Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Khroma Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer Review and Swatches!

Like most people I love watching the Kardhasians reality shows. I never really watched but a couple years ago I caught a episode and was hooked! Lol. Whether the show is real, fake, slightly real, or scripted, it's entertaining, but that's my opinion.

One thing we can't argue on is that they always look gorgeous! Their makeup is always stunning! That's one of the large reasons why I watch. I like seeing their makeup looks and nails. On one of the most recent episodes Kourtney was applying a bright bold fuchsia pink lipstick that looked gorgeous! I paused and rewound my tv a few times to try and get a look at what it was. I wasn't familar with what the packaging looked like, but I instantly remembered they have their own makeup line. A quick google search and sure enough it was from their line....of course it had to be their line...a plug and more $$$ for them! Haha! 

Well I was sold on that color instantly! I placed an order for it on and also picked up a couple other colors.

I ended up ordering Rose Parade, Retro Red, and of course Shocking Pink which Kourtney was applying. 
L to R
 Rose Parade, Retro Red, and Shocking pink

I had never used anything from their line so I was excited to try these out. First off the packaging is plastic, simple, nothing fancy or special but that's ok. They twist up, so no need for sharpening. 

These are a matte formula and don't exactly glide across your lips smoothly unless you have prepped them with lip balm first. When I get ready and am doing my makeup I always prep with lip balm and liner first so for me that's ok because I make it work. 

They do get drying over time but with that being said they are very long lasting. You can eat and drink and these will last. They do transfer but never completely fade away. You can always apply a little gloss or lip balm on top to make them more moisturizing. 

LipGlossGossip tip ~ When I have a lipstick that tends to be drying I keep a Revlon Lip Butter or Loreal Color Balm in a similar color to what I'm wearing in my makeup bag that way if I want to add a little more moisture to my lips or just pump up/revive the color a bit I can throw some on and my lips are instantly hydrated without having to apply actual "lipstick" again. 

 Natural Light
Rose Parade, Retro Red, and Shocking Pink

How gorgeous are these colors!!! I'm in love! Rose Parade is a true blue based red. Retro Red is not very red, it's more of a orange shade but I love it. Shocking Pink is everything I expected it to be, a beautiful bright bold fuchsia!


These are only $8.99 a piece and right now Ulta has them BOGO half off. The Khroma Beauty line is also sold at CVS and

For a bold lipstick lover like myself these are a definite must have! If you like super hydrated lipstick then these might not be for you, but like I said a little lip balm on top and problem solved. :)

Have you tried anything from the Khroma Beauty line? Will you be trying the Joystick Lip Lacquers?

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.. said...

Wow! look at that pigment!

LipGlossGossip said...

@Lily Yes the color pay off is amazing and opaque! They're amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am sold by your swatches! Definitely going to try them out :)

BeautyByKrystal said...

Well, these are very impressive!

LipGlossGossip said...

@Joanna @Krystal They are gorgeous! Let me know if you try them out! :)