Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Kitty For Sephora, Eau de Parfum Spray!

The Hello Kitty for Sephora Collection is now available. I checked it out a few days ago but the only thing that really called out to me was the Eau de Parfum Spray.

I sprayed a little on at the store and could still smell it hours later in the evening, so that was a plus. It's not a strong scent, but it is long lasting. It's very fruity, and a little floral. It smells similar to Very Sexy Now or like an Escada perfume. It's a really great scent, and perfect for Spring and Summer.

Notes ~ Cassis Sorbet, Italian Mandarin, Apple, Magnolia Blossom, Freesia, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk.

The packaging is adorable! How cute is this bottle! I love it! I think it's worth it for the bottle itself. :)

It's a 1.7oz for $55, which isn't too bad, in my opinion.

Also the atomizer adds the cutest touch.

There is also a Body Splash, Roller Ball, and Solid necklace. I would have liked to see the necklace but my store didn't have it in-stock.

All of this and more can be found on .

What do you think of the Hello Kitty Collection? Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Let me know in the comments.


Kate Gene said...

This perfume sounds like it'd be perfect for me! I love Escada perfumes!

I would keep this bottle, even after the perfume was gone. It's too cute to throw away!


giang said...

it's sooo cuteee!!!

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Omg, I love it!!! I'm ordering mine right now ;)



Miss ♥ Nikka said...

I love it because it's HK! I need to smell it in the store first though. Im picky with my perfumes, who isnt? But it sounds good to me!

Mai said...

I'm not even sure what the scent is but I so want to buy the perfume just to have the bottle!

Christina said...

Wow, that sounds like a really nice perfume. I usually go for vanilla, fruity scents, I love them :D
The bottle is really cute too :) x

Beautygirl24 said...

Awww it's so cute! I'm happy it actually smells great too.
I ordered the compact mirror and hopefully it gets to me soon. I just couldn't resist! I was obsessed with HK when I was a kid and so everytime I pull the compact out, I hope it reminds me of those fun days ;)
PS - I still haven't gotten my Zoya polishes either! I'm getting super annoyed!

Anonymous said...

I like the bottle its very cute!!

sounds like a perfume i would love!!

Anahita said...

OMG this bottle is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

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