Friday, June 4, 2010

Sephora I.T. Brush Collection, Natural Foundation Brush and Slanted Eyeliner Review

Sephora recently teamed up with French designer Philippe Di Méo to create the I.T., or Intelligent Tools Brush Collection.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm obsessed with makeup brushes?! I have tons of them. I love a high quality brush!

Good brushes make applying makeup easier.

I was super excited to try these new brushes from Sephora.

I knew which ones I wanted to try, so a few weeks ago I picked up the Natural Foundation brush, and the Slanted Eyeliner brush.

RUN and buy the Natural Foundation Brush!

I am in LOVE with it!

This is the ultimate foundation brush! If you wear liquid foundation you NEED this!

This brush is so soft, yet dense. Blending foundation is a breeze. It can also be used with powders, concealer, and eyeshadow. I am loving it with cream blush as well.

This brush can do it all! It's a must have! Plus it's pretty and pink! :D

The Natural Foundation brush is very similar to the MAC 227 brush but it's double the size.

The I.T. brushes come with a cover that slides over the brush. You just flip the cap and push it through. It will help keep the shape of your brush and just keep it clean.

The Slanted liner brush is good. I have no problems with it. It works great but it's just a liner brush. If your in need of a liner brush then this would be a great one, but if you already have one you like then you don't need this.

The design of these is really great and they feel good in your hand.

Overall I am very happy with the I.T. brushes, especially the Natural Foundation brush. I might have to get the I.T. Contour Brush! :D

These can be found at and Sephora stores.
I.T. Natural Foundation Brush $36
Slanted Eyeliner $18

Have you tried these? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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Palwasha N. Minhas said...

I wish i could find such amazing professional brushes here in Pakistan too. Sigh. Everything life

Beautygirl24 said...

This may or may not be related to these new brushes, but do you have a recommendation for a good blush brush? I have one from EcoTools that I like, but it fans out a little too much. I want one that is more rounded and denser I think. Thanks girl! I always trust your opinions!

Lolita Riot said...

I love these too and the caps can be used as a stand =)

LipGlossGossip said...

@Palwasha N. Minhas Sorry to hear that! Maybe you can check ebay. :)

@Sher Me too. Which ones do you have? :)