Friday, July 8, 2011

IMATS L.A. Sunday Day Two!

Here is Day Two of IMATS

I know this is really gross, but it's fake so I'm posting it! :)

These were all in a museum room they had set up. Pretty cool stuff! :)

Napoleon Perdis, I didn't buy anything here, but I wish I would have now! :)

Two Cosmetics. I picked up a beautiful gel liner from them! Will swatch and review soon! :)

Bdellium Brushes

This was really cool because it glowed!

Some cheap nail polish but they had some pretty colors. I picked up a few and they are actually very nice quality and dbp free! Will post notd's soon!

Ben Nye! Picked up a few shadows from them and they are beautiful! Perfect for Fall! Will swatch and review soon!

Student Competition

Look at all the pretty ZPalettes! :)

Cinema Secrets

The boob booth! Haha. This is a cosmetics surgery booth. They had silicone boobs on the table. They also were giving away these foam stress relieving boobs! I had passed by the booth and saw the foam boobs and thought it was funny but didn't think anything of it. Well later on I saw girls walking around with the boobs so I knew they had to be giving them out. I asked hubby to go get one but he said it would be weird if he just walked up and asked for a boob! Lol!!! I told him I can't leave IMATS without getting a boob, so later I went back and when I walked up the girl was like "hey you want a boob?" They even gave one to my hubby! Lol! I just thought it was so funny. Never seen anything like it before, but I'm glad I got my free boob! Lol! :D

Frank from Face Off. If you watched the show, then you know he was the jerk on the show. No one liked him, not even me! Lol! We later ran into him and hubby asked him if he could get a picture of us! I gave hubby the evil eye! Ha! But he was actually a very nice guy and even chatted with us for a few minutes. He's worked on Pirates of The Caribbean.

Me and Michael!! :)

Heckles & Twitch! They hosted the student competition.

Ok these clowns are so tall and freaky in person! I was pretty freaked out. When they were on stage they said they would be taking photos after the competition was over, so I was really excited and scared to get a picture with them. They are scary clowns/comedians. They are very funny. When I went up to Heckles above, I didn't realize I had my hands clasped and he asked "why are you praying?" lol, I told him to not scare me too much because I was pregnant, right then Twitch comes over and like growls really load and scary in my ear! Heckles then started talking to my stomach and telling my baby we were naming him Heckles! Lol! There was a big crowd around them at the time so everyone was laughing and taking pics, but it was a lot of fun! :)

IMATS is always a great experience! It's nice to be in a room filled with people who love makeup as much as you do. This was my third year going and I can't imagine not going. I will definitely be there for years to come!

If you have never been to an IMATS you MUST! Don't miss out on the great classes, makeup deals, networking, and overall fun! I can't wait till next year!

You can find more info on IMATS here .

Well that's it! If you got through these long posts, Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures! Thanks for reading!

Link to Day One


Crissy K said...

OMG I love the boob booth too funny! They even had brown skin boobs too! I'm also loving the glow in the dark makeup.

LipGlossGossip said...

@Crissy K, Lol yes I got one brown boob, and one white boob! Haha!

Yeah the glow in the dark body paint was very cool! :)