looked like something I already have. I HAD to get one though so I chose Bulletto, a dark brown shimmery shade. It's so pretty! All of the colors were so pretty and pigmented. They were all very smooth and blendable. I might get another one! The packaging is cute. It's a bit bulky as you can see in the photo all the extra room around the shadow, but I don't mind. :D

I also got the Fantastico Lip Ink in Carnivora. $15
I love this too! I don't usually care for lip stains. I have never liked any of the ones I have tried but when I swatched these, I new I had to have Carnivora! It is such a BOLD and bright beautiful fuchsia color. It's the most intense lip stain I have ever come across. I love it! It lasts a LONG time! I wore it a couple days ago and it was still on my lips the next day. It can be a bit drying, as all stains are but a little gloss or lip balm can help that.

Lastly I got the little tin of mints! $5
Is this not the cutest little thing!?! Did I need this? NO! But it was just too cute to not get and for only $5, that's a deal! It has a little mirror on the inside and it's not one of those cheap sticker ones either! The mints are good too! There is also another tin with a different character on it. I might get that one too!

Some swatches
Bulletto and Carnivora

Carnivora on the lips with clear gloss on top and Bulleto on the outer corner and crease. Sorry for the bad picture, with bad lighting, it was raining and cloudy all day!

Overall I am loving the whole Tokidoki collection!

I definitely recommend you get something from the collection because it's all too cute!

Have you checked out the Tokidoki for Sephora collection yet? Do you like it? Did you get anything? Let me know in the comments.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tweezerman For Benefit Collection

I just came across this New Collection that Benefit is doing with Tweezerman.

I might have to get a pair of Tweezers! Maybe the yellow ones? How cute are they!?!

I LOVE Tweezerman tweezers! They are the BEST! I used to think tweezers are tweezers, they're all the same. Then I tried a pair of Tweezerman and I new right away they are not all the same!

Tweezerman are very sharp and precise. They make it so easy to tweeze your brows!

Another great thing about Tweezerman is they will sharpen your tweezers for you, FREE!
You can find out more about that here

Everything is currently available at

If you haven't tried a pair of Tweezerman tweezers, you must!

What do you think about this collection? Have you picked anything up or do you plan to?

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Friday, April 9, 2010

CELLNIQUE PARAMEDICAL Skincare Review and Sample Giveaway!

Over a month ago my skin started to break out pretty bad, I think because of stress. When I break out it's always on my chin.

I decided I was going to try a new skincare system geared towards acne and acne prevention.

The Cellnique gods must have known my problem because I had an email from them asking if I was interested in trying their products. I decided I would give it a try because I was not happy with my skin at the time. I actually was sad! :( When my skin breaks out I get slightly depressed. I try not to but I can't help it!

A couple weeks later I started using the products. I have been using them for over a month now because I wanted to give a thorough review and these are my thoughts.

Skin Purifying Cleanser $32
Cellnique: This is a lightweight and non-comedogenic cleansing gel with micro-fine beads to remove dead skin cells and reduce excessive sebum. The multi active ingredients such as Burdock Extract, Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil accelerate the recovery process of acne prone skin to deliver a clear and fresh complexion.

My thoughts: When I first used this I didn't realize it had beads in it till I started washing my face. The beads are a bit abrasive. They are not as gentle as say Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I have to wash my face slowly and not scrub so hard because if I do it leaves my face red in the areas that I scrubbed too hard. It also has a chemical/medicine like smell which is not so pleasant at first but I got used to it. It did do a good job at cleaning my face and left it feeling soft.

Skin Action Sebum Gel $51
Cellnique: This is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces sebum secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.

My thoughts: This is my favorite product out of everything I tried.
I've been using this on my T-zone and I really see a difference in my pores on my nose. I have also been using it as a spot treatment and on my chin. If I get a blemish I dab some of this on it at night and the next morning it has significantly reduced the size and appearance of it. This also has a peppermint smell and gives a cooling/tingly feeling on your skin. I love it!

Skin Purifying Day Time Protection 20 $32
Cellnique: A specially designed 3-in-1 daytime protection with SPF20 for oily and acne prone skin. It works as a full spectrum sun protection (blocks UVA and UVB), an acne cream and a natural foundation to even acne marks. Non-oily formulation.

My thoughts: I thought this was just a regular moisturizer with an SPF but it's more of a tinted moisturizer because it has color. It is lightweight and doesn't leave my skin greasy looking. They don't have colors to choose from, this is the only color and I think it's too light for me. It leaves an almost white cast on my face. I don't use MAC foundations but I'm about an NC30 to give you an idea of my skin tone so if it looks too light on me I would imagine it wouldn't work for darker skin tones. I do love the formula of the moisturizer though but I wish it came in different shades to choose from. This doesn't have a scent to it.

