Monday, March 14, 2011

Update! 3 Days Left To Enter For a Stila Heart Blush!

Hey everyone this is going to be a quick update! I feel like it's been forever since my last post or tweet!

I had bronchitis all last week, it started on the 5th and I was sick all week after that plus that weekend that I got sick I was redoing my kitchen cabinets! I felt terrible all week but I am starting to feel better since going to the Dr. so I will get back to posting.

I wanted to mention that there is only 3 days left to enter my giveaway for a Stila Heart Blush!

If you haven't already entered you can do so here .

Make sure you read all the rules before entering. Some people aren't paying attention to the rules but all the info is in the post and I'm not going to correct people.

I have lots of reviews to post, as well as another giveaway for a Katy Perry Black Shatter nail polish that will be going up sometime after the current giveaway is over, so stay tuned for that!

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KrispyTinCan said...

I'm sorry about your bronchitis, but at least you are feeling better. It just take time. But I'm excited for your giveaway.

I hope you get fully better, and thanks for this amazing giveaway. Blushes are seriously one of my obsessions.