Monday, June 14, 2010

Teal We Meet Again NOTD

Hi! This is just a quick nail of day. Please excuse my cuticles they are in bad shape right now because I lost my cuticle oil a few weeks ago and haven't had time to go and buy some more.

I bought this Sephora by OPI nail color in Teal We Meet Again a few weeks ago and I love it!

It's such a beautiful color. It has some shimmer in it. It's the perfect teal. It's not so dark that it looks black and it's not too bright, it's just perfect! (This is what I was hoping the Smashbox Teal Jet Set liner was going to look like, oh well!)

The color applied smoothly and was opaque in two coats.

Teal We Meet Again is from the Summer Havana Nights Collection but this color would look beautiful in the fall as well.

Definitely check this color out.

You can find this at your local Sephora store or for $9.

What do you think of this color? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments. :)

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Disclaimer ~ I purchased this with my own money and this is my personal opinion.


Kara said...

gorgeous colour
teal looks good on just about anyone i always think xxx

nicolacc2008 said...

it's beautiful!

Anjali said...

Pretty!!! I haven't tried it...but it looks gorge on you!

Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Yes it is a pretty and nice shade.And it is a craze now,most dark and unusual colors are.Love this one.
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G said...

what a great color... it looks super-fantastic!

Kajal Couture said...

Hey girl! I am going to IMATS for sure on Sunday!! We should meet up! Oh and the nail color is fun...I like that it is almost black but not quite.

LipGlossGossip said...

Thanks girls! It really is a pretty color! :)

@Kajal Couture, We should! Email if you want. :)