Monday, September 26, 2011

Sigma MAXBag Review

I wanted to share one of my current favorite items with you, it's the Sigma Beauty MAXBag in Bleu. This is how it's spelled in the website. :)

I love the quilted design and the heart logo. So cute!

I got this bag back in July, I won it in a Twitter giveaway from Sigma.

I had no idea how big this bag was until I received it. As you can see next to a standard size make bag, the MAXBag is a monster! :D

I wasn't sure what I would do with a bag this large but it has come in handy since having it.

It's the perfect makeup bag for travel, because you can hold a ton in it!

Inside there is a large zipper compartment.

On the opposite side there are two pockets.

And as you can see, you can fit your life inside! Ok well you can fit a ton! I threw in a ton of makeup at the bottom, one of my Sigma Brush rolls, filled with Sigma brushes, plus my ghd hair straightener. I could have fit a lot more but you get the point. :)

This bag has come in handy for short road trips, because I can fit my makeup, haircare, and toiletries all in one bag, which is very convenient.

The quality of this bag is great too. The zipper pull works and doesn't get stuck. It's easy to clean, and it's just overall really cute!

I absolutely love this bag and definitely recommend it. It also comes in Violet and Noir.

You can find these bags here for $29 Don't forget purchases over $30 at get a FREE gift!

What do you think of the Sigma MAXBag?


Maggie said...

I think I love it because its huge!

Miss Tapia said...

I love it! I need it! lol

LipGlossGossip said...

You girls will love it! :)