This is what the color looks like.

Blended in.

Overall I have been very pleased with this skincare system. All the products together work great. I have really seen an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. It has helped me tremendously with the breakout I had. I also have some brown spots from acne scarring on my chin and this seems to have faded them almost. Since I have been using these products the scarring is not as visible which has made me VERY happy!

You can find all of these products and more at
Free Shipping over $60 and Free Samples

Help Cellnique Support Earth Day by saying NO to boxes!
Cellnique Earth Campaign
Every little bit helps! Do your part and say NO to packaging boxes! :)

So I have some great news for YOU! Cellnique was very gracious enough to offer 50 yes FIFTY Free samples of Skin Action Sebum Gel to my readers! Yay! Thank you Cellnique!

What do you have to do you ask?

Just send an email to with the Subject Include your full name and mailing address.

That's it! Allow 4~6 weeks for delivery.
Offer valid to FIRST 50 emails only!
Free Sample offer ends one week from today!
They DO ship International!

So have you tried anything from the Cellnique Paramedical Skincare line? How did it work for you?

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Disclaimer ~ Cellnique contacted me and sent items for consideration. This is my personal and honest opinion and I am not being paid for this review.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

30% OFF Urban Decay is running a friends and family sale! 30% Off!
Happy Shopping! :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nails Of The Week Easter Edition

I wanted to do a Easter color for my nails of the week but I couldn't decide on which color so I did them all! Lol!

Thumb to Pinkie
China Glaze For Audrey, Orly Cashmere Cardigan, China Glaze V, Zoya Barbie, and Orly Mint Mojito.

Orly Cashmere Cardigan ~ 2 coats

China Glaze V ~ 2 coats

Zoya Barbie ~ 3 coats I'm not a huge fan of Zoya. I placed a big order when they had there Green Friday after Thanksgiving promo. I had really high expectations because everyone seems to love them but I was really disappointed because they all seem to need 3 or 4 coats to look as they do in the bottle.

Orly Mint Mojito ~ 2 coats

China Glaze For Audrey ~ 2 coats

I don't usually do different colors on each nail but I like how it turned out and thought it was fun look! :D

I will be wearing this for the rest of the week! Of course this might not work for some in a business or professional environment but my son has a week off from Kindergarten for Spring Break so it will be fine for me. :)

What do you think of this look? What did you wear on your nails for Easter?

How was your Easter? We had to have our Easter Egg Hunt INSIDE because it was raining all day! It was ok though, we still had a great day! :-)

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

And the Winner is...........

Well first I just wanted to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway!

I didn't think I would get nearly as many entries as I got!

I have learned my next giveaways will most likely just be comments and picking a random number because counting up every entry was very time consuming, that is why I am barely getting around to posting the winner. :-)

So after adding all the entries in a bowl the lucky winner is..............................



Vanessa from Pink Obsession!

Congrats girly!

Email me so I can get your address and let me know which nail art pen you would like.

If you didn't win don't worry I'll have something coming up for many of you soon! ;-)

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Blog Sale!!!

Here is my blog sale! I have so many things that I don't use or have just been swatched that are taking up space so I need to get rid of it. I hope to send these products to loving homes that will give them some attention. :D

Everything will be sanitized prior to shipping.

Paypal only
Leave a comment telling me what you want with your email address or Email me.
Let me know U.S. or International
First come first serve.
Payment must be paid right away
I can't put anything on hold.
Everything is sold as is.
No returns.
Once it's in the hands of the postal service I am not responsible for damaged items.

Standard Shipping
U.S. $3.50 and .50 each additional item
International $5 and $1 each additional item

Items are shipped as soon as payment goes through!


Clarisonic Plus, in Pink! Includes charger, one brand new Normal brush head, and Refining Skin Polish! $150.

Angelique de Paris Bisous Enamel Bracelet in Multi Color

Marilyn Monroe clutch $13 Brand New (originally $20)

NARS Duo eye shadow in Eurydice (Limited Edition) used 1x $20 (origially $32)

Chanel quad in Oasis Limited Edition used 1x $30 (originally $56)

Bare Escentuals Prime Time, Brand New $13

Bare Escentuals Brush Roll with Jewel Ended Brush Set $30

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer with SPF15 $20 Brand New

Clinique Colour Surge eye shadow in Royal Rush $8 swatched once

Lancome Eye shadow palette in Mosaique Topaz $12  used 2x

Flirt Eyeshadow Set  used 1x $15

Lola Cosmetics Simply Smokey Eye Kit used 1x $25 (originally $44)

Cover FX Skin Prep Primer and Anti-Aging Serum $8 Brand New