Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Revlon Midnight Sparkle Nail of the Day ~ Holiday Collection

I went in to Rite Aid about a week ago and was checking out the new collections and I saw a Revlon Holiday Collection display. The only things that jumped out at me were the gorgeous glittery nail polishes! I picked up three, one of which was Midnight Sparkle! 

I was so excited to wear this. I have nothing like this in my collection so it was a great addition! This color is so stunning! Blue glitter in an opaque navy base! This was opaque in one coat but I did two to even out the glitter. The glitter makes it a bit thick but it wasn't too difficult to work with. I just took this off today and like all glitters it was a pain to remove, but it's worth it. Lol.

Natural Light
Here's another with the flash

I also picked up Ruby Ribbon and Brilliant Bordeaux. I'll post swatches of those soon. :)

Have you seen the Revlon Holiday Collection in stores yet? Definitely pick up the nail polishes because they are gorgeous!!

You can find Midnight Sparkle at your local drugstore for around $4 or $5.

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