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Sigma Premium Brush Kit Review, Plus A Free Gift For You!

I received the Sigma Premium Professional Brush kit a few weeks ago to try and I wanted to really test them out before I gave a review on them. So these are my thoughts on them.

I have the first Complete set and I loved those, so I was excited to try this set out. I have a review on the Complete Set here .

When you order from Sigma everything comes packaged really cute, and I love that.

You will also get a card explaining how to care for your brushes.

And you will get this pamphlet telling you what each brush is for.

It comes in a really nice quality brush roll.

You get a total of 15 brushes in this set! It is $149. That might seem like a lot but when you think about it your paying under $10 for each brush in the kit, plus you get the brush roll, so this is a really great deal.

Some of these brushes in this set are similar to MAC brushes so I will compare them.

First we have the Sigma F20 and it's comparable to the MAC 134. They are both soft. The Sigma F20 is slightly fuller but there isn't really much of a difference, other than the price. The MAC 134 is $52, you can pay that or you can buy this full set and pay under $10 for it or if you would rather buy the individual brush from Sigma it's still only $18 compared to $52 for the MAC brush. I like using this brush for setting powders and it's also the perfect bronzing brush.

Next is the Sigma F25 which is comparable to the MAC 138. This is another great brush. Again there is a big price difference for equally great brushes.   I love using this one for contouring and setting powders as well. It's really soft. It did shed with the first wash but not anymore.

The F10 is a powder/blush brush, similar to the MAC 129. I have been using this brush a lot, mainly for contouring. It allows for more control. I didn't have any shedding problems with this brush. The MAC brush is a little bit fuller than the Sigma F10 but the MAC 129 feels scratchy compared to the F10. The F10 is a lot softer.

Next is the F35, similar to the MAC 165 brush. This is a really great brush. It's meant to be used as a highlighting brush but I use this for a lot of different things, like contouring, setting my under eye concealer, and even a blending brush. I had no shedding with the F35. As you can see the it is more pointed than the MAC brush, which I like because it makes it easier to get under my eye or around the corners of my nose to blend in powders. This is a great multi-function brush. This one is not available at MAC so definitely grab the F35.

The E50 I use for highlighting and blending. This is a really great brush to add a quick wash of color over your lid if your in a hurry because it's large enough to cover your whole lid in one swipe. Add some liner and your good to go and you look put together! I honestly see no difference in these brushes, except the price, so you decide what you would rather pay. :)

I love the F15. It's really great for applying highlighter on your cheekbones. If you have really pigmented blushes that maybe you are afraid to use, this would be a great brush for you because it applies a sheer amount of product.

Next is the E35 brush, which I am in love with! This is my favorite crease brush right now! This one is similar to the MAC 222 brush. I love the Sigma brush because it's fuller and denser, and it picks up more pigment and it just fits my crease really well. It's also really soft and I just love it! I am probably going to get a couple more of these! It's a must have for me! :D

The E25 is comparable to a MAC 217. Again the brush head on the Sigma E25 is fuller and denser. I really love using this with concealer. I have a few dark spots/scars from when I used to get acne but I use this to stipple on small layers of concealer and it works really well and blends it in perfectly. Of course you can use this with your eyeshadow but I like to use my brushes for other things. This is great multi-function brush, a must have!

The E45 is another current favorite of mine. I love using it on my outer corners and crease. It's similar to the MAC 226. The E35 is slightly more pointed but they both work equally great.. The MAC brush was a LE, they release it from time to time but if you want one now and at a great price just swing for the Sigma E35.

Next is the E20 similar to the MAC 214. This is a great smudger brush to get really close under the lash line. It's great for smokey eyes. I honestly see no difference in these brushes at all so grab the Sigma one because you'll save yourself some money! :)

Next we have the F75, E15, E10, and F65. I don't have the MAC versions of these brushes so I can't compare them but I honestly wouldn't even buy them because I'm happy with these. I love the F75 concealer brush! I love using it to apply my under eye cream and concealer. I also use the E15 for concealer. I wear a lot of bright lips and I like using the E15 to blend in concealer around my lips to really make the application look sharp. The E10 is a great liner brush. If your artsy you can make some great eye lining designs with it. The F65 is called a large concealer brush but I like using this for cream blush since it's SO large. It also works well for foundation.

Lastly we have the L05 brush which is similar to a MAC 316. This is a great lip brush since it has a cap. You can toss it in your bag and you don't have to worry about it getting your bag dirty. You can also use this with concealer or even liner, just make sure you clean it if you use it for multiple things.

Overall I am really happy with this set. I had some shedding on the larger brushes when I washed them, but I don't have any shedding problems anymore.

I really love Sigma brushes because you get a really great quality brush for a great price. I wish Sigma was around eight years ago when I bought all my MAC brushes. I would have saved myself a whole lot of money!

If you have been wanting to try Sigma brushes don't hesitate, you will be so happy with them! I definitely recommend them.

Also if you place an order of at least $30 or more you will receive a FREE mini E25 brush! Yay!

The Sigma Premium brush kit and more can be found here, .

Have you tried Sigma brushes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

i just ordered a premium kit and kabuki brush. After reading your review, I cant wait to get it! :)


Justine (Productrater) said...

wow it must be nice to be able to compare the sigma brushes with mac brushes like that, I have most of the sigma brushes and love them, especially because I don't have the mac ones, great review!

Unknown said...

Great review! I keep wanting to try these but $150 is a lot to spend all at once. However, I have to say that I have NOT bought any other brushes because I plan in getting this set asap!

Camille Sugar said...

Thank you for useful information :) great review