Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Senna Cosmetics Moist Matte Dual Powder Foundation and Brushes ~ Reviews

I was recently sent some products from Senna Cosmetics to try out. I got to test out a foundation and a few brushes.

The Foundation I tried was the Moist Matte Dual Powder Foundation. I wanted to try this because I have very oily skin.

Unfortunately I can not find the photo of my powder on my computer at this moment, will try and update it with my photo later. :)

What I like about this foundation is that it can be used both dry and wet. You can use a damp sponge to apply it for a more fuller coverage, or you can use it dry with a powder brush for a lighter coverage.

I have used it both ways and it has held up very well through out the day. When I used it dry I had to touch up once during the day.

My skin looks very smooth and even and I have gotten several compliments on my skin while I have been wearing this, so that's great!

Please excuse my messy hair, this was after my sons baseball game :D

This look/photo was after my sons baseball game and I already had this on for a full 6 hours or so. I applied it wet first, then dry with a big powder brush to set it. I have a bit of a glow but I'm not overly shiny.

Although, I don't know how this will hold up in 106 degree weather here in California in Summertime, but so far it's great. I really like it and would definitely recommend it if your in the market for a new powder foundation.
The color I am wearing is Olive #2 which turned out to be a perfect match! :)

I also got to try three brushes. I got the Deluxe Powder brush, the Concealer brush, and Angle Fluff brush.

Deluxe Powder #610
This is a great brush. You can use it for powder, blush, and my favorite to contour. This brush is so soft and feels good on your skin. I love it! I have been using it everyday as my new contour brush. I love it with blush as well because it's not a huge over sized powder brush.

Concealer Brush #12
This is a synthetic brush and I have been using this everyday as well. It's a great concealer brush. It's big enough to cover larger areas but the rounded tip allows you to use it for smaller areas like around your nose and under your eyes. The only bad thing that I can find with this brush is that it's white. I don't like looking at this brush or any white brush dirty so I clean it daily. :)

Angle Fluff #505
Another great brush. This one is soft yet dense. I love it for the outer corner and crease. I also like to use it to apply a highlight to my inner corners or brow bone.

Aren't the color of the brushes so pretty! They are so well made and beautiful!

Overall I love all the products I tried. I have honestly never been let down by any Senna Cosmetics products that I have tried. I definitely recommend you try their products. If your going to IMATS L.A. they will be there, so stop by and check them out! They are so friendly and have great customer service as well.

I have several of there products on my list for IMATS!! Will you be going and checking them out at IMATS?

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Disclaimer ~ Products sent to me for review.


Kayvid said...

I would so love to try this since I'm very oily as well but the shipping cost of $6.95 is a huge deterrant to me. So will pass for now. I'm assuming you're NC35 complexion?

LipGlossGossip said...

I don't use MAC foundation but I have been matched up to a nc25 and nc30, hope that helps. :)

LipGlossGossip said...
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Klaudia ♡☮ said...

Hey! I love how natural your cheeks look :) its a great colour for you :)

LipGlossGossip said...

@Klaudia, Thanks! :)