Saturday, August 10, 2013

OCC Stained Gloss Review and Swatches!

One of my big purchases at PHAMExpo was the OCC Stained gloss collection! I had been wanting these since they were released but I was waiting to get the from them show. I also picked up ChaCha lip tar to add to my collection. About a week ago I ordered Chlorophyll lip tar from so I'm including it in this post as well. 

L to R
Voyeur, ChaCha lip tar, Androgyne, Jealous, Meta, New Wave, and Rhythm Box.

Chlorophyll lip tar

 L to R
Voyeur, ChaCha lip tar, Androgyne, Jealous, Meta, New Wave, Rhythm Box, and Chlorophyll

I was very excited to get these at the show. I swatched them all and was stunned by the gorgeous colors.

I have been using these for over a month already and I have a bit of mixed feelings on them. While the colors swatch beautifully, they don't transfer to the lips as you see swatched. They apply more sheer, but if you apply more it can become too thick. A big problem I've had is they always end up on my teeth! They just travel like there's no end! I've been wearing lipstick since I was like 14, and using lip tars for the last 3 years or so, so I would say I know what I'm doing lol, but no matter what I do they end up on my teeth and that's not cute. 

I think it must be because they aren't sticky at all, they feel like butter on your lips.

With all that being said, the colors are gorgeous. I love playing with color and creating new colors so these are always fun. 

My favorites of them are Jealous and Rhythm Box. 

If you are not a fan of the lip tars and want something more sheer then you should check these out! 

As for the lip tars in ChaCha and Chlorophyll, they are regular lip tars. ChaCha is a pretty light apricot color, which I've been using for mixing. Chlorophyll is pretty sheer for a regular lip tar. You have to build the color up to get it opaque, but it's fun for mixing.

These all have that great minty scent in them like all the lip tars do. It doesn't sting whatsoever though. 

I bought these at the show price of $12 each but they retail for $18.

You can purchase these on and you can get Chlorophyll from . 

Have you tried any of the stained gloss from OCC? What was your experience with them?


Anonymous said...

what fun colors! Would you recommend the original lip tars?

Winda - said...

the color is very pretty and I've heard many good things about OCC Stained Gloss :) nice review hun

LipGlossGossip said...

@Miss Louise, YES! They are my favorite lip products ever. Lots of colors to choose from whether you want something nude or bright and bold! :)

LipGlossGossip said...

@Winda Thank you! :)