Monday, January 30, 2012

HANA Professional Flat Iron 1" Review, With Hair Pictures!

I received the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron a few months ago, but with all hair tools, I have to give it a good go before I feel like I can write an honest review on it. I'll also be comparing this to a ghd, because I have one.

As always Misikko sent over a wonderfully packaged flat iron! You can order these sets packaged like this on their website, it would make a great Valentine's Day gift!!

The packaging is great, it comes in a really nice tin and inside that it comes in a leather like pouch.

Top of the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron

Profile of the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron

The HANA Professional 1" has an adjustable heat setting which is really nice, because the ghd does not have one. I like this because I don't wash my hair everyday, and on day two hair if there is a few spots I need to go over, I don't need to use full heat, I can set it to a lower temperature, reducing damage to my hair.

As you can see on the ghd, there is just a on/off switch.

Here is the HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron compared to the ghd 1" Flat Iron. They are about the same shape. The ghd is a bit longer than the HANA. The ghd is also a bit heavier.

Also the ghd, has a safety cord with a auto shut off, and the HANA has a regular plug and no auto shut off, so that can be a downer if you forget to turn off your hair straighteners. I have done this once with my ghd, so luckily it shut off! Now with the HANA I always double check to make sure I shut it off!

Some of the features of the HANA Professional 1"
~ Heats up from 140 - 450 degrees
~ Has Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
~ Curved Plate edges alloying you to straighten, flip, or curl
~ Swivel cord
~ Heats up in seconds
~ Two year warranty

My thoughts on how well it actually works
When I got this flat iron I had high expectations because I already had a ghd, that I have had for 4 years, and it works just as good as the day I got it. Well the HANA Professional 1" is one of the best flat irons I have used. It really holds up against my ghd.

I have only used the HANA Professional Flat Iron since I got it, and it has been great. I have to mention I have naturally curly/wavy hair, so I have been using flat irons for years, since I was maybe 11 or so, and I have gone through so many of them. I would buy cheap ones over and over again and they would break, stop working, or not straighten my hair very well. I finally decided to invest in a good hair straightener and bought my ghd years ago, and it's the best one I have ever used, but after using the HANA for a few months I feel confident in saying it's just as good as a ghd at a fraction of the cost.

It was very easy to use. It glided over my hair and didn't snag any of my hair! I hate when flat irons do that, but this one has not since I have been using it.

It left my hair just as smooth and shiny as my ghd, and I didn't have any frizz.

Day 1
When I first used it I wanted to test out how well it straightened along with it's curling abilities, so I straightened it and curled the ends and here's how it turned out. As you can see in this photo above my hair is silky smooth! Love it!

Day 2
Here is a shot from the back on day two, all the curls are still in tact! There is NO touch ups here in this photo, I woke up and combed through my hair with a wide tooth comb. My hair doesn't hold a curl very well, so this is great! I didn't even use hairspray on my hair, just heat protectant and the HANA Professional 1" flat iron, I am impressed!

Overall thoughts
I am very happy with the HANA Professional 1" flat iron. It works very well, and heats up quickly. I would definitely recommend it if your in the market for a new flat iron.

You can find it on for $119.98.

Use coupon code ~ LIPGLOSSGOSSIP for $10 off!

Disclaimer ~ HANA Professional 1" Flat Iron provided for review by Misikko. 

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