Friday, July 9, 2010

Interview with Sarah Lucero and Stila IMATS Haul!

I have been busy this past week and am barely getting around to posting this.

While I was at IMATS I headed over to the Stila Cosmetics booth to check if they had the new Smudge Stick liners because as you know I LOVE me some Smudge Pots! :D

Well right as I walk up, who comes to help me but none other than Sarah Lucero! OMG! I was SO excited that she was the one to help me. If you don't know who Sarah Lucero is, she is a Professional Makeup Artist and has worked on countless fashion shows and celebrities.

Hubby took a picture of her as I was talking with her. I didn't even think to take a picture WITH her, I was very overwhelmed, in a good way but still overwhelmed! :D

I asked her if they had the Smudge Stick liners and she right away brought them all over to show them to me.

We got to talking and I told her I was a blogger and I asked her if I could ask her some questions for my blog.

I asked her to share one of her best beauty tips for summer and she said to take very good care of your skin, "Clean your skin, have a great skincare routine for summer, exfoliate, hydrate, and sunscreen."

She also suggested to have a all in one foundation, like Stila's One Step Makeup. It's a primer, foundation, concealer, and powder in one. I will be giving a full review on it soon!

Also some of her favorite products for summer are the Smudge Stick liners, which I was there for so I was happy about that. They are waterproof and do not budge once they dry.

I picked up the Smudge Stick Eye Liners in Purple Tang and Silver Dollar.
First half of swatch shown with glitter liner on top.

Purple Tang is really dark, it looks more of a black with violet and blue shimmer in it. If you want a TRUE silver eye liner then Silver Dollar is your shade! It's such a pretty color! :)

She also showed me a Glitter Eye liner in Purple Silver, (shown above). She put it on top of the Smudge Sticks and it is beautiful! Unfortunately she told me this shade of Glitter Eye liner was an Asia Exclusive so it's not available in the U.S. but they did have it for IMATS. This is another reason you should go to IMATS, you can get your hands on items that you wouldn't regularly be able to! :)

I also picked up Jade Smudge Pot.

I am loving all my Stila goodies I picked up from IMATS!

I have to mention that Sarah is so sweet and beautiful! She took her time to chat with me and answer my questions! She is just wonderful and if you ever see her don't be afraid to go up and say hello, she is very nice! :)

Did you meet Sarah at IMATS? Have you tried the Smudge Stick Eye Liners and what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments.

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Chel Vudú said...

I love, love, LOVE Stila products! I have the Peacock smudge stick. It's the most beautiful teal color and it does stay on ALL day long!

I use it on my waterline with the "after hours" e/s trio after I apply the gray shade to my lower lash line. I smudge the two together for a seamless finish.

I wasn't a fan of the glitter eyeliner, though. The formula was fine and all, but Stila's shadow are so pigmented and packed with shimmer already, so it just seems unnecessary to me. Maybe I'm just getting old! lol.

The jade smudgepot is beautiful! The bronze one is another one of my favorites. The kitten s/p makes a GREAT e/s base and purple pumps is REALLY fun (glitter specks and all)!

Okay, I could go on forever! It's so cool that you got to meet Sarah. Enjoy your haul! =)

LipGlossGossip said...

@Chel Vudú, Thanks girly! I love Stila too! I have the After Hours trio in my Barbie palette and I love those colors! I will have to get the teal to try that look out. :)