Friday, April 30, 2010

April Favorites! My First Favorites Of The Month Post!

I really love when people post their favorites of the month. I always go and read those posts. I think they're great because you can see what someone has been using on a regular basis. I don't usually use the same things over and over (because I like to switch it up) but this past month I have.

First is not really makeup related but I have been LOVING GOLD, and gold and black together! Gold accessories, gold details on everything!

~Hot Pink wallet/clutch with gold detail by Jessica Simpson from Macy's.
~Long Gold Heart necklace from Forever 21.

~Black bag, with gold detailing, and fuchsia, satin like lining! LOVE IT! By Rampage from Macy's.
*My little baby Tommy on the right wanted to be in the picture! :D

Glitter Nail Polish!
Can't get enough of it! Blurry shots make the glitter show up better. :)

Shown in,
China Glaze Atlantis
Sally Hansen Shooting Star
Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink
Sephora by OPI in Too Good For Him
and OPI Mas As A Hatter.

Bright pink blush, Specifically MAC Tippy!
Adds a nice pop of color to the cheeks, perfect for Spring!

Benefit Hoola!
Perfect for contouring.

Neutral eyes with MAC Solar White on the lid, Cork in the crease, Poisen Pen on the outer corner, and Brule to highlight! I love this combo and have been wearing it all month!

Chanel Rouge Allure in #167 Super and YSL Rough Volupte #10 Provocative Pink!
Since I've been doing a neutral eye all month I have been wearing bright pink lips with it! I wear bright pink lips a lot but this past month I have been wearing them everyday! The beautiful Spring weather just makes me want to wear bright colors! :D

So that's everything I have been using and can't get enough of for the last month of April.

Tell me what some of your favorites for the month of April have been.

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Saimese said...

Wish I had the guts to wear bright pink lips at all times because those lipsticks look amazing

Resham said...

Poisen Pen is a nice color...I love that gold necklace...

Libbeh said...

Aww, now I regret not buying that necklace at F21. It's too cute! Just like your puppy in the 2nd pic. His/her face is too cute and kissable!! :)

LipGlossGossip said...

@ Saimese, When I first wore bright pink lips (like 6 years ago) I was scared! Ha! Once you wear it a few times you get over the fear! Do it! :D

@ resham, thanks!

@ libbeh, Oh you should get it! It is so cute! I got the silver one too! Thanks he's a cutie! He loves to be held! :)

Anonymous said...

RV #10 is now on my list :-)

I love the gold heart chain too, looks pretty!

And your dog is adorable xx

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Thanks for the bday wishes <3

Those are great faves, i love gold too! I have Hoola and havent tried it yet, I now want to try it sooner! I love how you incorporated your faves with accessories and makeup..its different! :]

Anonymous said...

And I just went to put the RV on my wishlist and realised that I already have that colour!! That's when you know you have too much makeup :) x

nicolacc2008 said...

i love these posts too, i always end up with a shopping list after reading!

love the nail polish also, i can see one of your nails in the picture and it looks lovely too!

wish we had forever 21 here, their stuff looks really nice x

Beautygirl24 said...

I love your faves! You should try this every month!
Ok, so I'm also loving the wallet by JS as well as that pretty bag.

jannie said...

that pink wallet is so cute. i also love the purse. you have such pretty handbags and purses. love what's in your collection of bags. :)

beautyparler said...

Cute necklace! And loving those shades of lipstick for Summer.

LipGlossGossip said...

@ Miss♥Nikka Thanks!

@ TalluluhBella You know your a true makeup junkie! :D

@ Beautygirl24 Thanks girly! I will! I love yours and always look forward to reading them!

@ jannie Thanks girly, I LOVE bags as much as I love makeup! :D

@ Monica @ Beauty Parler Thanks! You should give them a try and I agree they really are great summer colors! :-)