Friday, July 1, 2011

Royal & Langnickel Event Pre-IMATS

The day before IMATS I was invited to an event by Royal & Langnickel. We learned about the brand, new products, and they also launched a brand new website.

I was extremely thrilled about the new website, because I had visited the old website when I first heard of Royal & Langnickel 3 years ago, and it was not a very consumer friendly site, and it was kinda bland.

The new site is amazing. It's visually very nice, and easy to use.

They also have a professional area where they have face charts, how to videos, tips & tricks, and much more.

Amazing body painting!

Yummy food :)

Drinks! None for this pregnant mama! :)

Brush Sets

Super cute pink Essentials brush set, which everyone was loving at IMATS. It's currently half off! Only $25, Get yours here

Eco Friendly brush set. Handles are made of Bamboo.

Getting my nails done!

Hubby took this pic of my reflection in the Glamcore station. Glamcore was there to do our makeup as well if we wanted. They have some really beautiful setups and lights!

Michael Dovellos speaking to us about the brand.

Mary Anne Keane speaking about the launch of the new website.

Kevin Bennett speaking about his partnership with Royal & Langnickel.

Kevin Bennett working his magic! :)

This was such a great event. I had a really great time despite the fact that we were all melting in there! :) It was super hot in that room!

I learned a lot about the brand and love that they are artist and blogger friendly. They have amazing, quality brushes, that are affordable!! You will be hearing a lot more of Royal & Langnickel!

We received an amazing brush set for attending and I will be reviewing it soon. I also picked up some of my favorite brushes at IMATS from their SILK Pro line that I will post about soon.

I met TheMakeupSnob and her friend Nymphette while I was there and they are super sweet and beautiful!

Thanks so much to Melissa MacGillivray, Mary Anne Keane, and Micheal Dovellos.

More IMATS posts to come! :)


Miss Tapia said...

Looks like you had a great time!

LipGlossGossip said...

I did! It was very nice! :)

The Makeup said...

This event was so much fun and It was sooooo nice to meet you!! I wish Imats were more often and what about a SF event lol? xoxo

Anonymous said...

How are you liking the Essentials set so far? very curious :)