Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Review

I recently came across these on the Sally Hansen website and was really excited to see they were coming out with their own shatter nail polish.

I love my OPI Shatter and China Glaze Crackle nail polishes so I was looking forward to trying these in colors I didn't already have.

I picked up four from the drugtore in Antiqued Gold, Cherry Smash, Distressed Denim, and Fractured Foli.

I was really interested in the gold color but ended up most disappointed in this one.

Cherry Smash and Distressed Denim crackled the best and were the most opaque, Fractured Foil did ok, while Antiqued Gold shattered the least.

In the swatch above I am wearing Zoya Barbie beneath the Sally Hansen Crackles.

I also didn't like how sheer the gold and silver were. I thought they would be a bit more opaque. Even though I am wearing a light pink beneath, I did try with black and I felt like it looked worse.

One other thing I really disliked was the tiny nail brush. I think the small brush is what might have made them hard to work with, because you can't cover the nail in one swipe. If you have used any shatter or crackle type nail polish before then you know that the thicker the application, the less shatter effect you will get.

I would have much prefered if the people at Sally Hansen would have put the same wide brush as the Complete Salon Manicure or Nailgrowth Miracle nail lacquers. The application would have been a lot easier. The photo above is the Sally Hansen Crackle brush compared to the Complete Salon Manicure brush.

The price on these is anywhere from $6 to $8, which I think is a bit too much when you can get a China Glaze Crackle for less than that and better application, or even a OPI Shatter for $8.50.

Overall I would not recommend the Antiqued Gold or Fractured Foil but I do like Cherry Smash and Distressed Denim because they did shatter pretty good and you can make lots of different nail color combos with these two.

Have you tried these yet? What was your experience with them?

I purchased these myself.


Miss Tapia said...

I haven't seen those yet,but the red one is the one I want!

Alina Rodriguez said...

The red and blue ones are really nice! I haven't tried anything having to do with the crackle nail phase going on. Since the OPI and China Glaze one may be a little bitter in terms of application, I will have to keep an eye out for it. The small brush that the Sally Hansen contains may give me difficulties. LOL!