Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Sigma Beauty, Sigmax HD Brush Collection!

Are you all as excited as I am for this launch of the New Sigmax Collection!?!

I have the original Sigmax Synthetic Face kit, which I reviewed here , and I love it! These are the only brushes I use for my foundation, so you should too! :)

On to the new Sigmax brushes, these look amazing!

This is the Synthetic Precision kit, which comes with a P80, P82, P84, and P86. $49 You can also get these individually for $14 each, but it's a better deal to just get the kit.

Here is the F86, Tapered Kabuki. $16

You can also get this set which includes the original brushes along with the New F86. $56

And lastly the ultimate Synthetic Essential Kit! It comes with all of the Sigmax brushes, including the originals which I love! $99

I honestly can't wait to try these. I will be picking up the Precision Kit along with the F86 since I already have the others. The Sigmax brushes are unbelievably soft so I have a good feeling about the new brushes!

Don't forget you get a free gift on orders over $30, plus Sigma ships Worldwide!

Have you tried any of the Sigmax brushes? Which ones will you be picking up?


Naomi said...

How do you use the three brushes you already on in the synthetic kabuki kit and what do you think you'd use the F86 for?

LipGlossGossip said...

I use mine for foundation, or any cream products such as cream blushes or highlighters.

I'll be using the F86 for the same things but it will be really great for blending foundation in around your nose or under your eyes with the tapered tip. :)