Monday, August 27, 2012

Senna Cosmetics Voluptulash Mascara Review!

I have been wanting to do a review on this for awhile and finally have some time do it! I have been using this mascara since IMATS L.A.! I picked up a tube and had seen the video of Eugenia using it, but I am always so skeptical about new mascaras because honestly I don't use it that often because it's hard to find one that works for me.

I have really sensitive eyes and have used so many from high end to low end and there are only a handful that don't irritate my eyes that I love. So I decided to try this anyways because I love Senna Cosmetics. I have to say  Senna Cosmetics has not let me down yet! This stuff is amazing! For someone who doesn't like to wear mascara this is a big deal! I have been using this everyday!

It doesn't irritate my eyes at all! It doesn't flake and lasts all day. And the best part of all, it makes my lashes look amazing! One of the problems I find is that if I find a mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes it makes my lashes look terrible and clumpy! Then if I find one that gives me amazing lashes it irritates me eyes! There are only a few out there that work for me and this one has been added to the list!

The formula on Voluptulash is amazing. You know how sometimes mascara formulas are too wet and they aren't good until after a couple weeks of use, when it dries out a bit, well this formula is not too wet and not dry, it's the perfect medium. I thought maybe it would dry out by now but it's still just as great as the first day I used it! I'm in love!

Although Voluptulash has instantly taken over as my top mascara, this could be a a bit of an issue because it's pricey and I have to order it! I wish this were sold in stores! I will say it is well worth the price though!

Here is the brush head. I love this brush! it grabs all your lashes!

Here is a shot of my lashes with Voluptulash mascara! Omg it's love! Full, thick, unclumpy lashes and no irritated eyes! What more could a girl want!

If you are searching for a great mascara definitely check this one out! I highly recommend it!

You can find this mascara on for $22.

Have you used Senna Cosmetics Voluptulash Mascara? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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