Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick Review and Swatches!

I don't watch very much YouTube videos. I used to like 5 years ago but just got out of it. I just prefer to read blogs instead. Recently though I have been watching a few videos here and there. One of girls I like is ShadesOfKassie , she posts a lot of great hauls! On one of her videos she was showing some lipsticks and swatched a couple of the Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks and I instantly knew I had to get them.

Of course when I went to the drugstore and saw them, I couldn't just buy one, I bought six! Lol! But they are BOGO half off, so you know it wasn't that bad! :D

L to R
575 Love That Pink, 585 Persian Melon, 590 Lilac Champagne, 700 Crystal Cut Coral, 702 Blase Apricot, and 712 Hot Coral.

Flash ~ Colors swatched in same order as above.
575 Love That Pink, 585 Persian Melon, 590 Lilac Champagne, 700 Crystal Cut Coral, 702 Blase Apricot, and 712 Hot Coral

Natural light

I absolutely love these lipsticks! These colors are so beautiful! I have always seen these in CVS, but never payed much attention to them. The name Moon Drops for some reason made me think they were sheer, but boy was I wrong!

They are opaque and creamy and glide on your lips smoothly! Although if you eat they are going to fade a bit, and if you drink it will transfer, but it's lipstick, most of them do that. I don't mind.

They do have a pretty strong fragrance in them. It doesn't bother me and after you apply it, the scent fades and you don't smell it, but it something to think about if you don't like that.

The green packaging is not the prettiest, but again I don't mind because the colors are gorgeous. 

These are $9.99 each but you can pretty much always find them buy one, get one half off at the drugstore.

And here's a pic of me wearing Hot Coral. I love it! I got a ton of compliments when I wore this. 

Definitely check these out if your looking for some fun bright colors! 

You can find these at your nearest drugstore.

What do you think of Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks? Have you picked any up?


Emma said...

They look so pretty! Love the Hot Coral on you! xx

BeautyByKrystal said...

I used to have a Moon Drop lippie a long time ago, idk why I haven't repurchased it - it was the first lippie I ever finished up completely :)

SuperKatieBoots said...

Wow those are so pretty, I've never seen those before and I'm a huge CVS junkie ;)

Makeupcomapatient said...

The swatches look gorgeous. I always walked past them at the store, but now I'm going to pick up a few of them.

Miranda said...

That color looks amazing on you!