Friday, April 1, 2011

IMATS Royal & Langnickel Brushes

If your attending IMATS in New York or L.A. coming up, or any of the shows for that matter, I wanted to let you all know about these amazing brushes.

I had never heard of Royal & Langnickel brushes until IMATS. The first year I went to IMATS which was 2 years ago, I picked up a bunch of Crown brushes and was not impressed at all. Now I don't know if these are made by the same manufacturer as Royal & Langnickel, but I was not happy with the Crown brushes that I had purchased.

Last year I checked out a lot of other brush stands, one place was sold out of all the brushes I wanted, so I headed over to the Royal and Langnickel brush booth and was checking everything out and I was really impressed with how soft their brushes felt and they just felt like good quality brushes.

One of the reps. was so nice and gave me their full brush set. I have used that set everyday along with my Sigma and MAC brushes and they have been fabulous and have held up wonderfully.

The brush set came in a leather like brush roll with 20 brushes, and I believe the price was around $90, which is great when you divide that cost by 20 brushes.

I'm not gonna review each and every brush because I would be here forever but take my word that these are great brushes and definitely worth checking out at IMATS.

I don't like poorly made brushes and these are not. Royal & Langnickel have some amazing brushes. They will also have a bunch of other brush sets for sale, as well as individual brushes.

I plan on picking up some more at IMATS in June. If your going to IMATS stop by their booth and check them out! :)

Have you tried Royal & Langnikel brushes? What did you think of them? Do you plan on checking them out at IMATS?

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tiffyama said...

I've never heard of Royal & Langnikel but from your description, they look good!! Ah, IMATS~ I want to go this year in LA but haven't gotten a ticket yet... :3