Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer Review, from & Coupon Code

I few months ago I received the Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer for review but I didn't want to write a review on it till I gave it a good amount of use.

Sorry for the terrible picture quality on these, I recently lost my SD card so I had to take these with my iPhone. I'm getting a new camera today so I'll try to update these photos when I get back from IMATS.

I have always thought hairdryers were all the same. Before this one I was using a Conair Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler, which was ok but only for a few months, because after that every time I turned it on it smelled like fire. I did keep it clean, so I'm not sure what the problem was but I was excited to try a new hairdryer when Misikko contacted me.

I have never spent more than $50 on a hairdryer, because like I said I felt they were all the same. So when I saw the price tag on this I was pretty shocked at the price. How well could a nearly $200 hairdryer work?

After using it for about the same amount of time as my Conair, I am extremely pleased with it.

This is the nicest dryer I've ever owned, so all I have is positive things to say about it.

The look of the Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer is very sleek itself.

Onto how well it works

I have really long, thick, wavy/curly hair and the Hana Air works great with my hair type.

I timed how long it took to get my hair fully dry to be able to flat iron it and it took 7 minutes! That's just amazing for all the hair on my head!

I honestly hate doing my hair because I feel like it's so time consuming, but with this hairdryer it saved me a ton of time.

It leaves my hair very soft and shiny. I've also noticed that my hair has stayed healthier for a longer period of time, reducing the need for a haircut, so my hair has grown a lot.

This is how straight I was able to get it with just the Hana Air Hair Dryer. I didn't use a brush either I just dried it as it is.

The dryer comes with two speeds, three heat settings, and a cool shot button.

You can definitely feel the quality in holding the dryer but it isn't too heavy.

Also the Hana Air has a lot of power, you can really feel the high air pressure it shoots out, so don't accidentally aim the dryer up towards your hair like I did or you will end up with some tangles. :)

You get a free 2 year warranty plus a free Heat Proof Pouch. The pouch is great for setting your curling iron or flat iron on as well.

I would highly recommend this hair dryer if your in need of a new one. It is a splurge but it's an amazing dryer and you won't have to buy another.

Definitely check out , they have some great hair tools on their website, they also carry ghd flat irons which are the best!

You can check out the Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer here and  read other 5 star reviews as well.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Misikko has great customer service. They have fast shipping and pack everything really well. Currently they are only able to ship to US and Canada.

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Disclaimer ~ This was sent to me for review.

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