Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brows with Eugenia Weston & Senna Cosmetics Haul/Review!

So as you know I went to IMATS in Pasadena last month and had an amazing time! One of my first stops was the Senna Cosmetics booth. I LOVE Senna Cosmetics. I feel like everyone should know about this brand and there amazing quality of products and customer service.

I of course picked up several goodies from their booth while I was there. I also got to meet Emmy nominated Eugenia Weston, the founder of Senna Cosmetics. She is an amazing celebrity makeup artist and a brow Guru!

I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to get my brows done by her at IMATS and she shared many tips with me that I will be sharing with you all.

You want to always start by combing the brows up and if you need to trim comb up and trim only what sticks out.

Then you will want to use a brow stencil and fill them in.

Then you can tweeze any hairs that are out of your filled in brows, and clean it up.

Check out your brows!

All done with perfect brows!

You can see them better in this picture.

More Brow tips from Eugenia

*Don't be afraid to cut your brows, just do it and make sure you cut at an angle.

*Graze along the skin to tweeze.

*Tweeze above the brow if necessary. I specifically asked her if this was ok and she said YES. I have always heard other so called brow and beauty experts say never tweeze above the brow, but I have always felt like I needed to, and Eugenia said definitely tweeze above the brow if you have to. She said it would be like shaving your legs only in the front and not the back! If you need to, then do it. :)

I was so happy with my brows when she was done. I wish she could do my brows everyday but her tips have helped me immensely.

On to the goodies I got!

I picked up this show special that includes everything you need to achieve great brows. It comes with 4 different size brow stencils, tweezers, brow color palette, brow brush, trimmers, and a highlight stick.

Brow palette

I chose the neutral kit. There was also a blonde and dark kit. The colors in the neutral brow palette are perfect for my dark hair. Even though I have dark brown hair, I have full brows so I feel like if I color in my brows with something as dark as my hair its too much, so the neutral kit is perfect as the shades are not too dark. They are brow powders so they are easy to work with and you can even use them as shadows.

The stencils took some getting used to for me. It was hard for me to hold the stencil up to my brow with one hand how I needed to and fill them in with the other hand! I felt like my hand holding the stencil was in my way, blocking what I needed to do, but it's getting easier, and the outcome looks so good.


The highlight stick is double ended. I love this! This is one of my new favorite products. The thicker side has a shimmer in it, and the thin side is matte. You can use this to highlight your brow, your inner corners, or even use the smaller side to brighten up your waterline. I've also been using the shimmery side as a lid color and a eyeshadow base. It's so pretty.

I have raved about how much I love Tweezerman tweezers but I have to say I am really loving this pair from Senna and they are quickly replacing my tweezermans!

Overall this is a great set of products. Unfortunately they don't sell this set online but you can buy all the products individually.

I also picked up a couple of brushes. I bought the Airbrush Face #25 and the Baby Face #21. As you can probably tell, I have been using these a lot. The Airbrush face could use a wash! :D I can't say enough about Senna brushes! They are amazing! Super soft and don't shed! What more do you need. Both of these are multi-tasking brushes, so you can use them for powders, foundations, blush, and highlighters. I love them. Plus don't you just love the color of the handles!? Much cuter than basic black handles on most brushes.

I picked up a couple shadows from the Spring collection, and these are fabulous! Intense color payoff, and easy to blend. Colors swatched are Vivid and Chameleon.

Lastly I bought a lipstick in Last Tango and the Senna booth also had a jar for everyone to pick a free sample, so of course I went for the bright red gloss! Last Tango is such a pretty color for the Summer, it's a beautiful, creamy orangey/coral. I've been using this quite a bit lately. The gloss is actually a lip lacquer in Passion and this is the best thing EVER! If you read my blog, then you know I am a bright lip girl! I pretty much always have on a bright pink or red lip, if I don't I feel weird. I think I look better with bright lips, it's just my thing, so I am in love with this lip lacquer! It's not too sticky and lasts quite a long time. The color is just beautiful! I love it so much I need a backup, and will probably order one soon!

Me and the lovely Alison from Senna Cosmetics. She is so sweet! :)

Well that's my Senna Haul from IMATS. Sorry this post was so long, but if you got through it all, Thank You! :)

What do you think of Senna Cosmetics?

Defintley check out Senna Cosmetics online .

Thanks for reading!


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You look gorgeous Hun! Nice Haul!!! :)

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Love your look! Glad to hear IMATs was successful!

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Thanks girls! :)