Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tokidoki Sodashop Palette Review

I had seen this in my Sephora and I liked it but didn't pick it up but my wonderful hubby gave it to me on Valentines Day along with a ring and a fruit bouquet. Isn't he great! :)

Anyways I was really happy to get this set. I thought it was so cute!

First off the packaging is adorable! It comes in a tin that you can reuse after the makeup is gone or just take it all out and keep other little things in it. It's too cute!

When you open it, it comes with a sheet of magnets which you can stick all over the tin packaging or stick them on your fridge! How cute is that little running hot dog! :)

You get 12 shadows in this set. It's a great set of colors and they have great pigmentation. I also love that they give you a great matte brown that's perfect for your crease.

My camera really washed these out and they don't look as pigmented as they actually are.
Top pic, L-R Skull Donut, Patatino(I swear it's there but it completely blends into my skin tone!), Riposino,
Ciccio, Mummetto, and Mozzarella.

Bottom pic, L-R Tulipano, Nancy Rocks, Romeo,
Ciotolina, Arrosto, and Furbina.

Next you get a Perfetto eyeliner in Carina. It's a pretty plum color. This I didn't really love. I didn't like the way it applied, it seemed like if you went over the color for a second time, the tip would wipe away what you just applied. I have worn this and it is long lasting but I just didn't care for the application.

Lastly you get a nail file which is so cute but not very practical for me to use. The shape is strange and my hands are not use to it. I prefer a regular nail file.

Overall I think this kit is really cute. I love the shadows, packaging, and magnets.

You can find this on for $49
Do you have the Sodashop Palette? What do you think of it?

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tiffyama said...

Ah, KAWAII!! Love that little tin and the magnets. :] The eye shadows are cute~ I agree, I'm liking that matte brown. Great review~!

Once Upon A Time... said...

ahh it's soooo cute!

jos xx

Melissa B. said...

So cute! I have gone back and forth and back and forth on this. I have 3 of the eyeshadow quads and I love them, but the price makes me hesitate...not that it isn't worth it!

Unknown said...

Omg so cute! I love tokidoki!!

Unknown said...

whoa .. so cute :D kawaii much :D

LipGlossGossip said...

Thanks for all the comments girls!

@ Melissa Birch, It's worth it for the shadows themselves! :)

Leigh said...

what an awesome set! the colors look really pretty and versatile...thanks for sharing!