Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlie, Halloween, Update

This is just a little update as to what I have been up to for the past week.

Last Sunday afternoon I was on my way home from my moms house, when this small dog walked right into the busy road we were driving on. He  almost got hit.  I had my husband pull over so I can check it out. He was all wet and cold. He had no tags. We asked some people that were around if it was there's but they said no. I couldn't leave him out there, so we brought him home. I posted found ads in the lost and found, but so far we haven't found any owners.

I don't know how someone could not take better care of him! Isn't he cute! We named him Charlie. He's really sweet, but he needs to be fixed, he's been after our dogs, but our dogs are boys and are fixed. So he's had my attention all week. :)

We have also been getting ready for Halloween! I love Halloween! My husband built a big Michael Myers animatronic! It's really awesome! We're going to put in our front yard. One of it's hands moves up and down and is holding a knife and the other hand is holding a bloody head. It looks really creepy! I forget it's in my garage and when I go in and see him standing there it startles me! Lol!

So are you all ready for Halloween? Will you be taking your kids out trick or treating, or going out and dressing up?

Well I have a few reviews I need to post, I'll get them up as soon as I can. :)

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Ashley said...

Charlie is ADORABLE! I would love to have a new puppy with but my dogs are already a handful and my first dog does not like sharing my attention.

Ugh how could anyone every leave this sweet looking puppy on the streets?

Sami said...

What a cute little thing!! Are you going to keep him?! xx

LipGlossGossip said...

@Ashley, I don't know why they wouldn't take better care of him, he's adorable! :)

@Sami, I want to, but I'm not sure. I already have two dogs, but if I find him a new home I'm going to be very picky about it to make sure he goes with a nice family. :)