Friday, January 14, 2011

My dog went missing :(

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen my tweet on Saturday where I mentioned that my dog was missing. She got out of our backyard. We opened the back door to let the dogs in and she wasn't there. They were not out very long at all so we figure she's right outside or in the neighborhood but she was nowhere to be found. We looked for hours and couldn't find her. We posted signs up right away all over the neighborhood.

It's almost a week later already and we haven't found her.

This is the reason for my absence in blogging. I have been so sad. I'm not trying to get sympathy from anyone but if you have a pet that has gone missing I'm sure you know how I feel.

She is a little over a year old, still pretty young so I am so worried about her.

We have signs posted, ads posted, and have been checking the shelter daily to see if she gets picked up.

I'm hoping I'll see my Honey Bunny again soon because I'm missing her so much. :(

I'll try to get back to blogging as soon as I can but right now I'm engrossed with trying to find my dog.

If you have any tips for finding lost dogs please let me know in the comments.

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Miss Tapia said...

I hope you find her.

Mai said...

You might want to try leaving signs at local veterinarians, sometimes people bring pets there!

I really hope you find your lost dog

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh!! I Hope your pup is alright and I hope she gets returned safely to you!

I know it must be really sad. A lot of people who never owned dogs may not understand.. but your dogs are just like your kids!!! And if something happens to them its heart breaking!

Do you know how she may of gotten out? Do you think she was stolen???

Was your dog wearing a tag? Did it have your phone number on it or your vet? If your vet, have you called?

Since it has already been a week, it would be good to call any local animal hospitals, animal control or shelters nearby.

Best Wishes... I really hope you find her.

Christina said...

Hey I'm really sorry to hear she's gone missing, I really hope you find her soon. I'll be thinking of you and your Honey Bunny *hugs* XxXX

Kate Gene said...

I am SO sorry! Our cat once ran away for a month. We, too, were devastated. Groucho was/is our baby!

Not knowing if he was okay (or alive for that matter!) killed us. We searched for hours in the rain, hung up flyers, hit up shelters, and watched Craigslist. (Check there! It might sound weird, but people report lost and found pups!)

Grouch eventually made it home. He had injured his ear, lost 30% of his body weight, and was in dire need of a shower... It didn't matter what he looked like. We were just ecstatic that he had found his way back home!

I will keep you guys in my thoughts!


L4pinkpetal said...

aww poor thing, i hope you will find her soon

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

I saw your tweeter hun and I was sad myself. :( I know how you feel. My sister lost her Beagle over 2 years ago. He also got loose in the backyard. We posted signs, called shelters, and pet store like petsmart. I would see a Beagle on the street with their owner and I would go up and see if it was our doggie. Turns out all the time that he wasn't because I know his unique eye color. We haven't found him and it's terrible because we miss him everyday.

I really hope and wish you find your dog. Will pray for you guys!

Lady Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry for you, I have 3 dogs and I know how much they are loved, but don't lose faith.


Anonymous said...

hope you find your dog!! crossing my fingers for you!

Whitney & the full effect said...

Aww hun, I am praying for you!! I have two dogs and I can't imagine what you must be going through. I'm here for you if you need someone :)

LipGlossGossip said...

@Miss Tapia, Thanks girly

@Mai, Thanks I hadn't thought of that. I'll definitely do that.

@Natalie, Yes she's like my baby! My other dog that was out back with her dug a whole under the fence and she was able to get out. I have been checking all the shelters but I will check the vets offices now as well because I hadn't thought of doing that. Thanks for the support and the tips.

@Christina, Thanks girly.

@Kate Gene, I'm glad your kitty came back home. It has been cold and rainy here so I have been worried about her out in these conditions as well. We are checking craigslist and have been posting ads there as well. Thanks for the support girly!

@L4pinkpetal, Thanks girly.

@Miss ♥ Nikka, Thanks for your support girly!

@Lady Fashionista, Thanks girly! I'm holding out hope that we will find her!

@Julie, Thanks girly!

@Whitney, Thanks for the support girly!

Unknown said...

I'm so so sorry :(
When we first got one of our dogs (she was rescued) she ran away all the time. Twice someone brought her into our local vets, so maybe you could ring around some veternarians just in case? Good luck, I really hope she turns up soon!