Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lorac Multidimensional Beauty Collection

I recently picked up the Multidimensional Beauty Collection from Lorac. It is an Ulta Exclusive.

I swatched the Mulitplex 3D lipgloss on my hand in the store and LOVED it! I checked to see if they sold the lip gloss on its own and they do, but it's $22 so I figured I might as well pay a little more ($35) and get the whole kit which includes, three shadows, Mulitplex 3D gloss in Ultra Glam, and a cute wristlet/makeup bag.

Top to Bottom,  3D-Luxe, 3D-Mension, 3D-Licious, and Ultra Glam lip gloss.

Top row dry, bottom row wet. Left to Right, 3D-Luxe, 3D-Mension, 3D-Licious, and Ultra Glam lip gloss.

I love the shadows. Lorac eye shadows never disappoint. They are pigmented, long lasting, and easy to blend. Another great quality of Lorac shadows is you can use them wet, which REALLY intensifies the color!

You can create a subtle look with this set or use them wet to get a really dramatic eye.

The lipgloss color is pretty, which is why I bought the kit in the first place, but the smell is terrible! I can not wear this lipgloss! I don't know if they all smell like this or maybe I just got a bad one, but it's gross. It sucks because the color is so beautiful. I think I might go exchange it for a different one, but if I exchange it I'll have to make sure it doesn't smell the same.

The bag is super cute and shines different colors.

Overall I love the shadows and the bag but I'm disappointed in the lipgloss.

Your still getting a great deal though, three Lorac eye shadows retail for $57 and this kit is only $35 so it's worth it for the eyeshadows alone.

I would definitely recommend this kit just make sure the lipgloss smells good. :)

The Lorac Multidimensional Beauty Collection can be found at your local Ulta or here ULTA Beauty .

Do you have this kit or any 3D lipgloss from Lorac? Did yours smell bad too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer ~ I purchased this myself.


TenshiHana said...

Hello! I am new to your blog, which is awesome, btw!

I recently bought this too (love all the products) and my lipgloss smelled nice-it was a subtle fruity scent. Maybe you got an off formula lipgloss?

LipGlossGossip said...

Hi TenshiHana! Thanks for following and enjoying my blog!

Yeah I think I might have gotten a bad one but hopefully the next one won't be bad! :)

Mariposa Maquillage said...

Hi...I just stumbled upon your blog and my lip gloss was smelly too, I got a sample size of the lip gloss in cliche and it was stinky the shadow but the lip gloss is a pass.